TV Reviews

Bill Nye the Science Guy TV Poster Image
age 7+
Fantastically fun classic is perfect formula for learning.
Network: PBS Kids
Dino Dan TV Poster Image
age 5+
Young paleontologist teaches kids about Jurassic giants.
Network: Nick Jr.
Dinosaur Train TV Poster Image
age 3+
Young dino's travels teach kids about science and diversity.
Network: PBS
Animal Armageddon TV Poster Image
age 9+
Fascinating, sometimes intense tour of Earth's history.
Network: Animal Planet
Jurassic Fight Club TV Poster Image
age 10+
Dino attack investigation is intense, educational.
Network: History
Prehistoric Park TV Poster Image
age 7+
Time-traveling animal rescues are hokey at best.
Network: Animal Planet
Prehistoric Planet TV Poster Image
age 7+
Beautifully animated "nature" docu for dino fans.
Network: Discovery Kids
Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld TV Poster Image
age 6+
Smart teens check out dinos' real world.
Network: Discovery Kids
Barney & Friends TV Poster Image
age 2+
Love him or hate him, Barney is a hit with preschoolers.
Network: PBS