Is it OK to let my teen sleep with her phone under her pillow?

It isn't a good idea. Not only can technology interfere with teens' required 9+ hours of shut-eye -- creating problems with everything from school performance to behavior -- it can also cause anxiety. A study by the University of Glasgow found the need to be available 24/7 on social media can make kids feel depressed and anxious. There's also the phenomenon of "sleep-texting," whereby people send text messages in their sleep, which can wreak havoc on a young person's social life.

Finally, there's some concern about the exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phones. While cell phone EMR has not been shown to cause cancer in humans, there are several ongoing studies exploring the effects. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends kids don't carry cell phones on their bodies -- and under the pillow might be too close for comfort. We suggest you charge your teen's phone in your room at night. 

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Kid, 12 years old

Don’t let it under her pillow. It will cause a fire. For the first few months, tell her to leave it on the kicthen table charging during the night and if it isn’t, punishment will follow (small). Then after that, let her have it in her room at night (after explaining it won’t help her sleep). If she is up all night on her phone, the natural consequences will be enough.
Adult written by IAmALier

No! She will then play on her phone till way late in the night and not get sleep. I’m 21 and my parents still make me give her my phone and night and I use to hate it. But I thank her. I am now getting the rest I need!
Kid, 12 years old

No! Your teen could be up all night on her phone which is NOT good especially on school nights. I recommend keeping it in your room or in the living room or kitchen. Some kids make the excuse that they need an alarm but just tell them to get an alarm clock instead.
Teen, 13 years old written by cc8

It's better to keep it as far away as possible. Radiation is a real danger, and anyway no one needs their phone under their pillow. Keeping it at a distance, say, on their dresser or nightstand, is better.
Parent of a 12 year old written by HGolightly

If they want it under their pillow that's a sign either they are doing something they don't want you to see or they have become addicted.
Kid, 11 years old

I think that if you let them have it in their room it will be fine but just maybe make sure they are asleep by the time you want them to sleep! Bc I keep it in my room my mom said that if most people don't have their phone in their room they get worried or mad and they won't sleep!
Teen, 15 years old written by nog642

It's okay to let her keep it in her room with her, but under her pillow is a terrible idea. On a nightstand next to the bed, charging, is a much better place.
Teen, 13 years old written by

I disagree. It can fall and break, and the other thing is that what if it overheats too much. I think it's better for her just to charge it when she goes to sleep :)
Kid, 11 years old

That is not really a good idea . The phone can fall off the bed and break. Teens need sleep . If teens are up all night textings and being online they can fall asleep in school. It can aslo become a bad habit. Teens may miss important lessons in class . Aslo they may stay on longer and longer
Adult written by MichaelDu

Actually that a horrible and life threatening thing to do. Because recently a girl got third degree burns from having her phone under her pillow
Teen, 14 years old written by Basicly No One

I used to stay up until 12 a.m. every night watching Youtube but since I've stopped I have been getting better and better sleep.
Teen, 13 years old written by dudetato

Regarding the radiation caused by sleeping near a phone: There is a special sticker that absorbs it using a special texture called "XZUBI". This is a safe alternative to an open phone ruining your developing brain. Our family leaves all our devices to charge in our living room at night so we don't have this problem, but other families may do different things.
Parent of a 15 and 18+ year old written by Finnella Flanagan

My son's sleep improved markedly after I found out he was doing this and made him turn off his phone every night and leave it downstairs. He noticed he was sleeping better after a few days. That was two years ago, and he routinely turns his phone off at bedtime now. He says that he likes not feeling he has to always answer a text, no matter what.
Adult written by mizpwolf

Sleeping with your phone under your pillow is not a good idea; they can overheat and melt.
Teen, 14 years old written by Darkshadowrogue

It's a Samsung, not a laptop, phones don't overheat unless you've forced them to. Plus, the worst thing that'll happen is the screen will crack.