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What's the right age to bring my kid to her first movie?

It totally depends on your kid. Lots of kids are ready for the movie theater around age 3, while whereas others will be better off waiting until they're 5 or 6. You'll want to make sure your kid can handle the amplified sights and sounds and has the attention span to last through a feature film.

Beyond that, look for a movie that's targeted to your child's age. You won't necessarily know from the MPAA rating whether the movie is OK for your kid, so you also can check our reviews and watch trailers. Get more tips for taking your kid to her first movie.

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Parent of an infant, 3, and 8-year-old written by Janet P.

We took Sweets to her 1st movie when she was two. We found a program called Stars & Strollers at our local theater where the sound is lower, the lights are dimmed but not completely turned off, change tables inside, and they have stroller parking spots. We planned the time around her nap so that she fell asleep in the middle, which prevented a meltdown. We went to Stars & Strollers until she was four and then started taking her to regular movies at the same place. If you find baby programs around you, take them early as one or two. No baby programs? Then take them at four or five.
Teen, 13 years old written by Chiifox

You should be fine bringing your kids around 4 and up, anything younger and well.. a lot of little kids cry during movies, so if you'd like to make everyone else's movie experience as nice as your own, please don't bring infants to movie theaters.