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Sex, Gender, and Body Image

How can I find TV shows and movies that promote abstinence?

Faith-based programs promote abstinence (for example, The Virgins and October Baby), but if you're looking for mainstream fare, the pickings, sadly, are slim. Some reality shows, such as Virgin Territory, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Preacher's Daughters, and The Sisterhood don't exactly promote abstinence so much as they encourage critical thinking about sex, love, relationships, and religion.

But, with the benefit of On Demand and streaming video, you have the ability to select content that reflects your family's values. If you're looking for shows that promote abstinence, you might want to dig into the entertainment vault for classic movies and TV. Older shows simply weren't as graphic as shows today. Sex was never mentioned, "courting" was about as far as couples went, and one foot always had to remain on the floor when couples kissed. Of course, cultural and social attitudes were much different, too, and that can make for interesting conversations.

These shows offer plenty of opportunities to talk about present-day issues with a different lens -- you might be surprised how much kids open up when the focus is off their own lives.


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