How do I know whether my kid is ready to join a social site such as Club Penguin?

Kids need to understand basic rules of social behavior to take part positively in an online world. They need to be able to follow rules and to understand that others also must follow rules. They should be able to manage their feelings and emotions competently, since they may get rebuffed or told "no" when they ask to play with another player. Being able to take turns, lose gracefully, and stop playing when Mom and Dad say it's time all are important skills, too.

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Adult written by MiketheTzar

different virtual worlds have different levels of restriction. Check the site of the parent company, most are very forth coming about their language policy and reporting structure (most utilize a system in which players can remove in appropriate content from the community themselves). Different virtual worlds work for different age and maturity levels, and you can likely find one that suits both your comfort level and child's interest .
Kid, 10 years old

Virtual worlds depend on What they say. CP could be good, But you can have a bunch of stuff like: "Oh your Terrible (As stated in the review i'm making on this site), Animal Jam/AJ= Good, But can get innapropriate. Wizard101= Maybe a Bit bad, But has restrictions.