What age should my kids be before I let them use Instagram, Facebook, and other social media services?

How old your kid should be before he or she starts using social media with your permission is really up to you. Most social media websites and apps require that kids be 13 to sign up. Despite what many think, this isn't to limit kids' exposure to inappropriate content but because of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which prevents companies from collecting certain information from kids under 13. Rather than create an environment that protects kids from data tracking, Facebook and other websites and apps choose to restrict access to those under 13.

Aside from this, 13 is generally the age when kids start developing a broader understanding of the world around them and, along with that, a better sense of what's appropriate to share online. As young teens, kids also are developing a desire to control more of their activities as well as the maturity to handle that control.

If your kid is expressing interest in joining a social network, discuss the pros and cons and do your own research so you fully understand the implications of joining a particular network. If you want your kid to wait to sign up, consider pointing him or her toward more age-appropriate sites. It's also possible you can rally your kids' friends' parents to restrict their kids from Snapchat, so you won't get that "but everyone is on it!" argument.

If your kid does end up joining a social network -- whether she's 10 or 16 -- here are some ground rules that work for many parents:

Use privacy settings. Privacy settings aren't foolproof, but they can be helpful. Take the time to learn how privacy settings work on your kids' favorite sites and apps, and teach your kids how to control the information they make public or private. Encourage them to check privacy settings regularly, since sites' policies often change.

Tell your kids to think before they post. Remind them that everything can be seen by a vast, invisible audience (otherwise known as friends-of-friends-of-friends), and, once something's online, it's hard to take back.

Be a friend and follower. Each family will have different rules, but, especially for younger kids, it's a good idea for parents to have access to their kids' pages, at least at first, to be sure that what's being posted is appropriate. Parents can help keep their children from doing something they'll regret later.

Keep private information private. Don't share your home address or other sensitive information online.

Be respectful of others. Kids may use social media to act out because they feel anonymous and that their actions are consequence-free. Make sure they understand that the Internet is a giant community that works best when everyone respects each other.

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Teen, 15 years old written by AmeliaJ824

Answer is simple and easy, if you dont think your child is mature enough for these kinds of apps, then dont let them use them until you think they're old enough. If they keep begging you, well tough, they will have to wait. I do agree, your child should be 13+ if they want to use apps like Snapchat and Instagram. But if they're 13+, and still not mature enough, then thats were you say no. It doesnt matter if they beg and say they wont fit in with other friends. You're their parent, and if you think they are not mature enough then dont let them on these apps. They'll just have to wait until they're mature enough. Easy as pie :)
Teen, 14 years old written by evibear_11

Hmmm so everything I’m reading is about the maturity of the kid or 12+. Alright so, if you’re 6-12 you don’t need social media. Parents who allow this are probably trying to make their kid happy which in this case is bad because they are allowing access to so many things that they aren’t mature for. I only got Instagram in Grade 8 and before then I felt very excluded. Now that I’m looking at it, I realize why I was so restricted, it’s not for everyone. There are many posts that are definitely not meant for people, even my age. The good news is if you see a post you don’t like or you don’t want, you can indicate it as something you don’t want to see, then that topic won’t be featured in your recommended unless you search it up. To my amazement, 10 year olds are asking for a phone and social sites. That’s funny because at 10, I thought it was still running games and recess.....and honestly it should be. Instagram/Snapchat is 13+, so if you’re 11 on that site, then you faked your age to create an account which is wrong. To parents who think it’s 18+, that’s ridiculous, you can’t protect your kids from everything. If that’s the case then put them in a bubble. The world has changed and it’s not like it used to be. There is major bullying, judgement, criticism and exclusion during school. You may not be aware of it but it’s there. Your kid can get bullied and constantly feel left out without social sites......is that what you want? I’m not going to make you get your child social media because if they are immature, then they don’t need it. But have you ever stopped yourself and think before saying no?
Teen, 13 years old written by owogang

yall need to chill, maybe trust your kid? If you dont, dont let them use instagram or anything. you dont really need to worry about facebook considering no teen would WANT to use it. My mom follows all my social media accounts so as long as you follow them youre good.
Parent of a 14 year old written by Zacha76

I'd say around 13 is the best age. However, if you are not internet savvy or familiar with meme culture, you might find yourself out of your league. Most parents don't familiarize themselves with the platform before and that can lead to misunderstandings. I think you should trust your gut and talk with your child before you make this kind of decision. Let them understand the consequense of the internet and that not everything they see is real. If you instill some type of morale in them you might have less to worry about.
Teen, 13 years old written by adevanath1

The right age to have social media is at the age of 12. The only social media account that I have is Instagram and Snapchat.
Teen, 15 years old written by QuinnieDoe

Legally, the required age is 13. However, you can make an account yourself and allow your kids to use it. 11 and older would be an appropriate age for kids to have access to an account on "more innocent" social media sites, like Pinterest, Fandom and Youtube. Maybe 12 and older for kids to have accounts like Amino. After that, it depends on how mature the child is. Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok should probably wait until they're 13 until they can use it. I don't think someone should reveal their face until they're at least 15, for privacy reasons. I would say 14 and older for websites like DeviantArt (don't let the name fool you, it's for art of ALL kinds) as there is some iffy content, like revealing clothing on characters, suggestive literature and fetish art. I have only used social media for my fandoms (communities sharing a common interest, like a movie or a TV show) art and editing, and your kids should only be too until they are at least 14 for privacy reasons and to prevent addiction.
Parent of a 10 year old written by wedding w.

These days children are so into social media it's very difficult to stop them.This article is very informative for me.
Parent of a 12 year old written by ell123

I have seen many girls change as soon as they are allowed on Instagram - their personality changes, they become obsessed with selfies, makeup and posing like celebrities in next to nothing clothing from the age of 11 or 12. Sure you can restrict the profile but there are no parental controls to stop your child/teen seeing basically any type of image. So I told my daughter she can get it when she is 18. Happy for her to be on Pinterest or maybe even have a You Tube account which at least has some parental controls.
Parent of a 12 year old written by ell123

Instagram feeds the skyrocketing narcissm globally and there are huge numbers of inapproppriate images and videos. I have seen many girls change as soon as they are allowed on Instagram - their personality changes, they become obsessed with selfies, makeup and posing like celebrities in next to nothing clothing from the age of 12. Sure you can restrict the profile but there are no parental controls to stop your child/teen seeing basically any type of image. So I told my daughter she can get it when she is 18. Happy for her to be on Pinterest or even have a You Tube account which at least has some parental controls.
Teen, 16 years old written by doraemon_4419

13. They have age ratings for a reason. Perhaps for WhatsApp and Pinterest 12, but that really depends on the maturity of the child.
Adult written by BADBADNOTGOOD

The first time I've seen the internet I was 15 years old. It did bring some effect on me. Plus, back in those days, there was no such protection as now. So I've seen some things, that I don't really want children of that age to see. Young minds can be easily affected and harmed. There must be some limitation for the entrance age on Instagram as well. Until now, for all the parents that are concerned about their children on the web, I can recommend using some safety soft. For my own experience: https://spamguardapp.com/dashboard is a really nice one. You can prevent negative effects on your child's account. Sincerely yours, BADBADNOTGOOD.
Teen, 13 years old written by Sophia.Xo.1919

My opinion is it really depends on your child. Pinterest can be something you start your kid with, and then YouTube and so on. Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook are for people who are little more mature. I would say around 13. If you're still not sure, let them make an account but give them some ground rules. Make an account for the same social media so you can follow them and monitor what they're posting. Set up their privacy settings. Maybe set a standard like: You can only keep these accounts if you_____(Maintain certain marks, do certain chores, etc.)
Teen, 16 years old written by amazing602

I’m 16 and I didn’t have Instagram or Snapchat until I was 15 last year. Does your child want social media only to fit in? If so, then don’t allow them to have access to that until they are 12-14 because the brain is still developing through adolescence. They may be smart in school, but that doesn’t mean they will be smart on social media. Each child is different and there is no one size that fits all. Tell them that social media is not a contest for status or popularity.
Kid, 12 years old

Don’t listen to age requirements unless it’s Facebook, it’s all about the maturity of the child. I mean, I’m about a year early to use Steam but look at me. 340 hours on PAYDAY 2. But for stuff like Instagram, Snapchat like that would be 12.
Teen, 13 years old written by GravityMPS2

Honestly I never got the appeal of social media, I guess I don't care enough about peoples problems and don't think they will care about mine, but I would say 14 ish
Kid, 12 years old

I’m not going to care about punctuation and stuff so sorry if that annoys you One thing that annoys me about pretty much every comment is that they sat that by 13 (or some age above that) your child will be mature enough to understand what’s safe to post and what’s not. (I could name more things but no one really cares so sorry I guess??) I’m 12 and I would consider myself mature. I do understand that people definitely mature with age but not everyone has to be 13+ to be mature enough to use Instagram sensibly. Also about things being inappropriate on Instagram yes some things are definitely inappropriate they’ll only show up for a small amount of time as long as you don’t look at it. In the end I think it depends on your child so if your kids 12 and mature let them use it if you don’t think they’re ready either say no or monitor their account closely
Kid, 12 years old

My opinion is that kids should wait until about eleven or twelve. Though, it depends on the kid. Parents should also have their kids put their account on private where only their followers can see what they post. And, parents should frequently check the account to make sure that everything is OK.
Teen, 14 years old written by Origin

While ultimately it depends on the maturity of your child, the question we should be asking ourselves is not when, but why. Why is it that these apps are so vital in the everyday lives of children? As I read through some of the comments, I’ve noticed that some kids are pushed to the brink of desperation because of their parent’s refusal to allow them to have social media. They say that they are picked on at school, that they are ashamed when someone asks them what their account is and they have no answer. As for me, I am proud to say that I don’t have social media. Children are becoming too reliant on these apps to socialise and make relationships. It just isn’t how children are supposed to make bonds. I implore you, parents, to make the right decision: don’t let your children get on social media. They may beg you, saying that they will become outcasts at school. Believe me, it may be heartbreaking to see them this way, however, it is for the best. They will grow up socialising face to face, without having to rely on a device to tell them who their “friends” are. Scincerly, Origin
Teen, 13 years old written by strangerthingsl...

I think that Pinterest is fine for around 9 and up since they only show you what is close to what you clicked on. I think Youtube should be around 12 since some videos by some people are inappropriate and kids younger than that will just click. Instagram and Snapchat depends on what you want your kid to see. It is similar to Pinterest in the way that if you click on something, something similar will be shown in the explore page but there are more inappropriate things on the explore page sometimes. But it all depends on what you all inappropriate. Snapchat is the same thing too. I don't have Twitter or Facebook but nobody I know has it (besides my parents).
Teen, 13 years old written by turtlecool123

In my opinion, it depends on the social network. These are what I would recommend at the minimum age they're allowed. Pinterest: 10 for mature, 11 for others Whatsapp: 11 YouTube (when just for subscribing and liking): 11 Snapchat: 12 Instagram: 12 for mature, 13 for others Twitter: 12 for mature, 13 for others YouTube (for posting videos onto a channel): 13 Facebook: 13
Teen, 13 years old written by honnerlaw

I think that kids should at least be 13. Mainly because the internet is a dangerous place, full of things you don't want your children seeing. Also, some people on Instagram post some really offensive things. You should tell your kids colleges can see what you post. So be careful, and watch what you say because you cant take it back.
Adult written by Deanna F.

As for social media networks I only use Facebook as a gaming account and YouTube for movies/music. I used to comment on YouTube and I've gotten a LOT horrible, derogatory comments from kids because I expressed constructive criticism on a Pokemon video
Adult written by Deanna F.

To be honest it should be between 18-21 yrs old. As a gamer I've seen over the years in "global chat rooms" in the games where 10-15 yr olds, even younger as 6 yrs old asking for boyfriends/girlfriends, talking disgusting things and seen a lot of them swearing despite the censors. I keep telling them to stop the behavior (pedophiles of course) and reporting it but I was told if I report too much my account will be banned. Some games have a block feature but it's useless when they actually make another account to evade it. I'm not a parent but here's a suggestion: Lock up all electronics in your room at night. I've seen little kids in my time zone around 3-4am on a school night still on a gaming chatroom.
Teen, 13 years old written by LonelyRabbit

I am 14 years old and when I was 10 I really wanted instagram. This was something that I had never talked to my parents about so I decided to make my own account. Of course my parents eventually found out and I regretted everything. When I went to secondary school,everybody else had a social media account, and I always felt left out. I had no contact with anyone outside of school, so I didn't have many friends. I really want snapchat, but I don't know how to ask my parents, or what they would say about it. I always get good grades and I am quite well behaved. So I think even though you have to be 13+ it should your parents parents decision. although many parent don't quite understand how different thing are now. Basically everyone at school has a smartphone, but because my older sister wasn't allowed on euntil year 10 I have to wait to year 10. I think that this is unfair as more and more technology is coming into the world. When she was at school probably only 5 people had a phone. Parent need to understand that things are different today
Kid, 11 years old

I think if your kid is 11, and they are mature, they can have certain social medias like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat. Wait until you kid is 13 if they are not that mature, or if they want to sign up for other social medias.
Kid, 10 years old

I have a Twitter. An Instagram, which I do not use very often and a Pinterest. My dad is not letting me get. A facebook.
Adult written by Johnny C.

I am having this issue. My daughter is 14. She is a great student. Gets good grades. Does her chores around the house. She did an instagram behind my back. At times she acts childish and i feel that she is not mature enough to have 1. What should i do?
Teen, 14 years old written by evibear_11

Well, unfortunately your daughter did break your trust and I feel that she must be responsible enough to gain it back. The fact is that she did do an account behind your back. She really should not have it until you feel that she’s trustworthy again.
Kid, 12 years old

I am homeschooled and therefore don't have friends that I see often. I'm often lonely and would love a way of connecting with other people, such as social media. I think parents should allow kids older than around 10 or 11 to have social media. Before 13-15ish, if you aren't super comfortable with your kid having social media, you can monitor their account. I would much rather have an account that is monitored very closely than no account at all. I don't get much social interaction so I think this would be very important. :)
Kid, 12 years old

For complaining kids that want social media: STOP COMPLAINING, THESE ARE FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS AND WE ARE VERY PRIVELEGED FOR BEING ABLE TO USE THE INTERNET AT ALL! I am the odd one out at school that thinks social media is absolutely stupid, (besides Pinterest)! I am almost 13, do not have social media, and I do not think that kids should have social media. I do not think teenagers really need it, because I know it adds problems and stress to everyday life. I’m not saying it is bad but it definitely isn’t necessary for kids, including myself. I don’t want to shame anyone for wanting what I think is a bad idea, JUST STOP COMPLAINING.
Teen, 13 years old written by Berthday

Personally, I would say 12-13 but it depends on the kid (I was on since 6 on my mom's account and 10 I had my own) and there interest and reason for wanting social media. I have just about every social media. But some might be harmful to sensitive teens (Such as myself I will admit). Things posted on Tumblr can get me upset. Sometimes there is sexual content (Even with safe mode on though I think it is because of the content I post) If I friend people close to my age on facebook (people at school) it just causes a lot of anxiety and drama. So to any parent or child thinking about social media out there, I would just say KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS! Especially for people younger than 13 and those with mental disorders. Other than that your kids should be safe if you set clear rules (Putting safety mode on friending the parent and only accepting friend requests from people you know) There are TONS and TONS of parental controls out there that can help monitor social media and even screentime rules! But only use those if you think it is needed. Thanks for reading!
Kid, 10 years old

Hi, I want social media like Instagram, but my mom won’t let me. I have a youtube account though, and my mom might let me get a YouTube channel. Just because I’m a kid does not mean I’m stupid, and Stupid Companies and websites like American Girl are goody 2 shoes because they think you should be 13+ but that’s not true because American girl likes to make kids think that they don’t know anything and if they have social media they will make stupid choices. I WANNA GET SOCIAL MEDIA SOOO BAD AND I WANTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL EVER SINCE I STARTED WATCHING YOUTUBE AND I STARTED WATCHING YOUTUBE BEFORE I WAS 10.
Teen, 15 years old written by QuinnieDoe

You should wait until you're at least 13. You're not stupid, but there is a lot of content out there that people your age should not be exposed to.
Teen, 14 years old written by evibear_11

Your last sentence of that comment shows that your are too immature for Instagram. Yes I know how everything is “I want” and “I want” but you don’t need it. No one thinks your stupid or anything but what is a 10 year old going to do on Instagram is my question?
Teen, 15 years old written by Common sense LST

I would say that they have to be at least in middle school, for understanding and reasoning reasons. If they are any younger than that, they might accidentally post something unsafe, and too inappropriate that might put them at risk for not being able to go to college.
Teen, 13 years old written by PeachyAngel

Personally, I would say 12-13 but it depends on the kid (I was on since 6 on my mom's account and 10 I had my own) and there interest and reason for wanting social media. I have just about every social media. But some might be harmful to sensitive teens (Such as myself I will admit). Things posted on Tumblr can get me upset. Sometimes there is sexual content (Even with safe mode on though I think it is because of the content I post) If I friend people close to my age on facebook (people at school) it just causes a lot of anxiety and drama. So to any parent or child thinking about social media out there, I would just say KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS! Especially for people younger than 13 and those with mental disorders. Other than that your kids should be safe if you set clear rules (Putting safety mode on friending the parent and only accepting friend requests from people you know) There are TONS and TONS of parental controls out there that can help monitor social media and even screentime rules! But only use those if you think it is needed. Thanks for reading!
Parent of a 8 and 12 year old written by Geraldine H.

My son just turned 12 and since he is mature for his age and a very good student I just let him get an instagram account for his birthday. I made his account private and we talked about safety. I also have a software on his phone to track his social media. My kids know that I trust them, but they also know there is crazy bad people in the world.
Kid, 11 years old

If I had a child, I would want them to be mature, and for them to be 10 or over. I use Google+, and I just want to let the parents know that this one may not be the best, depending on what you post and what communities you're in. People in meme communities tend to be a little rude and dirty. You shouldn't join any teen communities either, such as Teenagers+. Half of the people in there are adults. Just a little warning.
Teen, 15 years old written by Cmilleriscool

I think you should be 14 to get a social media account, because You'll be mature and responsible to have one by then. 13 and under should not have one
Teen, 14 years old written by Matthew63

I am a 14 year old boy going into grade 9. I am the only one in my grade who does not have any social media. I am bullied constantly and am constantly left out by my peers. I have very few friends and have trouble understanding whats cool and whats not. My parents say I am very responsible and my parents trust me with babysitting my little brothers for the day. They do not allow me on it because "its not you its other people". I have tried to explain private mode to them but they dont understand or even listen. They allow me to iMessage and facetime whoever I want but......... its not the same because imessage isnt cool in my school
Kid, 10 years old

Hai, Matthew, Just remember a few things. 1, Cool people suck and cringy people rule. 2, Cool is a swear word 3, ask your parents if you can switch schools. Bai!! :3
Teen, 13 years old written by adamjoshua

I am 13 years old ansd reeeaally want instagram. My parents, however, are very unsold on the idea. I feel that I am mature enough and that I can have an account responsibly. What do I do?
Teen, 13 years old written by turtlecool123

Maybe you could suggest to them that they let you have it on the condition that you give them your account password, they're allowed to moniter your account, you'll keep your account private and you will only accept follow requests from people who you know.
Teen, 16 years old written by TessieTheFurry

I personally suggest talking to them about it, my parents trust me fully, and respect my privacy, even at a young age. I can't say too much, since I've never dealt with such things. Good luck!
Kid, 11 years old

I personally think it is up to the parents and the maturity of their child. I really can't say much as parents have their own ideals each usually about how to raise their child/children
Teen, 13 years old written by jenna_noelle

It really depends on the maturity of the kids in question. Parents should judge based on how trustworthy or responsible the kids are. I think it's important as a parent or guardian to realize that their children have lives outside of the house as well. Keeping that in mind, you need to let your kids experience and grow- by taking small steps like trusting them with social media or letting them make decisions on social media, they will learn from mistakes and continue to grow into adulthood. This being said, I don't believe in kids younger than 12 having social media. Middle school is a good age to talk to your kid about social media because typically middle school is a time of self discovery and exposure to the "real world". Chances are, your kids have been exposed to profanity, sexual content, and controversial things before. What's on social media typically reflects whats in real life. It's hard to let your kid "grow up", but it doesn't have to be all at once. Monitoring social media is a good idea, as is researching social media, talking to your kids about it, and simply building trust. Private accounts are always good, too. There are lots of pros and cons to social media, and I think parents - who are conditioned to be overprotective out of love for their kids- tend to focus on the negatives. Social media can be a great platform for sharing fun pictures, getting in touch with your artsy side, connecting with others, learning new things, and even reaching out to others and making a better world! :)
Teen, 15 years old written by DhruvBalaji

No, kids can easily be led into doing stuff, or befriend others whom they don't even know. Just because you think it's cool, or that all your friends use it, doesn't matter. I think 13-14 is a good age. Most kids can't even be trusted to play outside by themselves, let alone use social networking sites. Besides, the average 6-12 year old does not need a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. There are plenty of social networking sites for kids under the age limit. Wanna contact friends? Talk to them at school. You guys just want to grow up.
Kid, 12 years old

Honestly, at my age, I feel like I'm mature enough to manage a proper social media. The only reason is I don't want A) I don't want one ( I feel the anonymity factor works in my favor) and B) I feel uncomfortable going behind my mother's back in such a way. Though most of my friends frequent Instagram, Snapchat and (shudder) Musical.ly, if I'm going to have a social media, I'd use it primarily for creative reasons and I'm uncomfortable with having my identity tied to my work. Besides, no one would take me seriously if they knew I was twelve. I've been on the internet for a while now, and while I have been generally cringy and said things I regret, that's part of the experience. If you're educated in being safe and have a generally anonymous presence, I say you're fine. THAT BEING SAID, I started when I was ten, and that was probably a mistake. Wait until eleven, twelve, or thirteen. And for parents, you should probably make it clear to children that you're willing to answer questions so they don't go to the internet for important answers. I feel as if the internet is a great tool to learn different perspectives because you can see the stand points of people from every background. I hate how some adults and the media like to characterize it as a place where pedophiles and trolls lurk around every corner, or that exposure to anybody but those around you physically will somehow "corrupt" us (My mom employs this one often. I'm "impressionable" apparently), even though I'm responsible for my own choices and I have a functioning brain. I've been a member of Wattpad for two to three years and Reddit for around six months, and through that I've learned so much and had a lot of fun, as well as had a chance to express myself and grow. If you are smart, you can avoid unsafe situations. I dislike the notion that age strictly dictates maturity. But, whatever. Maybe I'm just ahead of the curve. TL;DR: Pre-teens aren't always idiots, age doesn't structly dictate maturity, and when used properly, social media can be a learning experience. Be smart on all fronts, and figure out what's safe and what you're comfortable with, but be aware that you probably should only start at 11-13 at the LEAST.
Kid, 11 years old

I’m glad that I’ve found someone who thinks like me and is as mature as me that is around my age. I agree that age doesn’t really matter, in this context, but maturity really does. Someone could be 17 years old and still act almost like a 5 year old. I personally own an Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest account, and don’t use it much often (so less chance of “corruption” like you mentioned). It’s nice to have when you’re bored, because it’s fun to post a random picture and see how all your friends react. Most kids at my school have social media, but probably shouldn’t, seeing as they have a lot of drama going on over social media. Everybody’s at different levels of maturity, and a lot of people have to respect that. (Sorry if this was all over the place; I can’t sleep and was bored. Trust me, it really is possible for me to form paragraphs that flow)
Teen, 16 years old written by TessieTheFurry

I agree with a good portion of this post :), good job! Also, eheh, yeah, I've done some stupid things online, but that's what helps you grow. If you aren't exposed to other ideas, ways to think, among other things, you won't develop as a person. Luckily for me, my parents knew this and allowed me at around 10 to explore those ideas, I learned to debate and never censor someone for an ideology (even if the ideology is hateful/bad). Just my two cents.
Kid, 11 years old

I think that it depends on the maturity of the person but NOT for Facebook because there are way to many bad things going on and twitter and instagram too for those three things I think you should be at least 17 or 18 but everything else it depends on your maturity
Teen, 15 years old written by BigBallerBrand

Parents these days are more blinded by the world in my opinion because back in the 70s...80s...even 90s, kids were roaming outside with there parents not knowing where they are, they just told kids to be home before supper, now there are pedophiles, and rapists, and all sorts of things, now parents kinda see the worst in things, like they think people are gonna watch you on Instagram and other social media’s but it’s foolish, very, parents need to realize when kids get out of the kid stage and start wanting things like Facebook but they just don’t understand that the chance of anything bad happening is slim, but things are differnet, parents should just monitor their kids accounts and make sure they aren’t doing anything inappropriate, but if you are mature and meet the guidelines then there’s no problem
Parent written by Joshua M.

I think the parents who say, "age 6 OR 7 11, 10 13 is fine for KIK or INSTAGRAM FB should get parenting classes/course. Sad. smh i am watchin' on CBS right NOW, 48 HRS. and where the child pre-teen/teen 12 or 13 met a guy online and now guess what? SHE IS DEAD. RIP#NicoleLovell i am a father, a "good/great parent"who would NEVER let my pre-teen currently be on KIK or FB no need or insta. sad to say but this is the parents fault. As my parents just ask me, JOSHUA, why in the world a parent let the kids be on line this way so young. Should be 18 (grown) and up. sad, some parents still DON'T get it. I blame the parents when this happens.No 1 else. RIP NICOLE LOVELL
Teen, 16 years old written by TessieTheFurry

I feel as if this post was written in anger? Is that true? I suggest calming down before writing something like this, saying it was the parents fault is absurd. The person who killed her was the fault, not her parents fault, and certainly not her fault. I HIGHLY doubt ANY parents said a 6 year old should be on insta, kik, facebook or any other social media, unless geared towards younger kids. One case of this is no reason to restrict a teen, 13-17 to be on something like kik, I don't use kik anymore because it's personally quite a bore, but saying a teen isn't allowed is silly. Do you mean pre-teen as in 10? 12? May you explain, please? This time, not writing it in anger.
Kid, 3 years old

I would think about maybe around 11-12 would be reasonable. If your kids already know how dangerous the internet can be, then I think that should be reasonable. I am around 11. (I accidentally entered the wrong age.) I have Snapchat and Google + already. Just as a warning, many kids would become dirty minded when they stumble across the internet. You should monitor what they see and who they follow.
Kid, 12 years old

12 should be enough my reason: According to the UN it said that the minimal criminal age SHOULD be 12 if 12 is enough to get in trouble for criminal I think it should be enough.
Teen, 15 years old written by A2020

My parents are most likely the most overprotective out of anyone I know. They don't let me have instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or even musically. The main problem is they are very blinded by their white, suburban, religious, republican veiws and will not listen to a proper word I say and dismiss me when I bring up the subject.
Kid, 10 years old

Bruh i feel sooooo bad for u I already have those acounts and my parents are christian! they found out about my accounts and they were,like,good for you.¨
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old written by R P.

Your parents should be the most over-protective people you know. That is their job. Imagine how you would feel if they didn't care about you. Please be patient with them and grateful at the same time. They only have your best interest at heart. The internet/social media opens up worlds of damaging material that once seen cannot be unseen and can impact you for the rest of your life. Hang in there, before you know it, you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about when you get bored with Instagram.
Parent written by Joshua M.

i agree, parent of a 8 and 10. But the "hard-headed kiddies here under 18 will not learn til something 1 day happen, then they will wish they did otherwise.
Teen, 16 years old written by fingerprint

I think kids should be 11 or older when they are allowed social media. I was 11 when I first got Instagram and 13 when I got Facebook and I think that was a good age to start. Parents should monitor the social media closely at least until their child is 13 since that's the official age limit on many social media sites (and perhaps longer if you feel they aren't demonstrating wise behavior online). It can be very important to kids to stay up to date with their friends and may find it upsetting if they're left out because they're the only one without an account, so I think parents should let their kids do that provided they explain clearly what should and should not be shared online. Let them know that what they post can't truly be gotten rid of. Let them know that someday future employers and colleges may check your social media, and that you don't want to have things up that you'll regret. (I didn't post any photos of myself on social media until I was 15 through my own choice but I am very glad that my most awkward years aren't permanently recorded for all to see.)
Teen, 14 years old written by alicereviews

100% wait until they're 13! Children don't have the emotional capabilities to deal with the content on social media. Even as a mature for my age 14 y/o, there are many things on Instagram (the only social media I'm on) which could be considered inappropriate. And also, get the user to set their account to private so that any random paedophile cannot follow them. I've found Instagram very safe and free from cyber bullying and scary people trying to follow me but it is so important that we protect pre teens who may not be mature enough to decline follow requests from people they do not know, or worse, have a public account where anyone can follow. Remember, Instagram is fun a a great way of keeping in touch with friends who've moved across the globe as long as it is used sensibly.
Teen, 13 years old written by a.f.2003

I think that it doesn't exactly have to do with age, more with the amount of maturity the kid or teen has. I first got social media in December of 2015. I deleted it January of this year because of all the weird people online. I came across sex offenders, sex traffickers, spammers, and more. I realized I probably wasn't mature enough for social media, and so I think it just depends on how mature you are and if you can respond to inappropriate things with a good attitude.
Teen, 13 years old written by xoxlilsyxox

I'm a 13 girl who really has no reason to be on this page. How did I get here? Why did I get here? I came online to look for a music video. Also, I don't think anyone below 18 should have facebook, not because of safety but because it's outdated, boring, and infested with old people.
Adult written by Sophie C.

I am a 40 year old adult, teaching assistant and mother. I've been on Facebook for a few years now. I've logged out since New Year as it was taking up too much time and a friends message annoyed me. Many of my friends have got sick of it and done the same. Some never started with it. There is too much angst for us so why would we want to recommend it to our children? It's much better to get together face to face in person if you can. We remember life before Facebook came along and it was much less voyerstic. I enjoyed it FB for a while but I need breathing space. Just got to save my pics and I think it would be liberating to deactivate the lot. Too much anxiety for me young peeps!
Teen, 13 years old written by Selenator_Swiftie

I think around 12 or 13 is the best age to let them have social media accounts. If your 9 or 10 year old is super responsible, I would let them have an account on social media. If your teen is less responsible than usual, don't let them have an account. I would always tell them to keep their account private, unless they are having a fan account and only posting pictures of celebrities.
Teen, 13 years old written by a.f.2003

I don't think it entirely has to do with kids being responsible. I think it also has to do with how mature they are. What if they get hate comments? What if sex offenders "DM" them? Will nine or ten year olds know how to respond? What if they see pornographic posts on Instagram or Facebook? How will they respond? Basically EVERYTHING is on the Internet. Cats, kids singing, porn, graphic violence, ANYTHING. Will a person younger than thirteen know how to respond?
Kid, 3 years old

I am 11. It is possible for many kids around my age and a few years older to know how to respond. If sex offenders "DM" them, I think they would know how to block them.
Adult written by Brittani A.

I am eighteen now but when I was eleven, I asked my mum if I could sign up to Facebook. She agreed, but she would watch me very closely. I said that was okay and that was that. But before Facebook, I used the old MSN Chat. It was good for a while and when I was on that, my mum didn't worry as much because it was way less public than what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etcetera is. It is all up to the parents to decide when it is okay for their child to have a social media account. Though my mother said that I could have a Facebook account at eleven, I know that I will not allow that for my child/children when and if I do decide to have any. They will be allowed to have access to the internet, but I will be watching very closely at what they are doing, what websites they are going on and what they are looking up. My advice is that if your child wants to have a social media account of any kind, make sure you are monitoring them, watching what they post; because once it is on the internet, it is out there forever.
Teen, 13 years old written by Sydney2003

I think kids should get social media when they're around 11/12. But they should be extremely closely monitered. My one friend's little sister is 6 and she has an Instagram, I mean I didn't even have a phone when I was 6! Kids sometimes don't understand the dangers of social media and the creepy people that can be out there, thus they should wait until they're mature enough to have it
Adult written by azie i.

I am now 18. I got into Facebook when I was 12 without my parents permission or knowledge....that ended quickly in tears of shame and embarrassment. I look back and thank my parents for that (in my head). I got into Facebook because everyone that was cool did, being the only kid without Facebook made me an outsider/unpopular/weird. My parents thankfully never cared for my feelings and squashed all hopes I had of becoming just like everyone else. I now realize that I was not mentally/emotionally ready to be on a platform so great; posting my every thought and feeling, saying all kinds of things I regretted, and ultimately wasting my time. I think the best age to let your child have free reign over social media is when their argument is not, "mom everyone else is doing it!", when they are able to realize that they are not a "loser" for not being connected on social media, and ultimately when they gain (some) self control. In middle school and High school most kids fail to have their priorities straight. It's easy to fall under peer pressure and neglect your grades. In the end it's better to focus on understand/finding yourself without an audience.
Kid, 11 years old

I'm 11 currently and my parents don't let me have Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. But the only thing I'm allowed to have is Musically. I respect my parents decision to shield me from the horrors of social media but sometimes I feel a bit left out when the awkward question comes up, "What's your insta" "How many followers do you have?". I at least feel excited knowing next year in 7th grade I'll be allowed to have an insta.
Kid, 11 years old

You are really lucky,I dont have musicl.ly ,insta,snapchat,facebook,skype,line,messenger.My parents are really over protective,i really under stand the whole "whats your insta" problem,it sucks,but just know that eventually you will have all of it,just wait,that s what i do
Kid, 11 years old

I am an 11, soon to be twelve, girl and I am not allowed instagram. I am a creative person and I love taking photos so I understandably desperately wanted instagram. I guess I don't mind too much as I can have it when I'm 13, but when you're in year 7 (or sixth grade) most people have it. So if you are debating whether you should let your child join, you should know that if your child finds it important to be in the loop they might find it hard not being allowed. There will probably be many conversations about it, and one of the first questions people will ask you will be: "do you have instagram" or "how many followers do you have". I hope this was helpful!
Teen, 13 years old written by gymnastforlife

I am 11 too,and those questions suck,but you said you like photograhy right? google plus,its istagram without all the crap
Teen, 15 years old written by stephaniex

Hi, I recently just turned 15 on the 1st of September and my parents don't allow me to have Instagram, Snapchat and chat on groupchats. However, I do still chat on group chats and have snapchat, but I don't have instagram. Literally everyone my age and 2 or even 3 years younger than me use instagram and snapchat and frequently engage in group chat conversations. I am rarely allowed out and I really HATE it. Can anyone give me a good argument to present to them on why I shouldn't be deprived. I am very mature for my age and quite intelligent (Head girl of my school) I have been involved in so much at school and it really hurts when I see the amount of followers and interesting things my friends do on instagram. Obviously, I know my education is more important, but it is really getting to the point where I feel depressed and left out, I feel so ugly and foolish compared to the other girls. Even though I am quite outspoken, when I bring up the topic I feel like I am going to get shut down and given the biggest lecture as my parents are so strict. HELP ANYONE! (Some of this may be exaggeration as I am speaking out of anger and sadness.)
Teen, 13 years old written by nelly2534

Prove to them that they can trust u. Have u ever secretly got an account. Show them that u want to go home and tell them stuff that happened with ur friends on instagram not, in a year or so, have to secretly download it and keep it in ur games folder so they don't find it. Tell them u love them no matter what but this small thing would make u so happy. Tell them ur feeling left out because of it. Or that they can check it all the time. Maybe even ask for it on their phone so they have constant access on it, more than u do. Then when they feel ur old enough they let u get it ur self. Try everything. Write a contract with them. Anything. Just tell them they can trust u
Teen, 14 years old written by alicereviews

I'm 14 and only just allowed Instagram. It took a while to persuade my parents and they were very reluctant, but in the end I told them that I was feeling left out, especially since even my very sensible friends had it. My mum was easier to persuade so I talked to her first and then my dad. Good luck!
Kid, 11 years old

Hi I'm only 11 but hope this helps 1. You shouldn't be left out from friends' social life and should take part together. This way, you can get better friendships, or maybe even make new friends. 2. You sometimes get this awkward moment when every1 is just talking about social media - Yes i know- being IN a conversation is way better than being left out and ignored JUST because you don't have social media. 3. Tell your parents that you can handle social media and organise your time wisely, even if this means only 2 hours a day. 4. I know this idea is lame but make people sign a sheet and give their reasons why you should have social media. Hey i really hope this helps, and GOOD LUCK ~
Adult written by Daniel S.

Hi, i think that the way you wrote and how you argumented is enough proof that you are mature enough to use social media. My advice: ask for their permissions and make and agreement with them in a way they fell secure (add them as your friend so they can see what you post, limit your ussage time, only add friends you know in the real world). Try asking them permission to install it and adding only them as friends (so both of you get to know how it really works) then add just 2 or 3 friends (maybe a cousin).
Teen, 13 years old written by BHSisamazing

I am turning 14 in 1 month and I am in 8th grade. All my friends had Instagram, snapchat etc. while in 6th grade. My school is very competitive on popularity in middle school but what I've realized is that middle school popularity doesn't really matter. You should get social media when you are 13. If you are 11 or 12 you can get death threats. When I was in Health it really broadened my mind to the world. After personal experience DO NOT GET SOCIAL MEDIA BEFORE 13.
Teen, 13 years old written by PeachyAngel

I kinda agree but sadly this isn't the world we live in. It can really hurt kids and the parents and child itself won't realize it.
Adult written by Sophie C.

Say it as it is. I'll show my daughter this comment. Look up Youngminds charity if you need any help. Your mind is precious and worth protecting.
Kid, 11 years old

me and my friends would really like to get Instagram as we are the only 3 in our class that dont have it however are moms wont let us we feel left out. i think we are mature enough for this social media as we have watsapp , snapchat and musical.ly but i dont no what do u think.
Kid, 11 years old

It took me a while to get my mom to let me have instagram. I got it when i was 9, BUT my mom signed into my account on her phone, and watched very closely who I followed and what I did. I had to ask her before I followed anyone, or let anyone follow me. You have to leagaly be 13 to get it, but my mom mointered it so very carefully! Hope you can get it soon!
Adult written by Kyle H.

What i find amazing is there is a lot of kids on here under 12 posting that they already have social media accounts or that its not fair that everyone else has one. Im 19 and didnt even have a mobile phone until i was aged 16. In my opinion, not being allowed social media is not the end of the world. I believe education is far more important particularly in mid teens than staring at a phone on FB all day long. And for sub 11 yr olds using facebook and instagram ect thats is rediculous. They are not safe, as i have high security settings on my.account and still got hacked exposing my.account to extremely dangerous material. Im an adult so i deleted my account and reported it but a young person however mature tjey think they are would im sure be affected by this kind of material.
Teen, 17 years old written by laura.sense

I am not a parent but I believe from personal experinces of being to young on Instagram, I think you should allow your child on Instagram at the age of around 14+. Any later and they will feel very left out and like you are getting to protective. You can make their account very safe by making it private so they can control who they talk to and so they can't look at inappropriate pics. I got it when I was 12 without permission ( I now have permission) that was because of feeling left out so be careful of the age you let them on or they may do it themselves.
Parent written by ghsf

I agree that different families have different rules & sometimes kids are ready for privileges at a certain age and others are not ready. We often talk about the differences in how families approach this hotbed topic with our kids, and they understand (but do not always agree) with our decisions as parents. Our kids know about the rules regarding online privacy and safety, and we have had lots of conversations about both bullying and cyberbullying. As a parent, I think these topics are a source of continued conversation -- not just one big sit-down where you lay down the law. Every day media provides examples of what not to do (and it's often adults that are doing it.) Our family (or more accurately, we parents) have decided not to allow our middle school kids access to social media. For us, it's less about fears of safety, bullying, etc. (although we think about that a lot). Rather, it's a choice to have our kids be with their friends in the moment without worrying about whether that moment is worth posting. We are fine if they want to pick up the phone to chat with someone. Or facetime. We understand the desire to connect, but as grownups, we have found our most valuable experiences have been with actually talking to our friends, not just posting and exchanging "likes" or DMs. As far as feeling excluded because they don't have social media, we get that, but life is full of deprivations, big and small. My kids also don't have a lot of things other children have and that is sometimes by choice or because it's not in the budget. I will be honest: As a parent, part of me wants to shield my kids from all the posts of places they will never go, parties they weren't invited to, inside jokes that they are not a part of. In this regard, ignorance is bliss. Middle school is full of fretful moments, and we think that social media amplifies those. So, yes, there is a protective element at play here. And also yes, we understand that social media has a positive impact, but for the moment, judging by what we have seen at our children's school, it's mostly used to subtly (and not so subtly) define the social pecking order. We would rather our kids establish social connections by spending time with their friends in a media-free environment. We recognize our kids are growing up in a landscape and with norms that are different than anything we had to deal with. I shudder to think of what would have happened if all those notes I passed during middle school math class had ever been posted; I probably would have been suspended for being a complete idiot and dork. In this way, I think kids, especially those who have commented thoughtfully on this thread, are way ahead of the curve than I was at the same age. From the kids' comments, I hear their pain about being left out, their annoyance about being followed by their parents, and I can see the eye rolls about parents who are too controlling and/or paranoid. And I hope our kids understand that the reason for delaying social media access is to keep them focused on the moment, to encourage them to spend time in the actual presence of their friends, to have a conversation live on the phone v. via text or DM or Snapchat where nuance can be lost & an emoji doesn't always say it all. I think that building up those social skills/muscles is more important right now than using social media. This media-rich world of ours that puts a primacy on documenting every moment big and small, doesn't make it easy to stay focused on the here and now. And that is the gift we want our children to have while they are still kids.
Teen, 16 years old written by Unknown Pig

I got instagram muscl.ly facebook Instagram twitter and YT when I was 11 I recommend starting with getting your kid Youtube first because they will usually want you to see what they do so you can easily monitor them next musical.ly this is similar to Youtube on her you make 15 second videos of you singing or lip syncing and share them to the world or just your friends then if they do good on thatthen maybe get facebook but make sure to friend them on it and if they do good and be mature on both those let them get twitter instagram and other things
Teen, 13 years old written by naomi_s123

I'm 13 years old and I'm the only one in my grade that doesn't have social media. I always get excluded from conversations, not invited to parties, all because they have no way to contact me. This is all my mom's fault. I know I am mature and responsible enough to use social media. My mum is very paranoid and always checks my messages and never lets me go out without parental confirmation or supervision. I never get to go to parties or hang out with my friends by myself because she thinks I'll be kidnapped. What should I do? She always shoots me down when I try to talk to her about letting me have social media and a bit more freedom but she never listens. Also, she always yells at me for messaging anyone. She puts all these restrictions on my phone and laptop and gets mad if i don't abide by the rules. I hardly ever use my phone. HELP>>>>>> :(
Teen, 13 years old written by IWantFood90Cookies

First, understand your mom's concerns and worries. For example, she says she thinks you might be kidnapped. What are the possible reasons that she might think that? Kidnappings in your area? Experience? Or possible trouble young ones get into these days? Ask why first politely and at a time when she is relaxed. And whatever she says, just listen. Follow the golden rule. If you listen first, she'll listen. Also, don't blame your mom for all the problems you're facing. It could help if you try to start conversations yourself and maybe host a party (with mom's permission, of course). And at the end, you still don't have social media, you just have to live with it. It something you'll learn as you grow. Now, it's up to you.
Parent written by Mickey B.

Given the rules you need to live by, which in regards to this topic are acceptable regardless of what a parent chooses, you really need to try to not think that it's your mom's fault that you're socially excluded. If you just accept that it's your mom fault and non of your own, you less likely to come up with creative ways, or even old fashioned ways, to be included. If you really can't figure it out on your own, then this is a situation where it may be a good idea to get the school counselor's opinion on how you can be/feel socially included without having a social media account to receive social invites. Make sure when you talk to the counselor you explain that you're feeling socially excluded, you feel like it's your mothers fault, and that you dont like feeling excluded and you also dont like the feeling that your mother is responsible.
Teen, 17 years old written by laura.sense

I totally understand how you feel, I felt like that when I was your age .My parents even though I am almost 18 are still super strict about what I do on social media. Your parents by the sound of it have the same attitude to it. I would wait until you turn 14 then sit down with your parents and tell them how you feel about it, make a deal like making the account private, working harder with homework and letting them discuss what you so or don't post. Also mention that you are the only one who doesn't have it in your grade and tell them you know the pros and cons and that you feel you are responsible. This conversation won't be easy but it should make your parents consider your points, after that there is nothing more you can do.
Kid, 10 years old

I have alot of friends who have phones and laptops and istagram snapchat, facebook, etc. and i want to keep up and be cool like them because i only have 4 friends and one is quitting on me, so i already know the stuff parents tell me like 'well you arent mature enough' 'well people post innapropriate stuff there' 'well its a big responsability' and stuff and i want to know if i should be allowed to get a phone and facebook and whatnot. give me your opinion. dont give me any of that "Well who cares if you have a phone or not just be yourself and you will be a superstar" because i have tried it before and what does it do? people think im a nerd. I believe i am mature enough to understand some ground rules for keeping a phone and stuff, and if there is ever any payment i need, i know how to pay for it. please just give me your honest opinion....
Teen, 17 years old written by laura.sense

That is a tough situation, you are not legally aloud on those sites until you are AT LEAST 13 years of age. When I was 12 I had the same issues, by what you have said you do not seem to entirely understand social media- you seem mature but your parents have the right to say no for those things until you are at least 13 or older. You Will and i know from experience YOU WILL FIND THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT! unless for some reason you have been taught about puberty and about s*x you will find some things on social media you are not mature enough to see. Also remember which I'm sure you do from being told a lot, school is not for being popular it is for learning. If you keep worrying about those things you won't get any were. You are also in junior school and believe me junior school in terms of being popular means nothing ( high school is much worse with being popular) just concentrate on your learning then when you are around 14 yrs you can start to think about those things.
Teen, 16 years old written by TessieTheFurry

I was never taught about puberty, or s*x. I learned them on my own, or from others, friends, internet, etc. I got my own laptop at about 10, I already knew about p*rn, s*x and puberty. I had no objections about them I had a good grasp on why they existed and why people watched those things, did those things and went through those things. I even watched those things out of curiosity, they didn't harm me or hurt me in any way. BUT, of course, you can NEVER completely censor those things from kids, even if they can't have access to the internet, are watched, or don't use social media. They can use context clues at a young age, put pieces together and start understanding s*x jokes. They could also learn from friends at school or they might hear a conversation at school. There is NO way you can stop them from learning these things, no matter how much you would like that to be true.
Teen, 15 years old written by Tocho345

This is a tough one. Its really hard to place an age down on ALL kids. Some kids its better to wait. Others, not so much. Honestly since i could remember i've had free range on internet, (within reason) I think with things like kik and instagram, you should really wait till they are ATLEAST 13-14
Teen, 13 years old written by chloe14

I am 13 years old and I have wanted social media for the longest. A lot of my friends at school have it, I'm pretty sure every once has it since I'm in 8th grade. I've wanted snapchat since last year and I wanted Instagram when I was in 6th grade. I've asked my best friends for advice and feedback for Instagram and snapchat. They've also said that after a while it gets boring. They've had social media since 6th grade, and now they don't use it as much as they used to. Some people are obsessed with it, they're always on it. That's not me though. My dad is worried because he feels like I'll be on social media all the time and not want to spend quality time with my family. I love hanging out with my fam, but I also like having fun with my friends. I'm a teenager, and he has to realize that we are now growing up and want to spend more time socializing with each other in cooler ways. I've asked their older siblings and my other classmates about it, and they've said that snapchat is safest. I agree with them, since I've done my research about it and everything. Social media is a way to communicate with people in a fun way. My parents keep asking me, "What's the reason for snapchat and Instagram?" I simply tell them, "It's a way to share photos and videos to your friends." We've talked about snapchat numerous times, I don't understand what the big deal is. They don't want anyone to cyber bully me, and I'm not bullied at school, so I don't think that's going to happen. They don't want my face shown to the world. People are gonna have to see my face one day anyways. They want me to be private and not share where I am to anyone. I seriously am not that stupid to follow people that I don't know, or tell random people where I am, or even meet them in person. I'm smarter than that, I don't think they trust me with this. They said when your a freshman, you can get as much social media as you want. I'm like why not now? I'm 13 years old, I'm old enough. I know I'm still immature, but I know what to post and what to share. I'm well educated on what to post and what not to post. I don't text anyone I don't know, or give out my phone number or address or any other personal info. I tell my parents everything especially when it comes to seeing weird things. If I see any nasty or inappropriate things I WILL tell my parents. I'm not going to let it fly by. Does anyone have this similar problem? Please comment and give me advice please! Tell me a way on how to convince them! I've been patient for the longest to wait for their permission, but it seems like their not going to let me anytime soon...
Kid, 10 years old

i have this problem with my parents too, man its tough being a kid. I feel you, here are some tips i have: *I totally get you. Parents will tell you they dont want to let anyone see your face. Tell them in a way they wont feel offended: You take me out to school, in public, to restaurants, and hundres of people see my face every week. More people see my face in public than in social media, to be honest, social media is safer than public because it: 1. No one can PHYSICALLY hurt you 2. If you cry, no one sees you 3. If you quit anytime, no one will follow you around everywhere. *Dont try bribing them. This will lower the chance of them letting you have one. If you have absolutely no choice, try this: Mum, Dad, what if i did chores ( or whatever) to earn enough money to get a phone? (tell them you understand the privacy rules of social media) * Try to find the safest social media sites there are ( this pretty much outrules twitter, facebook, stuff like that ) and show your parents on a computer or a phone how safe it is and if you can, try to show them the ups and downs of it so you can tell them where you will go and where you will not go. *Tell them you are mature enough, and you are 13, and that is pretty much the age you are allowed to get phones, social media, and whatnot. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If they tell you they'll think about it, tell them thannk you and act polite. Try to behave well, dont get in trouble, be an EXTREMELY well behaved child, because well, this will increasde their idea of how mature you are and it will show them you are ready. I hope this helped chloe ^u^
Teen, 13 years old written by chloe14

Thanks for commenting! I'll gladly take this advice even if your younger than me lol. I hope you'll be able to use social media soon, remember to be safe and careful. I'm very safe on the Internet and my iPod and I'm mature for a 13 year old so I think I can handle social media. Thanks! XD
Kid, 11 years old

I've had instagram for a year now snapchat for a few months and musical.ly for about a year.
Teen, 14 years old written by L_Thomas08

I am 13 years old and I have wanted Social Media ever since all my friends started to get one. I am now in 7th grade. I honestly think 5th grade you should start to use social media, but like the ones where you can't really do anything but it's still considered Social Media such as Snapchat (depends on who their friends with), and Musical.ly. But in 6th grade, you start to learn more things and are often informed about the world around you. That's why I think you should be at least in the 6th grade. Unfortunately, my parents think otherwise. All my friends have social media. Practically the whole school does (unless their parents are like mine, I feel so sorry for them), and I always get made fun of and no one does anything about it. Even the councilers and even my parents. They say it's "not bullying" I'm getting made fun of constantly bc of this. I'm tired of it and I just want to get one. Idc if I'll ever use it or not but ya. If I can, I'll just get an Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest or Facebook just to say I have one. I might never use it. According to my parents I have to be a Freshman in order to get one. I honestly think it's stupid. Pls comment if your in the same situation or know someone that is, or if you too think it's stupid -Loryn A 7th grader who wishes she was a Freshman
Teen, 16 years old written by MiniMorgan13

Im ten and I would like to get Instagram as a private account and let people I know follow me. I would also reccomend a app for parents to monitor what they post and see what they are watching and viewing. Parents should also sign up for Instagram to see what they are doing if they dont want the monitoring app
Teen, 14 years old written by pr2001

I would have to say from when they are 12/13 years old .They would be mature enough to realise what is right to put on social media sites and what is wrong.Before you do let them: tell them clearly how important saying something is on a social media site is , sometimes it is hard to remove it.If you let them on one ,or multiple ,check their privacy settings to make sure they'll be safe from any unwanted problems.
Teen, 13 years old written by Natalie_Grace_1112

I would say 6th grade. 6th grade is when they are entering middle school. A whole new territory. As long as they keep their instagram private where only their accepted friends can see their account and photos. I didn't have instagram or snapchat till 6th grade. But i did have facebook in 3rd grade. XD. facebook is not something most kids used so I never saw anything I shouldn't. Facebook also has little games which is the only reason why i wanted it so bad. I have to play Farmville. I think facebook is a great site for kids to be first introduced to the world of social media. Of course my account was on private so I only saw things my family posted. Twitter is pretty boring like fb so I would say thats fine for a younger age too, but it wound't be as entertaining. Musical.ly is a fun social media for kids of all ages. Facebook-- 9+ Musical.ly-- 9+ Instagram-- 12+ Snapchat-- 12+
Parent written by ray_scanten82

I think that social media and offline socialization are very similar in the process. You have friends, foes, every action has consequences, and you have to keep things private - and not just online. This surely might hurt you if you think that kids need face-to-face communication but have not enough common sense to use social media, cell phones or such. Kids NEED communication in general, regardless of whether it's online or offline. Think before you post and think before you say is definitely the same rule told in different ways. And while in social media you have privacy settings to use, in offline socialization you often have to keep keeping private things secret, and if you reveal it once, you can't revert it back (while in social media you can - by simply changing privacy settings). I don't even get arguments that one website is age-appropriate but another is not. I used to be on Kidzworld myself, and to be honest, it's no different from MySpace or Xanga, although I know that KW has word filter and is steady-moderated. But your worst nightmares - child predators, trolls, bullies, advertisement, stalkers, harassers and such - trust me, they can be everywhere, even on the safest and most moderated website that is kid-appropriate. And offline, too. If you can't trust your child to experience socialization, think about how social isolation will affect his development. Sure, a child's behaviour will be more predictable, he won't complain to you about troubles with his friends and foes (because he has none anyways!), he will be easier to spank and ground, but this is not going to prepare him to the realms outside of your family in isolation. He will find out that other kids aren't treated like you were treating him. He will find out alot of things that have certain differences between you and the other family/person. He'll find common things, too. And this will happen no matter how hard you restrict your child. I don't even believe in efficiency of age restrictions anyways. Trust and support is what a child needs everywhere! The "iron curtain" that you build around your child only makes him more sensitive and less enduring. Being nice is sure, it's very helpful, but the only way to prevent bad things to happen is to be good yourself. Even Buddha says so! COPPA has also been proven ineffective by studies. Children will lie about their ages no matter how hard it's being enforced. Some of you parents also encourage your kids to join websites with your help lying about age. I used to be taught to lie to join ICQ. I also lied about my lil bro's age just to make him playing My Talking Angela! Content, pedophiles, privacy invasions - it's all real even without Internet or other long-range communication protocols. If you're so concerned about the media that your kid is exposed too, try making content that you find acceptable for children YOURSELF. I remember one parent decided to make cartoons herself because she finds all animation around her as inappropriate for children, and what is generally considered as appropriate for kids she thinks it has not enough quality or value. Grom Social's admin is a teen who made a website himself just to cope with him being repulsed from Facebook. However, if you choose to go this difficult path, know that you need to focus more on positive outcomes and nature of your own media, and you should let your children experience things instead of barring them from it.
Kid, 11 years old

Hi. I'm 11 and I recently got my first social media account ever, an Instagram. Instagram - despite what many say - is incredibly safe as long as your child is well educated on social media, and cyberbullying. My parents taught me a lot of about internet policy before allowing me to get an account, including how to report an inappropriate post. I truly believe that as long as you teach your child the boundaries Instagram can be an enjoyable experience for all ages (my parents monitor my account and check each picture before I post it).
Kid, 12 years old

I'm going into 7th grade (turning 13) and honestly, it's pretty dependent on the child itself. It's very easy to by pass age limits on websites (I've had a gmail/g+ account since I was 9) and as long as you can trust your child, you should be fine. Really, if you are worried about your child seeing things, you shouldn't let them have anything that can access the Internet. I mean, truth be told, they will find things no matter how hard you try. My parents know that, and they know that they can trust me with social media because they have taught me online safety and I know what is and isn't smart to post. The reason why I say it depends is because I have met very immature 12 year olds that would say anything without thinking of the consequences. I am not like that and I know the boundaries and where and where not to venture on the Internet. In today's society, social media is the least of your worries as long as your child is moderately mature and they know what they're doing. To parents: children do not like to feel smothered. Sure, if you know your child can't handle it, then don't let them have anything. But if YOU KNOW that they have friends on it, and they have been begging you for it (and you think they are ready), then don't be that overly-strict parent. And one last thing, if you see that is interfering with family time or that they are going against your rules, put them on punishment (not anything too harsh).
Kid, 12 years old

I'm 12 years old and going into 7th grade. I currently have Wattpad (a writing website, which can have mild profanity but encourages everyone to report it), musical.ly (an app where you submit lip syncs), and Pinterest. My Mom says that I need to wait a little while for Instagram, and I have not asked for anything else, although I may ask for Snapchat because of the filters. Anyway, I think the age limit should be 12+, as that's what apps are rated for these kinds of things. I think that if a parent thinks their child may or may not have the ability, they should let their kid try it and check the account a lot. That way, if their kid is responsible, they can know.
Teen, 13 years old written by Chloetheburrito

So I am 11 years old going on 12 and in 6th grade. I got Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and Pinterest when I turned 11. I personally think that parents, you shouldn't make your kid feel like you can't trust them. You should let them get social media when you feel like they're ready, and just trust them with it from there. If you don't feel like they are old enough, then don't let them get it. I think that Instagram should be okay for 11-12 year olds, because its a great way to keep in touch with your friends and share photos. But no matter what, ALWAYS USE THE PRIVACY CONTROLS. So here's what I think: 11-12: Whatsapp, Messenger, YouTube, Weheartit, Polyvore . 13: Instagram, pinterest, snapchat and blogger. 14/15: Vine, Wattpad and Facebook. 16+: Twitter and Tumblr
Kid, 11 years old

I think around 12 is a good age for all social medias. I'm 11 And I Do Use Snapchat, etc. As Long As You Are Responsible and Your Parent Can Trust You There Shouldn't be a problem.:)
Kid, 12 years old

I think that it is the parents decision on wether they want their children on social media or not. I am going into 7th grade and am almost 13. I think you can be 12 to have musical.ly as long as you have a private account. You should be around 13 to have Instagram, snapchat, and other things like that's. You should be 14-16 to get a Facebook, Twitter, and things like that. Remember, this is just my opinion, but you should have a private account on your social media sites because you don't know who is following you if you don't have it on private.
Teen, 16 years old written by thara221

My younger sister uses Facebook too, she just turned twelve. I've been using Facebook since I was ten years old. I'm fifteen years old. My parents don't mind as long as I switch off after ten thirty at night.
Kid, 11 years old

Well I have Facebook and all that stuff but my parents can see what I'm doing so if your parents are not looking I'd say about 12 or 13
Teen, 13 years old written by leov71

Personally, I think at age 13 would be most appropriate for Instagram, snapchat, Twitter, Kik, and Facebook. I think one of the worst things about Instagram is the dm (direct messaging) because somethings people that people say to you on there can be very mean and anyone could dm as long as they added you as a friend. And yes of course what's in your feed could also be very innapropriate but that can only happen when you follow the wrong accounts. For snapchat, I think that's appropriate for 13 year olds. It's pretty popular these days because anything you "snap" to anyone else, disappears after they view it once. But the problem won't that is that they can screen shot it but you'll be notifyied if someone does. Twitter I think is for more mature teens because of what what celebrities post and how frequent they do it also. As for Kik, I don't understand why you would want one if you have a phone where you coul text people with so that'll be a waste of your storage. And for Facebook, it isn't very popular among teens because it is very out dated and really the only thing I use Facebook is for the games. These are just my opinions.
Kid, 11 years old

I think it is true that you should me 13 because that's a very safe age to have some social media but 11 or 12 kids get their phones so they can fake their age any time so some parents don't even know
Teen, 14 years old written by s13ep

im 13 and i got all of them when i was 10 but i think it should be when you think they are mature enough and if they are quite young set up private accounts
Teen, 16 years old written by Keb16

I think it depends on the kid. Usually I would say 14-15 but there can be exceptions for younger kids if they are mature enough. I think that kids ages 13 and younger should have it monitored. However if your kid is older I don't think it should be unless there is a reason. No one under 13 should have it because they don't know the dangers. There can be cyber bullying and stalkers and younger kids may not know how to handle it. They may also use it to create drama. Younger kids sometimes don't think about consequences. That being said there are older kids who don't think about it either. 14-15 year old should defiantly be allowed to have it as long as they have good behavior in real life and aren't overly immature.
Teen, 13 years old written by CuppycakeToaster

I have Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and another reading/writing app called Wattpad. My parents are fine with all of them, because on Facebook, I literally have 1 friend, and on Snapchat, I only have about 4 friends. I'm not one of those people who is CONSTANTLY checking social media, but I do check every few days or so. I think that you should be allowed to start social media said at maybe... I dunno... 11?
Kid, 12 years old

I agree with you, as long as the account is private or you only let friends follow you.
Adult written by isaaclee

I think once you reach your teens years, you can start to use social media because I started in my teen years, but the mistake I did was friend too many people without thinking, so I cancelled my account. I started again being careful, but was hardly using it, so I cancelled it again. now I see kids who aren't in their teens use social media. what happened to society now. many people don't realize the dangers in social media. I think the good old fashioned way of meeting someone should be done and can build up your social skills. So teach your children about using internet safely, but should start once they reach their teen years, but monitor them even though many teens don't appreciate that.
Kid, 11 years old

Budder Pug's Review: I honestly think kids should have a social media account. I do not agree with age restrictions because some kids are more mature that others.
Teen, 13 years old written by JKH2207

Budder Pug yes maybe some kids are indeed "mature" but age restrictions are there for a reason. You can wait for social media. It is not an essential piece of our lives. Some children aren't even allowed to have social media till they are 16. Even I can't use Facebook till I'm 16. But the point is that Social media is something that's there to help you connect with friends and family and share some good moments as well as enjoy others posts. But as said if the children seem to be mature enough for it they should have their parents opinions as well as the final answer. Best to stick with the age limit for the safety of children because there are bad things on the internet.
Kid, 9 years old

I agreed wit the article, except for one thing I found a bit extreme. A group rally to get other parents to stop really isn't something to do. Other parents should have the ability to make their own decisions. As I have been scrolling through the comments section, I noticed GhostOfAnIdiot saying the internet is completely not for kids. I do get where you're coming from. There are very, very high amounts of definitely not-child-suitable content, and it's unmissable, if anything. What I do disagree with however, is that you don't realize the very broad range of content the internet can give. You shouldn't dismiss the good education and clean fun for some of the flaws, and there are also plenty of systems that adults can use to see what the child is watching, and these applications even have the ability to block the bad in general, which saves so much trouble. I also want to say that Common Sense Media, to most under thirteen, has the words Common Sense in it. Many commenting sections like this one on this website have children who only want to say it's fine for kids just because they want to see it, play it, or read it themselves. Honestly, that can affect judgement. You don't want other children to be shocked and scared or even scarred by anything because you just want to see it yourself. Going back to the social media and internet subject, i'd also like to add that Facebook and Twitter, also Instagram, are even more full of bad content than anything else, so for under thirteen, it's a general no. It's very clear that it was meant for older teens and up to manage themselves. The bad content is ridiculously common, and when it isn't that, it's even worse, and that can be personal questions, threats, you name it, anything. Also, the youngest of children can offend others, if they haven't been taught how to be kind on the internet. For that rare exception of when you allow your kids to set up or even go on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, there's got to be a very long talk on what to do, and how to act on the internet. With YouTube accounts, it's easier, but still none under eleven or so. If you don't set up an account, it's pretty harmless, although there are some videos that aren't for kids. Yoursphere is a pretty safe choice. Parents should also be able to say what social media can be used, and I suppose that's it. -Movies0000
Kid, 9 years old

I don't get these issues because I am only on Gmail which I know won't cause cyberbullying. My main reason I don't worry is I think that things will go bad. I feel like I will have to be monitered/stalked by my mom.
Teen, 13 years old written by Yasmama

Well I'm 13 my mom allows twitter instagram whatsapp and snapchat. But she doesnt allow facebook because she thinks i may meet strangers online. But i know how to control that but she doesnt understand that.
Teen, 15 years old written by Katie14633

I think it's kind of ridiculous that parents think they need to monitor (or what I call stalk) their kids on social media. If you can't trust your kid to not post inappropriate things, then the kid shouldn't have social media. Yes, you need to educate your kid on how to properly use the Internet and about not giving out personal information, but that should be done from a young age, so that by the time that they do get social media, they know what to do and what not to do. Some could argue that if the child gives out personal information that it's the parents fault because they didn't educate them properly or enough. Bullying- doesn't really happen too much on social media, at least from what I've seen it doesn't and I've had social media for awhile, but if it does happen then the kid needs to be educated on what to do if they are being cyber bullied and also they need to ignore the bullying because if they recognize it with the bully, it will only get worse. Like I said before, don't stalk your kids social media, it only makes them think that you don't trust them- which is a horrible feeling. If you don't trust them, then don't let them get it. Trust that if something happens, then your kid wil come to you. Also, you should make sure that your kids are set on private on any social media that has privacy settings, but to me, that is the extent of looking at their page/posts that you should go.
Teen, 14 years old written by kitty47

I'm 14 in 9th grade and my mom didn't let me get a phone until my 14th birthday, so I didn't get access to social media apps until then. I think around 13 years old is a good age to start using social media..
Teen, 13 years old written by AP0ll0

So I'm 13 turning on 14 going into 9th grade and I have yet the priveledge to have social media. I'm the younger one in the grade but I still have amazing friends who I'm going to miss. But, I'm always missing out on what going on. Its extremely depressing and it gets to you. I was wondering if there were someone to ease my parents mind on the whole social media topic. I'm an extremely social person and that's why this bothers me so much. I just recently got a phone and I was happy. Until I found out I couldn't talk to my friends on it. Not even through texting. What am I supposed to..? Text my the people who live in my house ??? Its harder to get a hold of people when you have to use your home phone. So again, this is very depressing and I would like to know how to gain this privelage.
Teen, 13 years old written by blackbarbie

I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lots of friends and they all have things like snapchat and instagram and twitter, but my mom is super strict and won't let me have any of that. It makes me feel left out because when i'm hanging out with my friends, they could spend a whole hour talking about something that happend on social media and I don't have any idea what's going on. And I could be very responsible wth social media, only let people i know follow me, follow the right people, and post appropiate things. I told my mom this but she said its not me she's worried about, it everyone else in the world...
Teen, 13 years old written by k_at_

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT MY PARENTS SAID, did you have any luck convincing them, if so how?????
Teen, 13 years old written by PeachyAngel

Well if your 13 then it shouldn't matter what your parents say about social media since legally your allowed to have one. Show your parents the rules of COPPA (Just type it in and go to the website) If they still say no then either chill and wait (You really don't need one) make one behind their back (really easy there are tons of apps that pretend to be calculators and stuff but really are social media) or Just lie to your friends say you have one but its weird so you want to keep it a secret. (Recommend the first and last one if your not really 13 and under that)
Teen, 15 years old written by faithpeebles77

Okay. For all you people that say having an Instagram, or any social media for that matter, is inappropriate and not safe, you clearly don't realize how safe they can be if your child is being responsible. They can set their account so that only people they know can view their posts (by making the account private in settings), and that really is helpful. Personally, I have an Instagram, and my account is set private and I have no complaints about anything inappropriate. If your child happens to see something inappropriate, they can just block the person that posted it, or, if it's really bad, report them. Besides, sheltering them from the real world is not healthy. They go to middle or high school, and trust me, the environment there is not exactly "Kuddle" appropriate. Your children need to know how the real world works anyway. Even if they see something online, such as cursing in the comments (if they don't want to block that person), it's not like they're going to go around cursing at people. Keep in mind your child needs to be responsible though, I'm not just saying that you should hand a four year old an iPhone and tell them to go crazy on Instagram or Twitter, but just that you don't give your teens enough credit. They can handle themselves. Unless your child is a complete idiot or not mature enough, I think they can handle it. They're the ones who decide to follow random people. They're the ones who decide to be on it 24/7. They're the ones who decide not to have a private account. Instagram's not the one telling them to do that, it's just themselves. There's not automatically going to be super inappropriate things on there unless it's your child that wants to follow those kinds of accounts. If that's the case, I suggest immediate counseling. It just comes down to how much common sense they have. Oh, and about "Kuddle"... It's not even that different from Instagram if you have a private account, except you ask yourself if you know them instead of the phone asking you if you know them like you're an idiot. In fact, the only difference is that no one is on Kuddle and it's an embarrassment to have one. Besides, think about your poor middle schooler asking their peers if they had a Kuddle account. Yeah. Not good.
Adult written by smiler_bre405

I don't think younger kids should have any social media sites, I feel as if they should just start out with a email address then when they are 13-14 then start them out having a social media account and be friends with them. I know plenty of younger kids with social media accounts, but yet they are decent online.
Teen, 13 years old written by Fluffy kitten

I'm 12 and I have Instagram and I personally think it's fine because I don't hardly post anything not my name, number, address. Literally no details and you may wonder what is the point of having it and my answer is that I use it for seeing my friends pictures and I guess that's all. Actually I don't know why I have Instagram and I think I will consider deleting it now. Thanks guys :)
Kid, 11 years old

Follow up to my recent comments: Here is some stuff that can happen on Plus that is dangerous. -Random people you don't know can friend you. They could be stalkers ,cyberbullyers, or other dangerous people. -Anyone can view your G+ profile. -Plus has a service called google hangouts, which is the equivalent of IM or texting. Random people can send you inappropriate or insulting messages or images. -People can see anything you post. Another reason parents shod monitor social media is to protect their kids. Parents have no idea what kids could be experiencing on social media.
Kid, 11 years old

I got a gmail account when I was 9 and it automatically gave me the feature of Google Plus. I didn't start using this feature until this year, and I liked it a lot. But there are dangers. Sometimes there are people on there who just post inappropriate stuff. Some of my friends didn't even realize what they were posting. Also you can join "communities" in Plus and some people in there use foul language. Google plus is great but can be dangerous. My parents monitor my Plus page all the time, and they can see what I post and what is being posted for me by my friends. As for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I don't use those. Kids should only be using Google plus if they are 10-11 or older and their parents should monitor their plus page everyday.
Teen, 13 years old written by JaneGodfrey

Here's what I think: Pinterest at 12, because you have to be deliberately looking for bad stuff to find it. Instagram at 13, because Instagram is a bit like a practice for Facebook, and most kids at 13 use it. Facebook at 14, because it is a extremely big network and it takes a smart kid to know what they are doing. Twitter at 15, because of all the celebrity arguments. What do you guys think?
Adult written by smiler_bre405

You do know that you can look at celebrity arguments whether or not you have a twitter account right? It's public unless they make there twitter account private so nobody can see it.
Teen, 14 years old written by GirlyGirlForever14

Hi Being a fourteen yearold myself I would have to say 14 because well facebook is a lot to handle though ages 10-13 and 14 is when you're about to head to highschool, I was on Facebook when I was thirteen but it was too much too handle it created a lot of Drama.
Teen, 13 years old written by 小摩羯

I think it depend on the surrounding of the child. Wether the child is ok for using it or not.
Teen, 13 years old written by amandafran

I can't believe some parents let there kids get on Facebook twitter etc. under the age of twelve! I am a teen and I don't even have that type of stuff. they dangerous, distracting and completely useless. The only time you "need" Facebook is when you are addicted! You see 8 year olds today with Facebook, twitter, iPhones, iPads etc. When I was 8 I had a coloring book, crayons and an imagination!
Teen, 13 years old written by PinkieParty2000

I see the same thing outside one time when I was in the library I seen a 9 year old on facebook and IMVU her parents were there and didn't do anything about it
Teen, 13 years old written by n.p112112

my parents never thought that social media was necessary. they said i couldnt have it untill i was 13. all i wanted was an instagram it wasnt anything harmful and even though people might not believe it, it helps your popularity by being able to connect with your friends. there isnt anything bad about it. i was really upset because i got a late start on all this social media all my friends already had it and it was so ridiculous my parents wouldnt let me have it. i hated the lonely years where i couldnt just communicate. For FREE. unless u dont trust your chilld they should have social media.
Adult written by smiler_bre405

Instagram most of the time won't make you popular with others. I do understand where you are coming from, but I wasn't worried about social media until I was 14 (that's when I first got my first Facebook account) You don't need to be in a rush to grow up. Enjoy being a 13 year old, I haven't even graduated from High School yet (I will in a couple of days though) and somewhat I am already miss being a kid and I will miss high school. So don't grow up too fast kid, trust me.
Kid, 8 years old

under 12: Snapkidz, Yoursphere, Roblox, Club Penguin, 12: Formspring 13: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Skype, Google+, Oovoo, Wanelo, Myspace, Messageme 14: Creepy, Linkedin 15: Friendster 16: Whatsapp 17: YikYak, Vine, Wechat 18: Whisper, Ask 18 (13-17 with parent): Youtube, Kik
Kid, 11 years old

You should have picked under 10 for club penguin, Roblox, etc. I am 11 and have Instagram, Skype, Steam, Everyplay, YouTube, Twitch, and I'm considering Pinterest
Kid, 12 years old

What if you get held back? You could be held back. 'someone is 13 years old and in 6th grade'
Teen, 13 years old written by castroteen1688

I think a kid should get social media whenever the parent feels they can trust the kid. BUT whenever you notice the kid spends too much time on social media then you should start to be concerned about what he/she is doing. I think a parent should check the kids account on social media. checking your kids account does not involve looking over their shoulder just ask for their password and when the kid goes to sleep check their conversations and stuff like that using your phone.
Teen, 14 years old written by ksheeth27

Social Networking has many dangers. Your moms and dads are protecting until they think you're ready. There are criminals out there to steal personal information in the digital world. Also, it is important to get REAL bonds for a teen. ( Trust me, it's coming from a teen) I got Instagram at 12 and Facebook at 13. A while back, I was a victim of cyber bullying. I was devastating, However, I got through it by telling parents who got me through it. I learned of the dangers of cyber bullying the hard way. Play sports and hang out with friends instead of using the screen unplug. Thank me and your parents, give them your passwords, and GO OUTSIDE AND UNPLUG.
Teen, 16 years old written by BeaF

Hi! I'm 16 and a pretty responsible person so I'd say it really depends on your child or teen... I wish I didn't get my facebook account at the age of 11, because I made some bad rookie mistakes and I really wasn't prepared for it... Other thing that bothers me a bit is that Kids need to play more, parents. They need to get dirty in mud and build castles with blocks and do puzzles and discover 70's music and make friends on the street! They need to understand how to make and mantain healthy friendships before they start creating vain, shallow, virtual connections with their friends online and then not being able to have a nice chat in real life! I feel like I missed out a lot because being a millenium kid, I discovered the internet far too soon (your kids probably found it sooner and are better at it than me though :p) and being a shy kid i took refuge in social media and creating this virtual, perfect, interesting version of myself instead of going out and making bonds with other teens and kids! Fortunately it's getting better and I'm learning to disconnect :) That being said, if you do decide that a little bit of online social interaction won't hurt your kid or teen, i think the best advice a parent could give is to be respectful of people's differences in everything- social background, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, opinions, etc... And if they ever make a mistake and offend someone or do something bad, please do not just yell at them and yank their computer away from them- remember that while kids nowadays may be computer-savvy, for your child the social media might be a new and frightening place!! Some more tips I can think of: 1- Make sure they know about the dangers of the internet, but don't frighten them, there's really no need to make them stay up late with nightmares! Kids might know a lot more about internet security than you might think! Instead of putting too much pressure, advise them and let them know they can count on you for help. 2- dont ask or demand for their passwords- unless they're too young to know better, willingly let you and want you to have it, and/or have a special need that you need to attend to and monitor, even online. Kids need to know you trust them enough to make good choices. If you get too "snoopy" they might find another social media (they're smart and sneaky!!) and rebel for their freedom there! 3- Insist on the importance of offline time- no iphones or ipads or internet for a bit... it's so important!! I wish I had had more! 4- If you're not computer-savvy, maybe get a friend, an older sibling or a close family member to guide him/her through their new online journey! they will have a lot to take in and choices to make!! PS: Kids will probably hate me for saying this but I think parents should know: Being able to navigate the web effortlessly and controlling a multitude of touch screen devices don't mean they know everything!! I remember myself a few years back :p Thought I knew everything and that I could get into no trouble... they probably think the same too! But they need not just to Know about the dnagers but to Understand them!! Happy browsing!! :)
Parent of a 8 and 14 year old written by mommmyoftwogirls

I completely agree. Although technology is becoming an increasingly large part of daily life, it is important to know when to unplug.
Adult written by Mama Bear

The thing about Instagram is, yeah, you can see what your child is posting, but there's no way for you to know what they've been viewing or exposed to. Instagram has a lot of content that kids under 14 shouldn't be looking at. I think 14 or 15 is an ok age for kids to start on Instagram.
Kid, 10 years old

My opinion is that you should be at least 10 to join Facebook. Not because I AM 10, but because by the time you're in 5th grade, you understand what the real world truly is. But parents think that we don't have a concept of life. They're wrong! It's time for parents to start understanding that we know what's what.
Teen, 13 years old written by PinkieParty2000

I don't know if 5th graders should have a facebook account I would say wait until you are in 6th grade which is middle school
Kid, 12 years old

I have been using youtube since I was 6. Don't let your child use ANY P.I.I. (personally identifiable information) on the internet. IE no last names, no phone numbers, no addresses, etc. Also, remind your kids (especially when they are tweens/teens) that anything they put on the internet is basically there forever, and even if they delete it, it can still be found through archives. Fear is a powerful tool, especially when the fear is true.
Teen, 13 years old written by Jaedenpwns

I am in 8th grade my first social media was twitter because Facebook has no privacy I got twitter in 6th grade and then built on to other social medias like instagram and snapchat and kik. Its all about privacy and your own actions so if your child does not put privacy on it can effect it all majorly because its all something we need on social media
Teen, 13 years old written by Booklover1231

I believe that 11 and up can have a facebook. Most 11 year olds can understand the world around them. Just make sure they know how to be appropriate on the internet and not let anyone you don't know be there friend on the social media.
Kid, 11 years old

the just need to be old enough to know not to friend request and add people as a friend they haven't met face-to-face. every now and then check who they are following and/or added added as friends. (applies for facebook and twitter)
Kid, 11 years old

When kids start High-School in Year 7 (6th Grade), they start to develop an interest in social media from what I can tell. At the moment, Instagram seems to be the big one, however it isn't as bad as you may fear! It is people's friends and classmates posting pictures, mostly selfies and funny pictures on Instagram. People can be tagged, however as long as your child's friends understand the importance of having your profile set as private, which can easily be done in the settings, it is OK. Instagram has an easy reporting system and does not take kindly to people misbehaving. I know someone who was being annoyed on Instagram, nothing serious, but they took a look and he got kicked off for a year! Some people may take selfies during lessons/lunch and find themselves in detention and I recommend following your child's account to see what they post. In conclusion, as long as your child understands the importance of online safety and can be trusted to use social networks sensibly, Instagram is a good place to start. Twitter, Facebook and God-knows what else should wait. Instagram is more of a teen/tween social network and should be used as the 'test'!
Teen, 13 years old written by Emm24vibe

I used Instagram very young, parents quit making a big deal out of it. It is not bad. They < instagram delete bullying and on every internet website there is gonna be bullying. Just tell the bully to stop and block and report it.
Kid, 10 years old

My mom and dad won't let me have Instagram or anything like that including Facebook. Plus Facebook is not for kids 13 and under. I know my mom and dad want me to be safe online so I will follow there rules! My friends have Instagram because there parents lie about their age and stuff. I want Instagram really bad but again I will follow my parents rules!
Kid, 11 years old

I had social medias at a really young age and my mom lets me so yeah she and I are ok with it even my dad so I guess it depends with the family rules and stuff !
Kid, 10 years old

Your parents should not let you have Instagram or whatever you have. They may have lied about your age but they should be responsible in NOT letting you have Instagram or Facebook
Teen, 13 years old written by Emm24vibe

I feel like it is okay, ignore bullying and you do not need to be a bully, Kids but remember to not hate on others
Kid, 11 years old

I had my facebook when i was 8 :/ Instagram when I was 10- I'm guessing that it depends on here, like I was a private account, and an art account which doesn't really show any personal details
Kid, 11 years old

My mom won't let me have any social media on my ipad, but ALL my friends have social media, even my friend who's younger than me! Is my mom protecting me? Is she punishing me? Please help!
Teen, 15 years old written by Katie14633

She's just trying to protect you. My mom was the same way because she's not tech-savvy and thought that social media was chat rooms. To get social media I would say, "mom (let's say I'm asking for Instagram). Can I get this app called Instagram?" She'd say, "what is it" and I'd reply "oh it's just this app where you post pictures and you have followers and basically you're followers, who are your friends can like your pictures. I can also set the account on private so I can control who's following me and who I'm following." Try something like that. If you're mom is still unsure then maybe you can set up you're social media account(s) with her and show her the privacy settings on the accounts.
Teen, 16 years old written by BeaF

They're protecting you, Kid!! I have a brother your age and I know you probably think that not having any social media accounts is terrible, but it is actually very liberating!! I mean it! Take it from a virtual big sister, if you will. Enjoy parks and bike rides and music and films and your grandma's attic and all the other things the real world has to offer!! the social media world can wait, punk! You'll mentally thank me later :) Wish you the best, B.
Kid, 11 years old

Personally, I think she is trying to protect you from the dark side of the internet. There are many bad things on the internet, and especially on social media. I'm sure your friends who have social media have came across MANY explicit things. That's what I think.
Teen, 15 years old written by jesusfreak1020

Many social media websites have an age requirement of 13 years. So your peers and friends who are younger than you are lying about their age. That shows huge immaturity in them: can they not wait a few years? And yeah, your mom may be protecting you. I'm 15 and my mom still watches my use of social media. She has to know my password and be able to access my accounts at any time. The internet is huge and can be used for good, but other people use it for bad. Your mom's not punishing you, she'd just waiting for a time where it'll be easier for her to trust you to not find the people who use it for bad. Even by accident, weird stuff can happen on the internet. I'm not allowed to use facebook games, because even though they're seemingly harmless, they may be the cause for many people's computer viruses. I hope this helps!
Teen, 13 years old written by randomname1234

This reply is probably a bit late, but instagram requires an email account, and to have one of those, you have to be older than 13. So indirectly, you have to be older than 13 to have instagram.