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Facebook, Instagram, and Social

What can I do for my social media-obsessed teen?

For most teens, their social lives are the most important thing. While many teens report positive experiences with social media, including making new friends, feeling more connected to their friends, and getting support from online pals, it can be anxiety-producing, too. Common Sense Media's Census found that lots of teens use social media every day, but they don't like it as much as they like other media. That may indicate that they feel pressured to stay on top of their social lives so they're not left out. 

Try to suss out your teen's feelings about social media. If she's always on it due to FOMO (fear of missing out), she feels worse after using it, and it's affecting other areas of her life, it may be time to step in. Try to limit her use and help her gain perspective by getting her involved in other activities. She might even enjoy other online social sites that are productive and positive, such as movie and book fan sites or social sites such as Pinterest, which are less about collecting likes or fans. If she's feeling depressed or has other signs of anxiety (withdrawal from social or family activities, falling grades, a dramatic change in behavior), contact your pediatrician for help.

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