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Facebook, Instagram, and Social

What can I do for my social media-obsessed teen?

For most teens, their social lives are the most important thing. While many teens report positive experiences with social media, including making new friends, feeling more connected to their friends, and getting support from online pals, it can be anxiety-producing, too. Common Sense Media's Census found that lots of teens use social media every day, but they don't like it as much as they like other media. That may indicate that they feel pressured to stay on top of their social lives so they're not left out. 

Try to suss out your teen's feelings about social media. If she's always on it due to FOMO (fear of missing out), she feels worse after using it, and it's affecting other areas of her life, it may be time to step in. Try to limit her use and help her gain perspective by getting her involved in other activities. She might even enjoy other online social sites that are productive and positive, such as movie and book fan sites or social sites such as Pinterest, which are less about collecting likes or fans. If she's feeling depressed or has other signs of anxiety (withdrawal from social or family activities, falling grades, a dramatic change in behavior), contact your pediatrician for help.

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Teen, 16 years old written by Hcllie

I think the main way to define an addiction is by how it's affecting other parts of a person's life. If it were my kid, I'd make sure they are doing everything they're supposed to do and remind them if they aren't. Most obedient kids will feel guilty if they forgot to do something you told them to do. I'm not saying give them more chores, just check in and make sure they're on track. Also, although social media and the internet can be a time-waster, there are a lot of productive things teens could be doing online. Some parents are quick to assume their child is lazy and throwing their time away on their phone. For me, I use social media to promote my online fiction, and plenty of my teenage friends are using it to promote original music or arts and crafts businesses they've created. Not every kid will use it in a productive way, so I think it's best to just check in with them (not nag), find out what other things they're interested in, and help them get involved in those things.
Teen, 13 years old written by Emma13

I have social media but I'm not addicted and the second thing is that if your kid continues being addicted tell her That if she dose t stop you are going to take away all her devises and closing her all her social media account is what my parents used to tell me when I first made an Instagram account and if her grades go down immediately take it away Hope it helped Sorry for my spelling I'm not from England or USA
Teen, 13 years old written by Yellow_Dally1

I personally don’t like social media, and if your teen is Social Media Obsessed, restrict them and make them find other things to do, let them develop new hobbies, in real life relationships, and academic success. You should also promt them to stop their social media use, if they are excessively using the platforms.
Parent written by whatnext

I completely agree that more talk of the dangers of posting, texting, IM chats and setting up accounts is absolutely necessary. I have had so many talks with my son about what could and has happened when too much information is shared. I have had lengthy discussions about the dangers of who may very well be viewing pics, videos, etc posted. I am finding out through "slip up"s on his part, confirmation receipts of purchases made to our acct (that were texted to our phone later) and also off-the-cuff remarks he has made with his friends in general. I have found that "learning how to hide more from M&D" has become a huge past time. I do not let my son use my phone unless I am with him, however my husband is the "good guy" and allows him full control. I have found youtube videos of my son, has his own channel, IM chats, Periscope downloaded on husband's cell. I have deleted videos, put down rules, took away privileges, nothing has worked . My son will just set up a different accounts, different usernames, etc. I am looking for a way to help curtail this without having to spend all this time trying to be one step ahead, and then trying to undo what he has done. Does anyone know of an app that looks like a "Parents dull app" that allows parents to see what kids are into?! -(The opposite of the post on this page from the woman who said her daughter told her about an app that looks like a game but it just hides things from the parents). Do I need to take a course to find out what is all out there and how to avoid it??? It's completely out of control. Help!