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What is "Ask Me Anything"?

Ask Me Anything (AMA) is an interview format that originated on the website Reddit. The idea is that everyone -- from daredevils who've climbed Mt. Everest to regular folks who work at Walmart to President Obama -- has interesting insights and information to share. The format has become so popular that other websites host these forums too.

Reddit has a wide variety of content -- not all of it appropriate for kids -- and thrives on user participation. The Ask Me Anything forums can get edgy, but the audience for specific people and topics determines how the conversation will go. If your kids are interested in participating, either by watching the questions and answers scroll by or by asking a question, it's a good idea to hang out with them. Who knows? You might learn something. Check out the Ask Me Anything calendar for upcoming interviews.

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Teen, 16 years old written by reviewsforparen...

From the point of a kid "Ask Me Anything" is something a kid would put on an app called yolo. The app is basically an anonymous messaging app where kids can post the link onto their Snapchat story and people can respond to this. The link is usually titled "ask me anything" but can be changed to other things such as "what are some good movies to watch", "tell me the latest gossip" or "tell me a joke". Other kids would write responses and it would show up in the yolo app saying anonymous has texted: Blank. I hope this helped
Adult written by happyshopper45

Plz help we thought it was a modeling agency but now we think my childs pics an videos have been taken police been contacted but seems like its taking ages
Adult written by ghost s.

No, a Reddit AMA is a subreddit where people say "I'm a software engineer", or "I'm an ebola researcher" and people ask them about it on a message board.
Kid, 11 years old

I am unfamiliar with ask me anything . But I am familiar with . is a site for teenagers? Anyone can ask your teen questions about anything . Sex , relationship status , favorite food , band and other questions. Is leaves a wide open door for cyberbullys as they can just send messages instead of. Asking questions. Hope this helps