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Special Needs and Learning Difficulties

Are there apps that can help my kid with organization and routines?

There are many apps to help kids with these important skills. To be organized and follow routines, kids need to master certain skills, including some executive function skills. Calendaring apps, visual schedulers, and storyboarding apps can be customized with events and activities from your kid's life. They can help kids keep track of and finish work on time, make plans, wait to speak until they're called on, and even change their minds and make mid-course corrections.

Apps to organize and help with routines for younger kids and/or kids with intellectual disabilities:

  • Choiceworks (iOS). Provides a platform for kids who need help with executive functioning to explore topics such as schedules, waiting, and feelings using pictures, checklists, storyboards, and more.
  • Choiceworks Calendar (iOS). This app is both visual and auditory. It provides a concrete way of displaying the abstract concept of time.
  • Learnme Calendar (iOS). Helps kids understand basic calendar concepts such as today, yesterday, and tomorrow with fun games and activities.
  • Morning Kids (iOS). This interactive app helps kids with their morning routines and helps create a positive atmosphere for kids who struggle with getting ready for their days.​
  • First Then Visual Schedule (iOS). This app offers kids a visual schedule using their own photos to personalize a daily routine or the steps needed to complete an activity.
  • Calm Counter – Social Story and Anger Management Tool (iOS). Helps kids process and identify their emotions through visual cues.
  • My Video Schedule (iOS). Includes a library of photos and videos of activities such as brushing teeth, eating breakfast, getting on a school bus, going to the grocery store, and more.

Vicki Windman contributed to this article.

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