Are there apps to help kids practice social interactions?

Kids with special needs can take advantage of games, apps, and books that let them review and practice social situations. It's a good idea to practice some of the skills your child may be struggling with together. These resources can guide your child through some of the things that make them feel "different."

  • Middle School Confidential. Written by nationally recognized teen expert and anti-bullying activist Annie Fox, this is a three-book series of digital graphic novels that help kids feel good about themselves and bolster self-esteem.
  • The Social Express II. This animated app helps boost kids' social-awareness skills by presenting the "hidden rules" of social situations.
  • Conversation Builder. Two versions -- one for kids, one for teens -- explain how to have multi-exchange conversations with peers in a variety of social settings. The auditory pattern of conversation is presented in a visual format to help students recognize and master the flow of conversation.
  • Quick Cues. QuickCues helps kids in key social areas, from creating and maintaining good relationships to appropriate behaviors such as taking turns and learning about the interests of others.

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Teen, 13 years old written by yeahImaBrony164

there may be apps to make your kid more social, but is it right to force your minors to be friends with someone they don't know? things like social groups NEVER WORK! friends aren't just magically made, you should get them into activities like clubs or blogs. Maybe a website that encourages creativity like a fanficton/fanart website.