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Special Needs and Learning Difficulties

How can I make sure my kid's teacher supports his use of assistive technology in the classroom?

Many kids with special needs today have been given district computers or tablets as part of their IEPs (Individual Education Plans). It is the teacher's responsibility to make sure your child is using her technology correctly. If this is your child's situation, many districts have assistive technology facilitators who can come in to help the teacher learn about the device your child is using. If you're not getting a satisfactory response, consider sharing the article "Education World: Encouraging Teacher Technology Use."

Technology is playing a bigger role in and out of the classroom for all students. With the implementation of Common Core standards, teachers need to incorporate technology into their curricula. As with any professional, teachers can get overwhelmed with mandated responsibilities, but for the most part they will be responsive to parent requests regarding the needs of their children and their educations. If you feel your kid's teacher isn't being supportive of his use of assistive technology, consider making an appointment with the teacher to discuss the issue, and contact the school administrator if you don't feel satisfied after your meeting.

Vicki Windman contributed to this article.

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