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Special Needs and Learning Difficulties

What technology is available to help teens take notes in school?

Depending on the needs of your teen, you can choose from a variety of apps to address specific scenarios. Some apps record audio, some work with a stylus, and some provide organization features, too. Check out free demos to see which app suits your teen best before you buy one, and check YouTube for video tutorials on how best to use the app. Here are a few of the best apps:

  • SoundNote and AudioNote are beneficial for kids with auditory-processing or expressive language issues, because they record audio while you take notes or draw.
  • Notability allows kids to take notes by typing or using a stylus and will record at the same time. 
  • Evernote, Inspiration Maps, and Popplet can benefit visual learners because they graphically organize your notes and related materials.

Vicki Windman contributed to this article.