Can technology hurt my child's ability to have a face-to-face conversation?

Heavy technology users, including multitaskers, may miss out on chances to talk to people face to face. They may struggle more in conversation. They may fail to pick up nonverbal cues. These things weaken a person's ability to relate to others.  

We don't know whether technology is the cause of this problem or whether people who have social problems sometimes end up using more technology. If you're worried that your kid might have trouble having face-to-face conversations because of too much technology use, set some limits. Offer your child more opportunities for conversations by creating media-free times and zones. Plan a weekly schedule that includes a mix of healthy activities.

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Adult written by Evan F.

I could never stay in a conversation i got way to stressed it was impossible for me but I learned a lot about math reading spelling from Minecraft but with Minecraft check the server rules and make sure swearing isn't aloud and with other multiplayer games it can teach social interactions