My kid uses his phone while watching TV and listening to music. Is this normal?

It's normal for kids to use more than one device at a time. They can watch a TV show about their favorite band, read about the band on their Web site, and download the band's music -- all at the same time.

This is called multitasking. Multitasking in small amounts is OK. But too much multitasking during important activities can harm kids' ability to concentrate. It may make them less productive because the brain must re-focus every time it switches to a new activity. They also may have trouble remembering things that occurred while they were multitasking.

Help your kid find a balance of weekly activities. Include times when it's OK for your kid to multitask -- for example, while he's watching TV. But try to make sure he sticks to one task at a time when he's working on important things, such as homework.

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