Best tv: Our Recommendations for Families

A cozy night of family TV calls for some really great shows, and we've got them. Whether you're looking for classic kids' TV, educational series, or just something -- anything -- new to watch, our "best TV" lists are full of shows that will capture the whole family's attention.
Leave It to Beaver TV Poster Image
From the traditional to the radical, we love these TV moms.
Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Toolbelt TV Poster Image
Zany characters plus strong messages make these great picks.
Alphablocks TV Poster Image
Preschool TV is fun -- and packed with good social messages.
The Amazing Professor Ambrosius' Mansion TV Poster Image
TV that triggers an interest in what happened long ago.
Blaze and the Monster Machines TV Poster Image
Science demystified in these out-of-this-world shows.
Catie's Amazing Machines TV Poster Image
Shows that tone down the drama and play up the fun.
Dinosaur Train TV Poster Image
Your dinosaur lover will get a kick out of these shows.
Nickelodeon's Unfiltered TV Poster Image
Some celebrity TV shows are better than others.
The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo TV Poster Image
Both big and little kids will like these picks.
I Love Lucy TV Poster Image
Sometimes the best TV gets axed too soon.
Dougie in Disguise TV Poster Image
Take a virtual family vacation with these top travel shows.
Doraemon TV Poster Image
Epic stories and distinctive visuals drive fans wild.
The Haunted Hathaways TV Poster Image
Laugh it up with these silly and sometimes serious charmers.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV Poster Image
Preschoolers will love these age-appropriate shows.
Angelina Ballerina TV Poster Image
Our top picks are fun and educational.
The Munsters TV Poster Image
Picks for Twilight lovers and their older friends.
Marvel's Agent Carter TV Poster Image
These stories can be dark but powerful.
Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices TV Poster Image
Watching together can prompt good discussions.
The Smurfs TV Poster Image
Our favorite shows from the era of sitcoms and hair metal.