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Loving family lives in rustic conditions; some arguing.

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Educator and Parent Written bywhatsrealygoingon May 15, 2014

how to change a tire

I just happened to turn on an episode today where they blew out a tire and were stranded on the side of the road I Noticed the helicopter crew and a camera crew me I say what's really going on those guys can't go get a tire for real you know.. or am I the only one that notices things like this and these type of showsthere are so many of them in situations similar to this where you know help is just a step away so are they really stranded I think not is it reality or fake reality you make a decision
Parent Written byCandi Rueda June 7, 2014

Interesting Show

I really enjoy this series. I admire the Brown family for their tenacity. They stick together no matter what obstacles stand in their way. They are honest, wholesome (Matt's favorite movie is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), they don't cuss, hardly ever argue and work hard no matter how cold it is to fulfill any deals they strike for the supplies they need. They never disrespect their parents, or each other. I see all of the negative comments saying how fake this show is, but I don't agree. They work too well together to be anything but real. I am sad that filming had to stop due to threats and being shot at. I hope production will resume when the Browns settle on their new land.
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Great role models
Parent Written byActionJeno June 23, 2014

Family Raised W/O Marketing and The Modern Consumer Culture

Great story of a Family that to most of us looks as if The Browns lost all and have moved to start over. Through hard work, experience that is shared, and family team efforts it truly looks as if they haven't lost everything because they have each other. Over and Over again the family shows that material goods, unless it can truly do something to help everyone in the family, isn't important. What is important is the family support and identifying each members strengths and encouragement along with praise helps all the Browns children by having strong self esteem, a knack to share knowledge to each other and encouraging values. Being in the "Bush" does require a direct connection with the food supply. Often meals are caught and killed but honestly with everyway to hunt and fish the family is concerned with a clean and quick kill so that suffering is minimized, most important is that they show that all killing is to support the family and nothing is wasted. If your concerned about children seeing that and questions being asked, look in your Frig and then think how much your family wastes. Now that hamburger that was tossed out because your family member didn't feel like it, just hope that Cow was put down as quickly. Its a good time to explain how bacon started as a pig and burgers a cow, more important is to show that to waste is harvest to an animal before its necessary. All in All the Browns continue to have life dump its Mud all over them, not once but three times in one year. They Brush it Off, Hug each other and Keep Going. Showing everyone whats important. Family
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Adult Written byBushape July 17, 2016

Not what you think

I have watched the show since the beginning. At first I really liked the premise of the show. But after questioning certain things I did some research. I follow the ABP in some facebook groups, the locals that live there tell the true story. They have documented proof of everything. Billy Brown and his family have begged, borrowed and stole their way through life. From horse thievery in Texas 35 years ago, welfare fraud and Alaska PFD fraud. They have burned many bridges and have left a trail of garbage where ever they have lived. The children, some over 30 years old are almost illiterate, barely able to read and write. They live in the land of make believe. The show is 100% scripted, they do NOT live at Browntown, which is nothing more than a prop for filming. This is not a good show for children if you are wanting them to learn anything. These people don't have the skills to live like they pretend to do. Ever notice there is no food or wood stored for winter that would be an absolute essential if they actually lived like this. Every episode we are being lied to, not a good thing for children. To the best of anybody's knowledge, no one has ever stayed at Browntown, they film there and then go back to a lodge in Hoonah every night. Hoonah is on the same island, only a few miles away. There are actually five communities on the island. They make it seem like they are the only ones. The issue of the PFD fraud was a total lie as portrayed on the show. They actually stayed in a posh hotel in Juneau with ankle bracelets for 30 days. Room service and HBO couldn't be all that bad. The whole reason it happened is because they tried to steal money from the state and got caught. They didn't qualify as residents. They can't be out of state over 90 days at a time and still qualify. They were out of the state for most of the 4 years. They knew very well what they were doing because they defrauded the state before and got caught, that time it was welfare fraud. I could make a huge list of everything they do on the show that doesn't add up but I won't go that far, I hope I have perked your interest enough though to know the truth about them. This family is nothing but a bunch of deceitful liars. Nothing like they are portrayed on the show.
Kid, 12 years old February 22, 2015


This show teaches me so much. These people know everything about nature and they show every time it airs. The cussing is an issue, but all the super bad stuff is bleeped. Great show.
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Too much swearing
Teen, 16 years old Written byThatkidreviewer12321 June 22, 2015

Alaskan bush people

Great show Approperate for kids over 9
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