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Dark, intense Green Gables retelling not for all Anne fans.
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Adult Written byEulalia L. November 25, 2017

Horrific—Sexual Innuendo in Anne?!?

Why would they ruin this beautiful Family Series by adding that stuff about a woman arrousing a man by “petting their pet mouse in their pants”?!?

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bySandy S. July 18, 2017

Lucy Maud Montgomery is turning over in her grave

I am weeping for the travesty of this retelling of such a lovely uplifting classic. Who ever heard of delving into the tortured, deep dark sordid past of Anne of Green Gables??? Mark Twain said it best when he called the books the 'the sweetest creation of childlife yet.' Do not watch this program. An unqualified netflix original failure.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Parent of a 9 and 12-year-old Written byJulie St-F June 22, 2017

Why? Why!!

As a lover of all things, Anne who so far has been unable to sell my own daughters on anything from Lucy Maude Montgomery's oeuvre, I had high hopes. But this, just felt wrong.

Details from the book were altered to be more harrowing. In the book, Mr. Hammond's cause of death is unclear, in the 1980's miniseries, he dies of a heart attack, while Anne is late bringing him his lunch. In the new Anne, he dies of a heart attack while giving Anne the strap. It just felt gratuitous.
Nearly every adult, apart from Matthew, is harsher and joyless.

Anne's optimism feels forced, or possibly delusional under these circumstances. Together, we watched 1.5 episodes, and turned it off.

The only positive I can give to the series, is that my kids finally watched and appreciated the 1985 miniseries with Megan Follows. My 12 year old is now reading the Anne books.
Parent of a 8-year-old Written byoco1123 June 15, 2017


I was so excited to introduce this story to my girls. I first started watching it with my 11 year old and it was a bad idea on my part. I had no idea how 'dark' they portrayed Anne's past and I didn't remember any of this from the story. (Then again it had been awhile).
My recommendation would be to watch it yourself a bit and determine if it is something your child can handle as every child is different. It really bummed me out that they made such a great story so dark. Maybe it is this dark and I just don't remember it this way. My older daughter just finished the book so I am going to get her feedback.
Adult Written byMark F. May 26, 2017

If you enjoy depressing plots, unlikely scenarios, and extremely unlikeable central characters, this show is for you.

This show is well produced with apparently a generous budget. The acting is very good. The writing is horrible. The plots take unfortunate turns constantly and the show is very depressing. Anne is written as a very unlikeable person who is seriously mentally ill. There is almost no humor in the episodes. Opportunities for humor in the plots are abundant yet they decided to turn away from humorous depictions.
Adult Written byalrumara July 30, 2018

Turns Into Huge Political Propaganda

We loved the first season and the first few episodes into the second season. We were okay with Cole being a gay character. We liked him and loved how Anne was kind to him. But then by episode 7, the whole show seemed to shift its entire focus... to cram and shove as much gender politics in as they could fit into a 40 min. program. They continue in episode 8 where Anne whimsically declares that marriage should be re-labeled. It just felt like the whole show was set up to get you emotionally attached, to pull you in, and then dump all their liberal politics in the end of the season. Poorly played. So disappointing.
Adult Written byconnie4vikings July 28, 2018


They took a wrong turn with Season 2. Montgomery would be so disappointed at the liberties they took with her novel. Why would Walley-Beckett thinking? She had such a huge success with Season 1--great acting/casting, breathtaking scenery, and a great novel. Why did Walley think she could improve on a classic by making it post-modern? My daughter was really looking forward to Season 2, but I do not condone the obvious indoctrination it is pushing. The married women are portrayed as angry, judgemental brainwashers. There could be so many great talking points, but the pushy agenda outweighs any positive lessons that could be discussed. I am so frustrated and disappointed. I will just read the novels to my daughter.
Adult Written byJA77 July 22, 2018

Don't mess with a classic

I bought the original and will show that to my daughter. The Netflix version is pushing an agenda. Clearly doesn't match the time in which this story takes place.
Adult Written byAvery1023 July 14, 2018


So the first season is addicting and pretty good, but the second season the main character Anne starts getting very annoying, loud talking, non stop talking, way to dramatic, Gossipy, rude, and extremely selfish! The show can still be somewhat addicting but Anne is crazy and so extremely annoying and it will get to you!
Adult Written byLucyBee August 13, 2018

Gentle and uplifting

I’m not sure why so many parents gave it a low review compared to kid’s reviews who seem to love this show (parents could benefit from reading the children reviews) Some parents are concerned about occasional adult themes but they are very subtle and will go over the heads of young children, and any older child who understands what they are referring to has already been exposed to far worse and more graphic than this. I like the quirkiness of the show and how it endorses positive values. It is well rounded because it teaches appreciating what you have, while it also shows some of the darker elements of life. People who negatively compare this to previous Anne adaptations need to remember that life and society have changed drastically since you were a child. I’d rather kids watch beautifully produced shows like this than 99% of the kid aimed garbage out there that exposes them to far worse.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDenise R. July 24, 2018

So disappointing...

Was a little surprised at some of the liberties taken with the story in season 1, but season 2 took it to a different level. So NOT Anne of Green Gables. I will not be finishing season 2.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byHiee July 10, 2018

Season 2 is incredibly disappointing

I actually enjoyed season 1 as an adult viewer (won’t let kids watch) and couldn't wait for season 2! Whelp, it came... and quickly went for me. Season 2 is incredibly disappointing. Yup! stopped watching it all together. Hopefully a season 3 doesn’t happen. I will no longer recommend this show to anyone because what was once in my opinion innocent and good to eventually watch w kids has turned into EVERY other TV show out there! It is nothing like the book. Is there any good TV anymore? Really disliking Netflix originals lately. I rated it a 0 for don’t bother because if you can’t watch a full series... don’t bother! :)
Adult Written byJacobitess June 27, 2018
Adult Written byApodmarie June 15, 2018

Open-minded positive influence

People are talking of episode 3 disappointed of Anne's "pet mouse" conversation, but Anne is 13. I wouldn't let my 11 year old watch this show, it's not a little kid show, it's a teenager show and believe me I remember these conversations and that was mild. It's life and kids do talk about stuff like that..being a parent is about teaching balance and building trust for your kids to be able to ask you anything. Anyway the show is very great! I feel for Anne!
Parent of a 13-year-old Written byKyla M. May 23, 2017

Brilliant Retelling.

This is a wonderful retelling of Anne of Green Gables. My 13 year old daughter and I binge watched this over two days. I had been looking for a good show for my daughter and I to enjoy that wasn't too "horrible". She was highly skeptical but was hooked after the first show. Excellently done and engaging! We excitedly anticipate a second season!

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byTerr December 24, 2020

Another show that has to have some sexual references, and of course LGBTQ references

Beautiful picture except Green Gables is a little different in my imagination. First season was good except for the odd addition of touching his mouse in his pants references. Also, Anne gets her menstruation and not subtle either. So if your child is younger and does not understand it, you should discuss it with her before she gets frightened. Second season did it for me. The party they go to was over the top. Yes, there were gay people back in that time but it was not out and as accepted as portrayed in the show. Many men dressed in women’s clothing. The show was just not as believable—it would not have happened and especially a grandmother coming out to her granddaughter. Many people don’t like the character Anne but she is a good actress and I agree the character should be a little more refined. The main actors are excellent, but I won’t continue watching. It does feel like it is another pushed LGBTQ narrative.
Adult Written byShrub September 1, 2020

Social agenda ruins a classic

My mother and I loved the origin series Anne of Greengables, so I thought I would enjoy this remake. I was very disappointed to see it contained strong modern themes regarding gender identity, LBGT, sexuality and other social agendas affecting modern times. It no longer follows the story line of the original classic and I would not encourage parents to let young children watch it. Very disappointing.
Adult Written bySayaMenuki August 27, 2020

The writers insulted L. Montgomery

A loose cannon if there ever was in this rendition. Although Anne already had a good natured outspoken personality, this series seems determined to focus on rebellious behavior and new moralities promoted in the political agendas today. There are sexual overtones that approve a relationship between a teacher and student, a bullying teacher, once again being forced to accept homosexual thoughts and influences without a choice in the matter. It isn't something a child's mind that is still being molded should be exposed to. It is violent and I can't believe I can't share what was a cute story with my granddaughters because of the horrible stories in it. Definitely not for anyone younger than 18+.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written bycthomas3015 May 12, 2020

Disappointing for a PG rating

Anne with an E starts out okay but seems to get worse as it goes. There are many sexual references that are not appropriate for children under 13.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byDevorah9 March 25, 2020

Inspired and Uplifting

I saw this with my mom over a week (binge watched) and for the second time! It is truly a remarkable work of art! I don’t think it does the TV series justice to compare it to other adaptions. This is inspired by a beloved book and not intended as a faithful adaptation/. Anne rebellious and inquisitive creative spirit is the kernal. Well researched and highly compassionate view of early Americana. Love it!!! Real US can do spirit!!! Loved seeing the kids grow up!!

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models