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Adult Written byRhardcore February 11, 2019

Blaze cheats from the first episode and never stops

Got so tired of having to explain why Blaze is actually the bad guy and cheater. He’s racing in the wrong class. He’s like bringing a motorcycle to a bicycle race, or a jet truck to a truck race :/
Adult Written byAndreawatts January 14, 2019

Entertains my 2, 4, and 8 year old boys

Kids love this show and talk about this show and learn a lot.
Adult Written byMMEpar December 31, 2018

The best kids’ show available

Clever to the nth-degree. On what other shoe will you learn the basics of high-school physics! The characters are written with wit; the music is thrilling....This show has is all; we love it. I am a 50-year-old female; my daughter is has loved it since it began airing. Watch it....

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Adult Written byUncle bad touch September 17, 2018

drug references aside

drug references aside my little nephew just loves this program. My little guy has no idea what the Blaze and the drug references aside are all about. It is funny to pick out the drug references though.
Adult Written byHoffschesthair July 28, 2018

Blaze the cheat

My three year old did love this show, but even he tires of its repetitive nature. Every episode, Blaze the cheating glory hog either wins via his blazing speed which no one else has or via the astonishing incompetence of crusher. In one episode crusher was by the finishing line, literally two feet away and blaze was miles back. Yet incomprehensibly crusher stops to cheat instead of crossing the line. Errrrrr?? Just ridiculous!! I fear for crushers well being. Even when its an episode about blazes friends doing their favourite race, blaze comes steaming in to win that without a hint of humility! Awful! Plus lets blaze and gimme some speed are clearly drug references. Other than that a brilliant show
Parent Written byIndima D. July 19, 2018
Even though this cartoon has some educational value it's doesn't promote any ethical values. Two main characters are always competing to be the best and they both cheat in different ways. Doesn't give the impression that cheating is bad and should be stopped. Crusher keeps on cheating and Blaze keeps on adding new features. Blaze never try to deal with Crusher in a good way.
Parent of a 2-year-old Written byArielalexis26234 June 20, 2018

What's up with all the reruns!?!?!

My child absolutely loves the show. The time showings are limited. I'd rather see him watch more of this show than Top wing or PawPatrol. Don't get me wrong; those shows are adorable but he has learned SOOO much from Blaze. Everyday that it shows I try to make sure I let him see it because he loves it and it's limited. Usually the 12:30 and 3:30 showings are the same showing?! It's so frustrating! Not to mention we really only bought Direct Tv for rainy days and mornings. So those time showings really dont work for us. Why can't they show like PawPatrol does "over and over again"?

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Parent Written bycelso D. May 15, 2018

my sistererin sanders california loves this show

she loves this show because is funny i like it too but not this episode Darington to the moon she hates darington to the moon
Adult Written byCODIE D. April 21, 2018

Reminds me of Disney's Cars

Even tough this is on Nick Jr, it reminds me of Disney's Cars.
Blaze=Lightning McQueen
Bump Bumperman=Doc Hudson
Crusher=Chick Hicks/Mater
I know they have eyes on the headlights and there are humans and animals, but it has that racing feeling that Disney's Cars does.

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Parent of a 4-year-old Written byMartin B. January 7, 2018

Awesome education

As a pediatrician I am always looking for for great children's programs. This is one of the best for boys and girls. It teaches great life lessons.

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Adult Written byGeorgie C. December 27, 2017

Terrible Show

The worst thing on TV. Pretends toteach but just confuses. 2 pointless humans! Lazy!
Parent of a 1 and 3-year-old Written byGareth J. December 8, 2017

Educational but sends the wrong message

My little boy totally loves watching this show, he knows all the characters and at 3 is discussing angles, inertia and mass, all picked up from the show. Having sat down and watched all episodes repeatedly, I've picked up on what I believe are some misleading messages. I appreciate it is called Blaze but the show provides such unfair bias towards Blaze, with him always coming out on top, whether it's too the detriment of Crusher or even his so called friends, he always seems to win, using his 'blazing speed', and even worse he does it with no humility or empathy. I prefer the other characters like Darington and Stripes, though they barely feature...possibly because they don't have the ability to change into whatever is convenient.
Parent of a 2, 2, 3, 4, and 9-year-old Written byJennifer S. April 23, 2017

Great show

I have 5 boys and they just love this show. they understand what is being said and shown to them. we have great conversations during and after about what they watched, excellent information for a wide range of ages. Catchy songs and awesome characters. A must for any parent with young kids.

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Adult Written byShadowofchaos41 February 27, 2017

I cannot believe the things they discuss

My little brother watches this show and some of the things discussed amaze me. Like there was one episode discussing how centripetal force works. I was like "Wow this show is the bomb". I wish I had this when I was his age!! haha. Great show highly suggest it for your little ones.

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Parent of a 2-year-old Written byZosie J. February 8, 2017

Blaze has tons of great lessons and two really awful ones

My daughter is obsessed with Blaze, and it's genuinely entertaining. I bought all the episodes on Amazon glad for an educational alternative to her fascination with dinotrux, which I hated (way too much pushing and hitting, no positive females). Blaze has a great female role model in Gabby, and my daughter pretends to fix all her cars every single day alongside her Sophia the first doll, which she calls "Gabby." Don't worry about the science terms, for anyone who would take the time to google centripetal force, inertia, and friction are actual physics concepts that are accurately described in the show with catchy songs I would purchase for car trips if made available.

My kid uses the science vocabulary regularly but with typical toddler lack of sophistication also regularly employs Crusher's catch phrases, like the supremely bratty "me me me!!!!" when she's frustrated, which is so ugly (and embarrassing in public). She knows Crusher is the bad guy, but there have been multiple studies that show kids imitate whatever social behavior they are simply exposed most on TV to rather than what the plot writers say was the correct behavior in the message tacked on at the end of the episode.

My other issue is with depictions of effort. "Let's blaze" is a magic phrase that makes winning easy by activating an intrinsic (not worked-for) power in the main character. Blaze wins (easily) every single time, even when he has put in less practice than everyone else in the competition. I try to redirect the message to be more realistic and helpful by chanting "let's blaze" when we are attempting something difficult (e.g., putting on shoes by herself) and telling my toddler it means "let's work our hardest."

If I could also get her to stop repeating the bratty Crusher phrases in every single episode, or if Crusher were even a little less obnoxious to copy, this would be a five star children's show for positive influence, educational value and entertainment.
Adult Written byAlan C. February 2, 2017

I love watching this with my 2yo

My son loves the characters in this show and and so do I. Additionally, it's helping him learn how to count and the names of different colors. Raising my son in Japan, it's nice to have such a show that allows him to learn and use English. I'm also a big fan of the songs! Wish they'd release an album!! Leeeeeet's Blaze!!

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Parent of a 12-year-old Written byMax&RubyFTW G. January 31, 2017

Me, Age 12

It's great, better than Little Charmers!
Parent of a 3-year-old Written byGrant T. January 28, 2017

What on earth is your problem

I just do not understand why you sob for making this cartoon. The graphics the video quality everything about it is perfectly fine but why on Earth do you have to say blaze? "I have the need for some speed" "LETS BLAZE!"?! My son loves this sbow and i have to be the bad guy and say no... you pile of... answer my question why? Why do you put that garbage in the kid videos. Oh blaze group is a social jock crew, always wins and technically cheats. This show is just awful. Im 30 years old and im not a stickler, hell im a construction worker, ive heard everything... this is unacceptable.
Parent Written byJ N. January 8, 2017

Drug Phrases

Yeah i agree with another parent about the cartoon saying Lets Blaze and give me somr Speed. To Blaze One or Lets Blaze means to smoke a joint. If kids said that away from the TV it would sound alarming. They could and should use different phrases. How can parents not know this
Parent of a 4-year-old Written byMelissa M. November 3, 2016

Misinformation galore

The entertainment value is all well and good, but half the episodes use these concepts incorrectly. Such as using "Friction" when their talking about "traction", or "inertia when they mean "momentum". I'm not an educator, honestly I don't even have my darn high-school deploma, I'm a dropout. And if I can recognize these major inconsistencies and misinformation, I'm sure their are a lot more that I'm missing, and I see them in almost every episode. If it's that bad, these writers need to check their information before saying "PRINT"...