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Parent of a 2 and 7-year-old Written byEmma E. October 12, 2016

Speak properly

This show is fantastic my children aged 7 and 2 equality love it. My only annoyance however is how they count. When I was a child is got told off at school for not saying my numbers properly. Constantly they miss out the T in their numbers. It's forty not fourdy. Other than this its great

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Positive role models
Adult Written bybrittanylane851... April 30, 2016

Not appropriate!

I don't think the Creator thought about the fact that kids like to copy what they hear.... I don't like hearing my niece and nephew say "give me some speed" they watch this because my sister thinks it's okay and then she wonders why her kids go walking outside and around the house asking random people to "give me some speed" I pointed it out to her and she said "oh then I guess when people freak out now I know where they got it from" and let them watch it some more @[email protected] NO
Adult Written byBarry166 February 1, 2016

mixed messages

My 2 year old loves this show because he loves the trucks. My 6 year old keeps complaining though that Blaze the lead character is a bigger cheat than Crusher (the shows bad guy) even though Blaze constantly points out that Crusher is a cheat and cheats never win. Her reasoning is kind of spot on and I was impressed by it so I decided to put it on here. Blaze has a driver and no other truck does, the driver has a special helmet, Blaze has a super speed option and Blaze can transform into any object he wants. Because of these powers he always wins the races but since nobody else is special like this isn't he cheating too?
Guess it takes a kid to see these things.
Adult Written byfather2two November 30, 2015

Okay, but...

It definitely teaches kids some important STEM lessons and provides them with role models across gender lines and has a non-white main character--all positives.

The show does, however, show a character named Crusher and his accomplices who antagonize Blaze and his friends. As a parent and a teacher, this worries me on two levels. First, the characters constantly fight about possession. This can be problematic for parents to put into the proper perspective. Second, the introduction of an antagonistic character promotes ostracizing those who think differently than you. The characters never work with Crusher or promote positive change within him. Instead, they work against his behavior and exclude him from their activities. For these reasons, I will not let my children watch this show for now.
Adult Written byMomNPop2013 November 7, 2015

Inertia, friction and valves

This week my daughter heard my grandson (2) talking to himself as he pushed a heavy box around the room. He said, "Once something heavy starts moving, it's hard to get it stopped. That's called inertia." He learned that on Blaze earlier in the week and was applying it accurately to moving a heavy box. Today, I had to explain friction to him over and over for 20 minutes, because he had so many practical application questions about what he learned on Blaze, this week, about friction. I about tapped out my knowledge base, giving him examples and answering his questions. Tonight, he learned about valves on Blaze. I was able to point out to him the the sink and bathtub faucets are valves too. He seemed quite impressed with the correlation to what he had just learned and the practical application. So obviously that is all exciting and mind blowing. My one concern, having only watched two episodes today, for the first time, is whether or not the emphasis on speed and seemingly reckless driving is inadvertently teaching them wrong in that area. I lost count of how many times they said something about going faster as the recklessly darted all over the screen, rarely on all four wheels. Maybe they need to do an episode on the mechanics and safety of safe driving, if they haven't already. Thrilled with what he is learning about science. I cannot believe, at two, how quickly he is picking up these concepts, applying them and asking questions about them.
Parent of a 3-year-old Written byDorianneEmm July 7, 2015

Fun Learning, Great Representation

My kid loves trucks, so Blaze is a big hit. As parents we love it because it has real learning, not just about honesty and fair play, but also about science. Each episode is centred on a concept like adhesion or friction, they sing catchy songs about the topic while using it to defeat the traps that the cheater Crusher has set. Plus it has great representation: AJ, Blaze's driver is a POC (looks like a black boy to me) and the mechanic is a girl with purple hair.

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