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Yellow car saves the day in London town.

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Adult Written byBrums old pal April 9, 2008

In support of my old pal Brum

I wanted to make it clear to the viewing public (those old enough to understand)that Brum is originally from Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire, in England. He spent his younger years with his family in a little motor museum located along the river Windrush (I'm sure some of you are familiar with Brum's home).There you'd find his Aunt Clarabelle (an old London Taxi),Uncle Morgan (a sporty little 3 wheeler...who was quite the chappy back in the 30's)and many others near and dear to little Brum.He was (and is) a cheeky little fellow. He use to sneak away from his museum home and visit the "Big Town"(actually the real city of Birmingham,UK)but he always used to come back.Some people confused his special get-away place with a make believe place called "London Town". Well, I'm here to tell you Brum's real, his home is real and you can visit him there too.Don't let Brum loose touch with his old home in the museum by the gentle river Windrush.His Aunt Clarabelle awaits him along with all his old pals like,Brough the Bike,Nippy,Madge,Bertram and Angela and all the rest.I think once every one undertsands a little about Brum's past they'll understand how important it is to reunite him with his family once again. After all,family and friendship are very important. Don't you agree? Kind regards to All, Brum's old Pal
Adult Written byariesgirl46 April 9, 2008

Brum Would NOT Be Missed if Taken Off the Air

My 5-year-old daughter starting watching this show at her grandparents' house, along with her 2 other cousins ages 3.5 and 2. They all seemed to like it; it was clearly geared to children, so initially, I didn't have a problem with it. It wasn't until I sat down and watched a bit of it with my impressionable 5-year-old, that I took issue with it. Ostensibly, the show is created with a civic duty in mind. Fine. But, there's something about the European sensibility that I don't like. The costumes that the "bad guys" are in, like the gorilla gettups and such, are scary-looking. The face masks only have cutouts for the eyes and makes them look utterly ominous. Overall, the show is supposed to be goofy and, I believe, slapstick (a la Monty Python). But, I'd strongly prefer my daughter to be camped in front of Sesame Street if it's lesson-learning through humor she's supposed to be gleaning from tv. (To say nothing of Discovery Kids channel COMMERCIALS!)
Teen, 13 years old Written byABCand123 September 29, 2014


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