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Parent reviews for Bunk'd

Common Sense says

Silly camp comedy spin-off will delight Jessie fans.
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Adult Written byMilo B. March 21, 2018


Bad joke (2000 laugh track) sex innuendo every 2 mins rasict sterotypes eg Tiffany [Asian,Smart] Ravi [Indian, unatheltic] Emma [White,Rich] I mean come on Disney

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byHalloween1978 January 9, 2019

Great show

Really enjoyed this show until they added new kids. The original cast was great!! Gladys and Hazel made the show. Along with Xander and Jorge. Very disappointed in the episodes. My child stopped watching it.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byHey its A March 29, 2019


Rip off of Jessie. They didn't even feature her once smh
Parent of a 4 year old Written byCaitlyn Adams November 18, 2018

Overall it is a pretty good TV show except 1 thing

I think it is a pretty good TV show; it teaches kids about discipline; it teaches kids about enjoying life; making friends; and it teaches kids that you can be weird and cope; have Fun; and learn things your own way but no matter what your friends always have your back threw hard times and happy times. It teaches kids that you dont have to be a popular kid that everyone wants to be around because there will be some kids and teenagers that wont care that your weird; have any kind of phobias or your a nerd who knows everything that nobody else knows and it teaches kids and teenagers that it's okay to know alot more than others; and if your kid is a nerd and by nerd I mean very smart it teaches kids that it's okay that you talk about things that nobody even knows you're talking about because you're friends wont or shouldn't care. That they are not or shouldn't be your friends just because your friends just because your smart and you know almost everything; well not almost everything but alot than anyone else; that they should be your friends because they like being around and enjoys your company and in some weird way that you kids are they enjoy your company because you kids are just as FUN to be around than everyone; like kids who aren't very smart. What I mean by that let's say you have 2 kids that are your friends plus you so that makes you the 3 musketeers; but the point is each of you guys have your own weaknesses and strengths; like while you may be that kid who is very smart, and afraid of everything, like having FUN, people and other stuff; let's say your first friend Is a girl so she might be the type of kid who's in and loves to be in beauty pageants and win trophy while your second friend is that very ODD kid who isn't smart at anything; enjoys picking his nose and naming them; thinks wrestling a dangerous animal is cool and FUN, and always gets you into trouble all of the time; the point is that show teaches you that if your a beauty pageant girl that beauty pageants are not just about beauty and winning that it's about your kindness and generosity, and if your that kid who kids your smart friend and beauty pageant princess friend into trouble all the time, picks your nose and thinks dangerous things will be FUN if you are that kid and you watched bunk'd you would of learned that it's alright to be that weird kid and getting into trouble as long as you have friends that keeps you safe and stop you if your gonna try and do something dangerously stupid and if your that nerd and you watched that show you would have learned that it's ok to be smart and afraid of things as long as your friends are there for you to try and help you get over your fears and to help you live a little and have FUN. Bunk'd teaches kids that it doesn't or shouldn't matter how different you guys are that kids should just be your friends because they want to be around you and hang out with you. That show teaches kids that it's okay that they dont have hardly anything to be friends. Bunk'd teaches kids people skills; working skills; and how to make new family. That show teaches kids that they might be rich and loaded with money and don't have to do anything/ nothing at all and they could just pay people to do things for them but its important that they learn how to survive on there own without needing money; its important for them to learn how to work for a living and hold down a job; the point is that; that show it teaches that it is important that they learn how to be young adults; take care of themselves; pay bill's and live on there own; but all though in that show there are some good things that..that show teaches but there are some bad things that show teaches too, the one thing that I think isn't right and messed up and that they shouldn't of written it that way because all though there are shows that do talk and teaches people that it's okay to abandon your children; like send them off to camp but something happens like a check bounce and them camp director calls you/ the parents to come pick your kid or kids up at the gate but never do and the kid or kids are stuck living in the woods for three years, that may be okay on other shows and certain people don't have a problem with it. That shouldn't be thought on Disney channel because kids watch it and nobody/no television show should ever teach kids about abandonment and that it's okay and normal for the parents to just leave there child stranded in the woods of camp kiki waka especially at age 12/ you shouldn't ever do that but its it's more messed up and wrong for the parents to do that to a 12 year old; I mean it's still wrong no matter how you look at it but doing that to 12 year olds who are barely a teenager and still have lots to learn about being on there own with noones help and a lot to learn on how to survive in wilderness with no money to survive and no where or no way to take a shower because they aren't around any cabins that haves a shower and running water, no shampoo/ conditionerb body wash; wash clothes and towels; no way to get some drinking water; or no way of able to get some food; no way to cook the food and no clean clothes; no way to get clean clothes and no way to get brushs and combs to brush there hair. So why would parents abandon there child/children because they don't know how to do any of these things or get any of these things with out any money or job; how do parents just leave there child/children in the woods without teaching the child/children how to survive on there own with no parents around to take care of them; protect them and scare off all of the scary animals and people. I know its just a television show but it's a television show on Disney channel for kids so that shouldn't be on the Disney channel television show/nick/ or Teennick espesially starting off at age 12 and if the TV producers wrote it that way on Disney channel television show or any other channel for kids and teenagers anyway and still showing the kids that the parents abandoned there child; the TV producers should of wrote it the way that shows the child being able to take care of him selve; the TV producers should of wrote that show were the child found a cabin with a shower and running water and electricity; the producers should of wrote the Disney channel series bunk'd to were little timmy decided to live in that cabin and they should of written the show showing kids that it's easy to take care of themselves and easy to come up with everything like these listings I give. The TV producers should of written the show showing that little timmy is able to shower; get shampoo/ conditioner; body wash; wash clothes and towels; food; drinks; brushs and combs; clean clothes; and a toothbrush and toothpaste with no job or money. That way instead of showing kids that it's ok for parents to abandon there kids in the woods for three years with no clue on how to take care of themselves and keep up with there hygiene even though there staying in the woods they should of shown kids that even though your parents abandoned you in the woods for three years ; starting at age 12 that it's easy to take care of themselves being strandoned and living somewhere like the woods; like cleaning themselves up by putting clean clothes and underwear on daily; brushing there teeth daily; eating daily; drinking water and stuff daily so they don't hydrate; take a shower daily; shampoo there hair every other day and conditioning daily; wash body daily; comb and brush there hair daily so it doesn't get notted up and tangled and put deodorant on daily with out having a job or money. They should of shown on the show instead of what they did show that it's easy to do all of these things and get all of these things with out a job. Like here are some things I can think of that they can do to gain all of these things; First you search the woods for a cabin so they will have a roof over there head like in little Timmy's situation on bunk'd there were more cabins in the woods other than camp kiki waka the TV producers could of shown the viewers and audience of him searching the woods for a cabin to live in and second he could of got a can and went into town to perform music for money; third he could of gotten a cardboard box and ripped it up and wrote something on begging people for there pity and generosity for a smelly homeless child like what he could of written on the cardboard is that " hi my name is timmy and beg you to take pity on a poor homeless kid and give me some money to take care of my self so I can buy bath and body works; wash clothes and towels; food; drinks; toothpaste; toothbrush; brush or comb; and clean clothes and underwear unless you can donate some of these things on the list and give me money for food and last but not least he could of went to the store and just start grabbing things you only need but not to much because you shouldn't be greedy and normally I would never have suggested that a kid do that but if you're strandoned with no place to starting at the age 12 years old and you end up being strandoned for so long that 12 year old child has to anything to survive like shop lifting but if I was that 12 year old child who is strandoned in the middle of the woods I would give it a month maybe a month and a half for my parents to show up and get me before I stupe that low in to shopping lifting and if they don't show by then I will have no choice because I am just a 12 year old child who doesn't have money and doesn't know people around were I'm strandoned at that will be willing to help me out like in Timmy's situation the Ross family and if I was little Timmy and new people that is Rich and are willing to help me or give me a certain amount of money so I could buy everything I need to survive eat; bathe and clothe my self or I would ask if they could donate everything Im gonna need and if it needs to happen I would see if they could build me a cabin with electric shower and running water; but only if I would only ask for that if I couldn't find a cabin close by that you dont have to walk for hours from close by the camo kiki waka and If I was little timmy and I was staying close by the camp were Rich people camp at they would not be willing to do any of this stuff; they wouldn't even help me with anything at all because if I was timmy I would know that without having to ask and get rejected and turned away because they wouldn't even let me stay at the camp kiki waka even after they became the new owners even though they were loaded with cash and it wouldn't really matter if one camper didn't pay the fees and just stayed there for free because they could afford it; so I would not ask them for there help to buy all these stuff I need to service because they wouldn't even give up a bunk with out money the point was is that should of been some what how the TV producers wrote it because Disney channel television is suppose to be about happy endings; happy memories and having fun basically everybody on Disney channel television shows and other kids/teen shows are suppose to have a happy ending but the way they wrote it timmy did not have a happy ending and ended up living with a momma kiki waka and her baby boy kiki waka because they were the ones who took him in. That was sweet but it isn't nothing for a human child. A human child should be living like a human and in a house or cabin with EVERYTHING they would need to servive not living like a wild animal like the kiki waka. But it is to late to rewrite the show because the television series are over and there's not gonna be another episode or season. The TV producers should of written it that way like in the beginning or the middle of the series of the show but when Zander; Tiffany; Jorge; Griff and hazel are still on the show going to camp at camp kiki waka so timmy wouldn't be staying in the woods with nothing to servive on for awhile because if the TV producers wrote it something like this and they waited to give Timmy a happy ending and lots of stuff he needs to servive on until after Zander; Tiffany; Jorge; Griff; and hazel left camp kiki waka and the Disney channel television show then he would of been staying in the woods for 2 years and would be way to long for him living in the woods; him staying in the woods for months is way to long so they should of wrote this way so he is living under a roof instead of living in the wilderness and sleeping on the cold hard ground instead of live outside in the wilderness on the ground from 12 years old to 15 years old because for one that is just crewl and for two it gets cold out side and the TV producers didn't write that he has a jacket or coat to stay some what warm when it gets cold out. They should of written it kind of the way I believe it should of been written showing Timmy's living in a cabin until he was able to find a permanent place to stay at least a permanent place until he turned of age and it's not wrong and crewl and frowned upon if you kick them out to live on there own if they are over age and they wouldn't be looked at like they are terrible parents or guardians or somebody who took the child in as there own because they wouldn't be kids anymore so it wouldn't be considered neglect and abandonment because the child would be over of age and they wouldn't have to feel terrible or people making them feel terrible for it so ya it should of been written some what like that because you do not or should not teach or show kids something like that on Television channels for kids like the Disney channel television show or the teennick channel television show
Adult Written bychristinem6 August 22, 2015

What's with the stereotypes?

Bunk'd is basically an average Disney show. The only problem I have with it is the countless display of stereotypes. There is an Asian character that is very smart and obsessed with school-work. Half of her jokes are about her being petrified of her mother. The character's mom is categorized as a "Tiger" mom. That's such a typical label. The term defines her as a strict parent that demands high grades and sternly discipline their child. I am not Asian, but I don't want kids to think that these stereotypes are true. But other than that, the program is just fine.
Adult Written byJustherefornoreason September 19, 2018

The writers really need to be moved to bigger and better things

Okay, so despite what this site is probably supposed to be for, let me just give a kids perspective if anyone’s willing to read this. The show is dumb. Like really bad. Absolutely god awful 100% of the time. If you want clique plots, if you happen to be a fan of humor derived from irrelevant and overly milked topics (like the dumb blonde or a techy Indian kid). And lastly, if you want a quality that’s below Disney’s normal standard which was already set at rock bottom, then maybe you might be able to make it through one episode. But how this show ever made it to its third season is beyond me. Not a single episode goes by without recycling the same jokes, making an allusion to some sort of sexual theme (for some reason), or not to mentioni the ever so missed overall dryness similar to the original show Jessie. Please, don’t give this show any more viewers. Let it die like the rest of the garbage shows Disney makes now a days and maybe look back When they make a show comparable to one of their better series like suite life of zack and Cody or wizards of waverly place. Even those shows amazing but they had something that these shows lack, and that thing is a plot that makes sense and the ability to keep moving forward instead of running in place when it comes to plot design. I of course don’t expect a proffesionally crafted show but the stuff they’ve been making is rough.
Adult Written byCatie August 14, 2018

Over reacting!

While I will agree with most of these comments about the stereotyping and disrespect toward adults, I also dont think this show is that bad. The first episode I watched was "fogged in" and I thought it was pretty interesting. Other episodes ive seen werent that bad either. Kids are not reading as deep into as the parents are so just relax. Its a show.
Adult Written byHb2075 August 1, 2018

Care about your kids?.. don't let them watch this crap

Walked.in from work and within two minutes I observed play drug deals "candy", "give me a fix, just enough to get through the night ".. "how do we get the shipments?" [Helicopter drops off crates from the sky insinuating drug drop off], next scene was too romantic and riskay for my taste, nothing an 8 and 6 year old needs to see. Again, if you care about your kids, leave this crap off. If you smoke in the car with your kids, do drugs, etc. you probably don't care about this silly review.
Adult Written byIsaac Dillon July 29, 2018

This show is great

This is one of the coolest disney shows there is. Why people are being so critical about it, i don’t know. This show is basically your average disney show that can be stereotypical lots of times but the reason i like this one so much is because it’s set in a camp and i love camps so much and this show does a good job portraying a summer camp and I absolutely love it.
Adult Written bySsadie68 July 5, 2018

Has no values

My kids found this show at their grandmas. I tolerate it from time to Time, but eventually it ends with me giving my girls life lectures about what the characters did- and how it was wrong. After talking to them about how Zander/ after being kissed by the character Hazel- tells everyone he knows what death tastes like- and how’s he wants to eat soap- we had to talk about how Hazel must feel- and how we would feel if a boy said that about us. The next episode we stopped it-because the character zuri was telling her campmate who was playing classical violin, to stop playing Becasue she would attract uncool kids to their fund raiser- and she also referred to a boy who is very smart and likes science- as one of the uncool kids- and the character zuri is then apparently the cool kind of person??— she is rude and names calls- she’s bad at school- and gets in trouble and tries to get away with it. That’s the message we are giving our kids? For a funny tv show? It’s garbage tv- I really wish shows like this would become extinct - and we can have positive role model shows for our future generations-
Parent Written byTyler N. February 24, 2018

So bad

Lame, pre-written scripts with cookie-cutter characters. Ladies are terribly written.

This title contains:

Parent of a 8 year old Written byErin G. January 28, 2018

Between the lines, this show HATES animals

So I was previously allowing this mundane junk to be background fodder for my 8 year old--she and I both think "Jessie" is amusing, and we both love the Monitor lizard--but this spin off has included lines like "He could run a puppy mill and I'd still (rattles off about his appeal)" and bits that include the spinster camp director admitting she once dated a man who sold horse meat to camps. There could be more examples in subsequent episodes for all I know, but I deemed it verboten before venturing further. This show is very glib about some atrocious things which are done to animals by people who ignore suffering, and that is not a re-occurring theme to be taken lightly. What we do to those at our mercy reveals the most about our own selves. This show is not just vapid junk--it's encouraging callousness and cruelty.
Adult Written byDipika J. June 21, 2017

It's not so bad

I love this show. It's really funny. I'm just disappointed with the stereotypes. I was in love with Jessie and was so glad to hear a spinoff. I immediately watched all the episodes from both seasons.

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Parent Written byJosh C. April 30, 2017

Not for young kids

The jokes on this show are really inappropriate for the suggested age audience. I like how Disney tells the kids when to laugh at all the adult content contained in the show. It's total garbage.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byCommon sense media21 June 27, 2016


I strongly think Bunk'd is a great spin off of Jessie. Some people believe Jessie is a show for older kids because it talk about bras and puberty a lot. I also think Bunk'd talks about puberty a lot. I think you should be able to enjoy a show without it talking about love, sex, puberty, bras and making out. I think this show is for older kids. And this show does not have great role models because they sometimes are very rude and make bad gestures. And I think the drama is overwhelming for younger kids.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byConnieSue October 26, 2015


Are these kids going to be going to camp all school year long. I liked jessie at least it had lessons or real life problems these kids had to work on. Although wish mom and dad were more involved. Bunk'd has already got my grand kids bored. It should of never been a spin off. Come disney seems like your stretching for meaningful shows. I like austin and alley. I won't miss dog with a blog. At least with the jessie show if it was to continued you could have shows on Emma dating and Luke dealing with peer pressure at school. Issues Ravi has to live with because of his nationality. Zuri could be dealing with her related issues she faces at her age. Writers give us some meat in your stories life is not always unicorns and using mom and dad's money for what ever they want.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDSA7 October 12, 2015

Lives up to high expectations

The cancellation of Jessie left fans heartbroken, but the announcement of this spin-off delighted fans, expecting a new comedy with characters which bring delight and smiles to faces - and Disney nailed it. I caught the first episode and it immediately feels just like Jessie, but that's also thanks to similar characters. I laughed - and actually enjoyed this new show. While nobody will never replace Debby Ryan and her character "Jessie" (and I hope she does get round to guest starring), Miranda May as Lou is a great personality to have in the show, bringing a warm, guardian-like comfort to Emma, like Jessie did to all of the Ross kids. Definitely a show with potential and would be nice to see a renewal for Season 2 and beyond. Peyton List, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson are true gems to Disney, and deserve to stay on the network.
Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written byCody Patterson MJO October 11, 2015

Just fine for kids

It's a dumb show, but bearable. Kids like the jokes, and has less inuendo-y and stereotype-ish stuff than Jessie.
Adult Written bymom23 August 17, 2015

enforces disrespectfulness

I tried watching a show to screen it for my kids. In a few minutes the topics were WAY off from what I am OK with my kids seeing. The actors were making fun of the camp director. The camp director commented about a wild night and not getting what she wanted from a man after she bailed him out of jail. The man was also the candy supplier to the camp so therefore his punishment was no candy would be purchased from him for the camp. Then a kid yelled - hey, why do we have to be punished because you are ugly and no one wants to date you?! Piped in laughter followed. There was nothing I'd want my kids to emulate after watching just the few minutes. Poor behavior and rudeness with piped in laughter is not for my family.
Adult Written byp27159 August 5, 2015

Silly show with no redeeming value whatsoever

My wife and I watch several of the Disney shows with the kids, and since they are tailored to kids, we lower the bar of expectations as a result. So I don't want the reader to get the impression that we expect the quality to match the top critically-acclaimed adult programs on the air. That being said, after about 10 minutes, I couldn't wait for this show to be over. There may have been two lines in the entire episode that I had a small chuckle over, but the remainder were just lame. While I am aware that the predecessor show Jessie played on stereotypes of the Indian character Ravi, this show now also has a stereotypical Asian character that is super smart and high-strung, etc. I am not Asian, so I am not saying this because I am offended of my race being portrayed in this manner, but it's the same old lame stereotyping that just wasn't even slightly humorous. Do we really want our kids to think that all Asian kids are like this? Other than that, I guess there's no harm for kids to watch it, if they have 1/2 hour a day to waste, but as a parent, I'll skip watching this show with the kids and watch other Disney offerings with them instead.