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Parent reviews for Bunk'd

Common Sense says

Silly camp comedy spin-off will delight Jessie fans.
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Parents say

age 10+
Based on 53 reviews

Kids say

age 9+
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Adult Written bymom23 August 17, 2015

enforces disrespectfulness

I tried watching a show to screen it for my kids. In a few minutes the topics were WAY off from what I am OK with my kids seeing. The actors were making fun of the camp director. The camp director commented about a wild night and not getting what she wanted from a man after she bailed him out of jail. The man was also the candy supplier to the camp so therefore his punishment was no candy would be purchased from him for the camp. Then a kid yelled - hey, why do we have to be punished because you are ugly and no one wants to date you?! Piped in laughter followed. There was nothing I'd want my kids to emulate after watching just the few minutes. Poor behavior and rudeness with piped in laughter is not for my family.
Adult Written bypinkheada August 26, 2015


I was watching one episode because there was nothing else on t.v. I never seen it before on Disney so I gave it a chance. And boy was it a doozy. The episode had so many inappropriate language. Like in one scene, Emma fell on top of the the boy teenager and he said "I dreamt about this but it was happier", and a other scene where, then again he said "Bugs have bit me where I never knew they bite". I honestly didn't like the blonde girl who is madly in love with the teenage boy. She comes out as creepy and is really plain and bland.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Sexy stuff
Adult Written bychristinem6 August 22, 2015

What's with the stereotypes?

Bunk'd is basically an average Disney show. The only problem I have with it is the countless display of stereotypes. There is an Asian character that is very smart and obsessed with school-work. Half of her jokes are about her being petrified of her mother. The character's mom is categorized as a "Tiger" mom. That's such a typical label. The term defines her as a strict parent that demands high grades and sternly discipline their child. I am not Asian, but I don't want kids to think that these stereotypes are true. But other than that, the program is just fine.
Adult Written byc b July 15, 2017

If you hated Jessie, you'll hate this

Remember everything you hated about Jessie? Well it's all in this show. Spoiled, bratty kids? Check! Racial stereotyping? Check! Kids being rude and disrespectful to everyone, even adults? Check! Basically, this is an awful show. I can't think of one character that is a positive role model except maybe Ravi. Emma is as horrible of a character as ever, and of course, she's still spoiled and bratty and rude (but she's not the only bad character.) Just like in Jessie, the kids still behave horribly and all of the unfunny humor in the show revolves around being mean to others. In one episode the kids call an ADULT ugly... Great, I can't wait to hear 7 year olds calling their teachers or parents ugly now because of this show! There is also even more racial stereotyping on this show than in Jessie. The Asian girl is obsessed with school and afraid of her mom, and there is an episode where the Hispanic boy runs a secret "candy dealing" system (which is obviously meant to be a parody on drug dealing.) Wtf Disney? Just please don't let your kids watch this. If I had kids I would never let them watch this show, no matter how old they were. We really don't need any more bratty kids in this world.
Adult Written byp27159 August 5, 2015

Silly show with no redeeming value whatsoever

My wife and I watch several of the Disney shows with the kids, and since they are tailored to kids, we lower the bar of expectations as a result. So I don't want the reader to get the impression that we expect the quality to match the top critically-acclaimed adult programs on the air. That being said, after about 10 minutes, I couldn't wait for this show to be over. There may have been two lines in the entire episode that I had a small chuckle over, but the remainder were just lame. While I am aware that the predecessor show Jessie played on stereotypes of the Indian character Ravi, this show now also has a stereotypical Asian character that is super smart and high-strung, etc. I am not Asian, so I am not saying this because I am offended of my race being portrayed in this manner, but it's the same old lame stereotyping that just wasn't even slightly humorous. Do we really want our kids to think that all Asian kids are like this? Other than that, I guess there's no harm for kids to watch it, if they have 1/2 hour a day to waste, but as a parent, I'll skip watching this show with the kids and watch other Disney offerings with them instead.
Adult Written byamydonohue10 June 26, 2016

Derogatory comment

I was watching this show for first time with my 4 kids. I was disappointed and surprised at something said in a show of this genre. A character who is supposed to be "crazy" walked away, mad that the boy she liked picked a different girl. The chosen girl then said something about hoping that even the crazy girl meets someone of her dreams. The boy replies with " I hope it is a therapist." In this day and age, what children's show pokes fun at a therapists. I cringed when my 3 kids heard this, as all are in therapy to talk through living with a special needs sibling. In case they didn't feel strange about it before......
Parent Written byPatricia S. February 16, 2017

Episode 2- teaching girls to be victims

I was disappointed in Episode 2. The episode showed that despite warnings by a trusted friend, despite your gut telling you are in danger, despite the reality (guy has taken you to a place no one can hear you, has brought 2 axes, a garbage bag and dug a body size hole), you should blindly trust that they will not harm you. In fact, you will be embarrassed and have to apologize later for not blindly trusting them. I was really disappointed in the message being sent, and was really glad I was watching it with my daughter so I could share an alternative message. Girls need to trust their surrounding, trust their friends, trust their guts, and certainly expect an apology from a guy who (intentional or not) puts them in very dangerous and uncomfortable situations. Instead it was all wrapped up in a "Haha, such a silly girl. Good thing the guy has a sense of humor, he might go on another date with her."
Parent Written byJosh C. April 30, 2017

Not for young kids

The jokes on this show are really inappropriate for the suggested age audience. I like how Disney tells the kids when to laugh at all the adult content contained in the show. It's total garbage.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byJohnathan W. January 3, 2017

Jessie spin-off is racist and in some cases innapropriate

Though there are many positive lessons and good role models in this Disney Channel sitcom, it has some things that I feel wouldn't appeal to kids. 1. Too much romance over a "pretty boy." Two girls, Emma and Hazel keep fighting over a boy and talk about kissing and hugging him. 2. What's with the stereotypes? I thought the writers would solve this problem after Jessie. The African-American girl, Zuri, is depicted as rude, mean, and money-minded, but shows some good character. The Indian boy, Ravi, and the Asian girl Tiffany, is what I thought was a little offensive. My family and I watched Bunk'd, and immediately, my son pointed out the Indian character and told me that he saw kids at his school bully an Indian friend because they saw on Bunk'd that Ravi was unathletic and weak, and they thought all Indians and Asians were this way. Just think, WHAT type of show would you want to show your kids that depicts people of a certain race as weak, ugly, and nerdy? 3. Some episodes use the same storyline from some Jessie episodes and spin it off to make it a little different. It is generally not nice to watch. Even though I put strong points that I believe are wrong with Bunk'd, I would still recommend this to families who are ready to discuss what happened in the show and make their children understand what is right and wrong to do.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byCommon sense media21 June 27, 2016


I strongly think Bunk'd is a great spin off of Jessie. Some people believe Jessie is a show for older kids because it talk about bras and puberty a lot. I also think Bunk'd talks about puberty a lot. I think you should be able to enjoy a show without it talking about love, sex, puberty, bras and making out. I think this show is for older kids. And this show does not have great role models because they sometimes are very rude and make bad gestures. And I think the drama is overwhelming for younger kids.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byDSA7 October 12, 2015

Lives up to high expectations

The cancellation of Jessie left fans heartbroken, but the announcement of this spin-off delighted fans, expecting a new comedy with characters which bring delight and smiles to faces - and Disney nailed it. I caught the first episode and it immediately feels just like Jessie, but that's also thanks to similar characters. I laughed - and actually enjoyed this new show. While nobody will never replace Debby Ryan and her character "Jessie" (and I hope she does get round to guest starring), Miranda May as Lou is a great personality to have in the show, bringing a warm, guardian-like comfort to Emma, like Jessie did to all of the Ross kids. Definitely a show with potential and would be nice to see a renewal for Season 2 and beyond. Peyton List, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson are true gems to Disney, and deserve to stay on the network.
Adult Written by27emc March 5, 2016


I find that the material is mature for children under 13. Although I recommend the show for 15 year olds and up to be on the safe side. I actually find the show entertaining and comical. There are stereotypical issues I have with the show (racial, gender-based) but every other show out there is much the same. I don't think kids under 13 should be watching this show because there are some sexual references, mainly from Hazel, a character in the show. On one account she gets up on a pool table in a seductive pose and tells everyone to leave except for Xander, telling him something like, "rack em up". There has been at least two or three Emma-Xander sexual reference jokes, such as Emma landing on top of Xander stomach down on his and him saying, "I've dreamed this many times before but much differently." Also, Lou made a making out gesture when explaining to Emma why teens go to a certain spot in camp. Overall, though Emma has gained some IQ points and a much better attitude towards others since Jessie. I give it two thumbs up.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Sexy stuff
Parent of a 2 year old Written bymeganr4 October 28, 2015
Adult Written bylovaajesus July 10, 2017


Let me start off by saying that I very much enjoyed the predecessor series. That being said, I think the person who wrote the review for Common Sense Media should really watch the show again and I'm not just talking about the first episode, I mean the WHOLE series. Because they say that parents shouldn't have to worry about this show's impact on kids but did they literally not see the episode where Zuri and Tiffany get their items confiscated? In this episode, Zuri and Tiffany get their items back by sneaking into Gladys' quarters I guess, and while looking for their items they find out she keeps a hidden shrine to the dad and rips the heads off dolls of the mom, and Zuri and Tiffany use this to blackmail her into giving them their items back. It's ridiculous and I can't for the life of me think of anything positive that this could possibly teach children. They should also check out the ending to the episode where Zuri and Jorge sneak out of camp.
Adult Written byConnieSue October 26, 2015


Are these kids going to be going to camp all school year long. I liked jessie at least it had lessons or real life problems these kids had to work on. Although wish mom and dad were more involved. Bunk'd has already got my grand kids bored. It should of never been a spin off. Come disney seems like your stretching for meaningful shows. I like austin and alley. I won't miss dog with a blog. At least with the jessie show if it was to continued you could have shows on Emma dating and Luke dealing with peer pressure at school. Issues Ravi has to live with because of his nationality. Zuri could be dealing with her related issues she faces at her age. Writers give us some meat in your stories life is not always unicorns and using mom and dad's money for what ever they want.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 9 year old Written bynicole l. July 28, 2016

a great continuation of jessie

after jessie the story is really good but not the best could have been better

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDelanie R. February 26, 2018

It’s not the shows job to monitor kids

I’ve been reading these reviews and I think it’s so stupid that a few people are complaining about the kids being rude. If you don’t like them being rude, whatever. But don’t hate on the show because your too lazy to teach your kids not to do that stuff. Sure, the show has its innapropriate quirks. But it’s a good show! I’m not trying to be rude to the parents who don’t like this show, but the ones I’ve read are hating on the show having kids being rude to adults. It’s funny, and if you think Disney should cancel this show because of its rudeness, then get over it because it’s not Disney’s job to teach your children what to do and not to do.
Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written byCody Patterson MJO October 11, 2015

Just fine for kids

It's a dumb show, but bearable. Kids like the jokes, and has less inuendo-y and stereotype-ish stuff than Jessie.
Adult Written byPittsburghmichaels September 19, 2017

Spin Off to popular show is not the best

Bunk'd is a terrible show. It was good at one point but it quality started going down because this show writes jokes based on its same characters over and over again. Suprised this show is still on TV.
Adult Written byMilo B. March 21, 2018


Bad joke (2000 laugh track) sex innuendo every 2 mins rasict sterotypes eg Tiffany [Asian,Smart] Ravi [Indian, unatheltic] Emma [White,Rich] I mean come on Disney

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Sexy stuff