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Slow-moving Battlestar spin-off best for big fans.

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Adult Written byitsjustashowyouknow January 25, 2010

philosophical discussions and inferences to our society

It has lots of things in it that can lead to philosophical questions and discussions you can have with your kids or anyone and can relate that world/society to our own and draw inferences to whats happening today and this can also done this with its parent show BSG.
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Great messages
Parent of a 17 year old Written byorange mécanique January 27, 2010
Adult Written bygidgiddonihah May 17, 2011

Terrible story, a huge trainwreck!

I only saw the pilot and that was enough for me. Terrible spin-off, a disgrace of Battlestar Galactica's name. There is a virtual night club that shows people grinding, there is the occasional swear word, and smoking came up a lot. But the red flag shot up at the storyline. (They assume you know the BG universe, or at least can figure it out quickly) Some kids are part of an extreme monotheistic terrorist group that bomb a train and they are trying to create the first Cylon before the competing companies. Really a snoozer. The unnecessary sex and the whole nightclub thing was another big turnoff too. Sorry Caprica, but I bid adieu to you.
Adult Written bymgraf January 29, 2011

Some thought-provoking issues to be found.

The ethical, moral, and philosophical issues abound in both 'Caprica' and parent show 'Battlestar Galactica'. While there are some fairly mature themes, I believe teens can handle these readily, and the more curious will find themselves wanting to discuss some of the issues raised by the actions of the characters. There are some relevant parallels with our current first-world societies; giddy with success and new technology, what are we becoming? How do we retain our sense of self and culture? There are both positive messages and negative messages in this show, but this perfectly reflects the complexity of human behaviour in our modern world. It's a bit slow, and so is best watched on-demand, rather than on a televised schedule.
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Adult Written byviper_wings February 17, 2015

Philosophy on high level

You like it or you don't and I like this prequel to B.C. It is so much food for thought this series . As was B.C. What faults do we make ? Why do we play an endgame whit us as superior beings ? All as actual as life itself . I am 58 . For me it is hard to say what age . When I was young I had terrible nightmares from Bambi when I was 8 So.........................
Teen, 15 years old Written byRyan Thomas May 12, 2012

Wonderful Story, Great Characters, Interesting Society

I absolutely adore this show. I have never watched Battlestar Galactica, indeed i never had even heard of it except for passing references from books, and never looks it up. But a friend of mine recomended the show, and so i found it online and started watching. I generally dislike TV shows, and movies and such, they are shallow, uneducated, violent, and don't give me any positive experiences and knowledge. Caprica was different. Immediately after i started watching, i was hooked. I watched episode after episode, 4 or 5 at a time. It would seem if you just glanced over the series my interest would be odd. There is hardly any violence, the science fiction elements are subdued without any of the flying car elements generally found, there are sexual elements which can be annoying but that isn't the main focus, and in other words none of the typical reasons morons generally watch television for. But if you look at it in detail, you realize why it was good. It was good because of the characters. I grew to sympathize and understand them, i shared their hopes and tragedies. The Plot only served to enhance this. It was able to weave a complex, vivid tapestry that never bored me, was flawless in it's execution, and painted a realistic and interesting picture of humanity in the future. To me it combines the best elements of a book, with the ability to think, study, learn, with the ability to show and see found in movies. In short, the reason why Caprica is good is precisely because it is different from the usual TV garbage. It devotes it's time to characters and plot, using the sci-fi as backup. I wouldn't advise the show for younger children, since as i said earlier there are some sex elements in it, and you have to be able to think, understand, anylze; if you don't you get bored easily. But for anybody my age or older, who enjoys seeing an intelligent show devoted to characters and not to explosions, i would recomend this show wholeheartedly.
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Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking