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Fun '90s show deals thoughtfully with coming-of-age issues.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byMitchell Charleston May 11, 2013

This sitcom was a masterpiece.

Clarissa Explains It All was funny and creative. It was perfect from the acting to the humor. Nothing was wrong with it. 5 stars for sure.
Teen, 13 years old Written byDisneymovielover77 May 5, 2015
CEIA is a fun show to watch!!! It's too bad this one got canceled but it's still a fun show to watch!! This show centers on Clarissa and it's a coming of age show. They have humor and there is cleverness into it. They certainly don't make shows like they used to. I started to watch some of the classic 90's shows and movies that were on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. This one was recommended so I gave it a spin and I LOVED it!!! I'm sure many young kids to teenagers can relate to this show. It has a lot of things that make it a great show such as 1 Positive messages ( friendship,etc.) 2 Clever dialogue 3 Good humor ( without any innuendo which is good) 4 Coming of age storylines 5 Every preteen or teen can relate to this show even I can relate to it and Clarissa is a good role model for girls. 6 Good role models 7 Nothing innapropiate There's some name calling among Clarissa and her little brother Ferguson Ever since I saw the first episode of this wonderful show I was hooked, it's pretty addicting. Clarissa is a fun show to watch if you like shows like this and Lizzie McGuire along with some other shows of the 90s then you'll really like this show!!! :)
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Adult Written byChuck Reid March 21, 2012

Cool Sitcom.

This show rocked! It was very funny and unpredicable! I used to watch it when it was still on Nick in the Early 90s.I used to watch it all the time when is was 10 in 1995.Til I watched it too much,for most of the part.Then I just started watching it ocassionally.But I still loved it.They did a lot of cool things with the shows logo.Like,when Clarissa pushed a "Furgeson Explains It All" logo and replaced it with a "Clarissa Explains It All" logo.The plots are pretty good as well.I loved the theme song.I can still sing it.Its THAT catchy! This show gets 5/5.
Adult Written byAl Jackson April 15, 2012

Beyond Awesome!

I love and miss this show! I've been watching it since I was 10! It was REALLY funny and epic!
Teen, 16 years old Written byibarncat October 15, 2011

Good 90s show deals a bit comically with coming-of-age issues.

Having watched at least a full season's worth of the show, I definetly understand why this show was in the N's initial lineup. It deals with a lot of teen issues in a rather highly realistic manner, but also with some comedy. Its combination of some funny jokes amongst really good and serious storylines is what makes this such a popular show, even if it isn't as funny as, say, Kenan and Kel or All That. It combines Zoey 101's sense of humor with a slightly watered down version of As Told By Ginger's sense of humor. (Oh, by the way, strict 90s people, you absolutely have to check that show out, especially if you really liked snick for comedy-drama hybrids like this.) As for content, it does have a few things that are a bit iffy for a kids show (or what is marketed as a kids show): some uses of hell as profanity, some drug references, and I heard that there are supposed to be sexual references, but so far I haven't seen any. But this is, indeed, a good show, and it is a Nick classic.
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Too much swearing
Teen, 13 years old Written byMissconcerned February 12, 2016

I love this so much

I love this show so much. It's even better than Full House (which is really good also). This is what kids should be watching, not some stupid show like Jessie or The Thundermans.
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Teen, 15 years old Written byGateswing_Guy March 13, 2013

I miss this show.

This show was so much fun! I loved Clarissa Explains It All! IT WAS SO AWESOME! It was funny and loveable. The characters were great and funny. The best part-the plots were creative and that is what made this show SOOOOOOOOOO addictive. I'm so angry that CEIA got canned.
Teen, 13 years old Written byJennifer148 December 29, 2011

If you rate this show bad, get help now

This is a wonderful show for the whole entire family to enjoy. I LOVED Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and this is another family-oriented sitcom that is appropiate fro children, adults, EVERYONE! WATCH IT!
Parent Written byCooldee September 12, 2011

Teach values to young children.

I remember watching Clarissa Explains It All when I was a young girl. The show teaches kids postive values, respect, and friendship.
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