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Dexter and pals use science to set iffy examples.

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Teen, 17 years old Written byAmanda Please September 25, 2011

Stop tearing apart a great show.

Seriously, you people are ridiculous. All my childhood shows are being torn apart, criticized, and hated on. No offense, but you wouldn't understand the show unless you were a 90's kid. I grew up with this show, among others, and I LOVED it. Still love it, to this day. I'll go on Youtube every now and then to watch another episode. Yeah, okay, it's not educational. It's a bit violent, somewhat weird, but you can't deny that it's entertaining. I would stay up/wake up early to watch this show when I was a kid, and even the episodes that seemed a little stupid/pointless I still enjoyed watching. Honestly, it's not a bad show. My childhood was based on this show, yet I'm not in any way violent or rule-breaking--I'm just me. If your kid turns out evil because of the cartoon...well, then something's wrong with your kid. Every person I know who was a fan of the show such as myself are completely normal people; back then, us children knew that Dexter's Laboratory wasn't promoting violence...we knew it was for entertainment purposes only. Personally, I miss the show. I know it's on Boomerang, but there's no way I can stay up till 3 AM to watch it. So, if it's on, don't worry; it's totally fine for kids. Maybe not the three year olds and under but 5-7 should be okay.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy October 16, 2012

Interesting stuff!

Dexter's Laboratory was such an addictive cartoon! Funny,creative,and colorful! Now CSM,I accept your opinion,but you guys are wrong! It should have 4! If you have no clue what i'm talking about,check the reviews! Kids section has a 4 star quality,and the adults section has a 5 star quality.I've said this once,and i'll say it again,YOU GUYS HAVE HORRIBLE TASTE!
Kid, 11 years old June 15, 2013


This was an amazing series, funny characters and "The parents is nowhere to be seen." What? i have seen these Charaters every episode. and how dare you give this classic 2 stars? i agree with you if you give 2 stars for season 3 and 4 but really the whole show for 2 stars? if i go to Johnny Test and see a higher rating i'm going to be mad. Ok, i just read "Parents will get a headache with this show" (Faceplam) My mom acts like she hates this show but deep down she loves it, i know because she does laugh alot watching dexter but not as much as me X) and my aunt loves it! when she heard that i liked it too she asked "Did you watch where dexter became an old man?! Overall i give it 10/10 for it's jokes and 10/10 for seasons 1 and 2
Teen, 14 years old Written bySlipperyQ August 9, 2012

It's Actually Pretty Impressive

When I was a kid, I loved this show, but I fear I didn't totally understand it. Now that I'm older, and my parents have brought it back into my life (they adore it), I can appreciate everything that it was. You have to consider Dexter's Lab in its time. During that period of time, Cartoon Network was practically made up of ancient reruns- and all of its shows followed a pretty basic formula. Dexter's Lab didn't just refuse to conform to that commercialized mold- it completely shattered the mold. Its freaky surrealism - which was probably, in part, a result of the post-Ren-and-Stimpy "dark cartoon" era - and total originality was enough to break Cartoon Network into a totally new atmosphere. Not only did Dexter's Laboratory have a very distinct visual style, which was unique, but it also had a very distinct brand of humor and acted as a far more childlike, almost dreamlike, looking glass into an almost "magical" sense of impossibility. Its plot had no inherent conflict, which was another unique aspect of the show- it wasn't black-and-white, good and bad, like most kids' shows were. Dexter's realistically ill-tempered, stubborn, egotistic manner is plausible for a child - particularly a child who's gifted, as he was, and knows it - and was yet another radically different aspect of it. Unlike most cartoons, whose half-hour run is broken into two fifteen-minute episodes of the same story, Dexter's Lab was divided into three- two with a definite plot that usually ended in the total anihilation of characters/the lab/the earth (giving the show a total lack of continuity and ending it without resolution pretty much every time), and one shorter segment that was almost total nonsense (Dexter talking to his sister, Dexter's dad dancing around the house while no one's home, etc.), slices of every day life. In short, Dexter's Laboratory was less of a mainstream cartoon than it was fodder for imagination, which forced the viewer to dream up everything from the story's ending to the meaning of the small glimpses it gave into characters' everyday lives, and it paved the way for increasingly experimental, intelligent cartoons in the future. "Dexter's Laboratory" is a mentally challenging and radical cartoon that wound up revolutionizing the world of children's animation. Your child will find it both easy and delightful to get lost in the enchanting, creative world of Dexter's magnificent laboratory.
Adult Written byutonium4 April 9, 2008

A SHow that Encourages Brains over Brawn

Again, I am shocked at the official review posted by common sense media. Dexter's Lab puts a scientific spin on sibling rivalry between supergenius baby brother Dexter and his flitty, dense and intruse sister DeeDee. What is refreshing about Dexter's lab is the acceptance of difference, the honest depiction of social ostracism felt by gifted kids and,ultimately, the emphasis put on the power of knowledge. Although Dexter is a social misfit, in his lab he is the king and his mind opens up a plethora of mazing experiences for him. DeeDee, although pretty, popular and fun, has a much less exciting, mindlful exsistence. Spirituality, scientific ethics, pacificsm and patriotism are all themes explored frequently, among others. While I don't allow my kids to use cruel words to eatch ther, I refuse to allow the word "stupid" to become an obsenity, therefore I take no issue with it. A simple reminder to my little ones, such as "Its funny the way Dexter says "stupid" but its not very nice in the real world," has kept any verbal atrocitiies in my home to the minimum. I say sit back with your kids and watch a few episodes onDemand and the family will surely have a great time laughing together.
Parent Written byhgwqhge03 September 18, 2013

dexters laboratory is one of my favorite shows

it is funny very original and the characters are likeable, when I was a kid back in the 90s my mother said I shouldn't watch 2 shows, one was cow and chicken, no biggie, I hated that show anyways and the other one was dexters laboratory, I don't know why the heck not. I still have a great time watching this show at 23 years old, and my favorite characters are Dexter's parents even though they are somewhat stereotypical they are very funny, because they have great timing and the situations they get into are hilarious too bad when it comes to Dexter's mom, neat freaks are not funny more the opposite, another thing I like about this show is Dede, she is meant to be annoying and that is why she is useful and I actually want more characters like this something most modern shows don't know how to do In this show she would rarely annoy the viewers, but she annoys other characters which results in funny reactions but she had much more to her than just being annoying, I also liked that the writers were OK with having episodes end on a low note for the main character and let's not forget the many sexual jokes in this show which made it funny for adults, and BTW I do agree that newer episodes of this show weren't as good (this show got cancelled after 2 seasons then another 2 were ordered) and also I agree the movie stunk
What other families should know
Educational value
Too much sex
Kid, 0 years old September 16, 2013

should i say that dexer is better then the powerpuff girls well no

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I can't belive it's cancled what was i thinging anyway noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooit's canseld
Kid, 11 years old September 7, 2013

Do you HONESTLY think your kids should be watching this?

This show is really full of language. In one episode, Dexter and Dee Dee are split into two personalities. One that is very nice, and one that are dirtymouths (but I should not put that into detail...). Usually the show is rated TV-14-L. NEVER let babies watch this (wouldn't want their first words to be bad ones). This show is aimed at teenagers and young adults. Don't let kids, or even Tweens watch this if you care AT ALL for your child.
Teen, 13 years old Written bytvzillia January 16, 2013

fan for as long as I can remember and still am

common sense, I have one question to ask you about your reviews to classic shows like dexter's lab or ren and stimpy: WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGANIST CLASSIC CARTOONS?! I have been a fan of dexter's lab since I was seven, sure some chracters are shown drinking or smoking pipes, but there's very little of it. And in the episode "Dexter Dodgeball" the word "crap" is said and in the episode "Dexter's Lab: A Story" the word "freak*n" is said. But it's good (correction: excellent) because with cartoons today, so raunchy and weird, but shows like dexter's lab remind you that some cartoons have some good quality.and i really wish they'd make more dvds of the shows (like a complete series dvd set) but the show has some educational material, like dexter can spread some science material. this show is actually my favorite of cartoon cartoon (cartoon network's old kind of shows), besides Sheep In The Big City and Courage the Cowardly Dog and Ed, Edd n Eddy. I really wish cartoon network would stop the weirdness of Regular Show or MAD to get back to real quality cartoons (see last sentence for examples). Though you can see an hour of it every night on Boomerang at 7 or 8. In just two words: Good. Quality. one more thing: IS THIS SITE OWNED BY OVERPROTECTIVE PARENTS?!
What other families should know
Educational value
Too much violence
Teen, 16 years old Written bylovzhisdad October 18, 2012

bad language, even worse messages. overly intense violence, even more intense anger in Dexter.

Kids will be very likely to repeat the words we often hear characters say words like "stupid" and "idiot". plus, to make the bad messages even stronger, kids' attention will often be glued to the screen by images of things like Dexter's robot suit being assembled or Phrases like a meaningfully, frustratedly, and impatiently said ,"okay, that's it! It's time to bring out...the big guns." from Dexter ("The big guns" is said in a beggining-of-Movie-trailer type of way).
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Too much swearing
Kid, 11 years old August 22, 2009
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Kid, 7 years old September 3, 2016

Did Not Like It

Do not let your kids watch this. This cartoon is full of violence. They are arguing and saying bad words. They do not like each other. Their mom and dad are nice .Here are all the ages of characters, Dexter 8 years old, Mandark 10 years old and Dee Dee 11 years old.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Teen, 13 years old Written byslick_fox July 31, 2016

SUPER good, EXTREMLY funny but DO NOT watch the banned episode online

sorry for my spelling mistakes, if i made any but this is so good and it made up my childhood. i saw every episode, trust me and it was my fav show in kindergarten and every day when i got home i used to watch it on tv. and i wasn't even born in the 90's. (it was on boomerang by the time i watched it) and its hilarious. but if you search up dexter's labratory online do not watch the banned episode called rude removal. it was banned from tv because 2 reasons- in the title card, dee dee stuck the middle finger and dexter was but-naked. but the episode was mostly known for VERY STRONG language. and it's uncensored since i got my "rude removal" topic done, i'll just tell you anything inappropriate about the show in general- there are some but-naked, or just naked scenes that did go on tv, but don't worry the private areas are usually blocked by a "cliche" pile of leaves or something. also there is innuendo of one hump joke when dexter's parents were playing twister. and dee dee said the di word, except she mixed up the letters so people won't understand. in one episode they said "sexy" now i'm super happy it's back on boomerang and i showed it to my little brother and now he loves it. the show just in general is so reliable and it makes me laugh so hard i literally got a stomachache from one episode. funniest cartoon ever
Educator Written bymcestare May 2, 2016
Teen, 17 years old Written byHorace Williams March 9, 2015

One of the greatest cartoons ever.

Dexter's Laboratory was so amazing. Great animation, likeable characters, funny jokes, etc. I loved this show, too bad it went to cartoon Heaven.
Kid, 12 years old May 20, 2014

I hate You CSM

I hate you CSM
Teen, 13 years old Written bySees Little January 12, 2014

I blame DeeDee

It's surprising that I would stop watching a T.V Show just because of 1 character, but it's true. I just couldn't keep watching Dexter's Lab when nothing good ever happened to him and that's mostly because of his annoying older sister. (Although I can't blame her for torturing Dexter in the first Episode)
What other families should know
Too much violence
Kid, 8 years old August 29, 2013

it's dexter the seients

should i
What other families should know
Educational value
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Kid, 11 years old August 7, 2013

Lots of sad endings...

This show has a lot of sad endings. Somehow, my friend enjoys it, but I don't. I much prefer Jimmy Neutron. This is more of a TV-Y7-FV than a TV-G, except for "Rude Removal", which I would rated TV-14-SLV.
Parent Written by710studio August 5, 2013

Dexter's Laboratory Is Open For Laughs

I feel the "official" review for Dexter's Lab is more than a bit prudish. Dexter's Laboratory is cleverly written and nothing short of hilarious. Dexter is a brilliant "little brother" with a bad German accent with a scientific laboratory that he keeps secret from his family, except for his big sister, Dee Dee. Dee Dee is your average "big sister" that acts as the foil for Dexter's scientific methods. The resulting chemistry between Dexter and Dee Dee serves as the recipe for most of the episodes of Dexter's Laboratory - and all of this goes on behind the backs of their parents who seem completely unaware of their surroundings. The so-called "violence" in the show is nothing worse than most other cartoons and is done in a way that adds to the comedic value of the show - not in a way that trivializes violence. And the mention of sexual content... really? If there is any sexual content in Dexter's Laboratory, it is presented in a way that goes over the heads of little children. I've seen more sexuality in movies that were rated G. If you are a prude that wants to shelter your children from intelligent comedy, then by all means, turn Dexter's Lab off. If you and your children appreciate well-written cartoons with interesting character interactions, I would highly recommend Dexter's Laboratory, without reservation!