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Jekyll and Hyde-inspired medical drama has a dark side.

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Teen, 13 years old Written bySamuel M. August 18, 2013

Do No Harm: Modern-day Jekyll and Hyde

What if Dexter Morgan and Patrick Bateman were pureed in the most run-of-the-mill blender available? You get neurosurgeon Jason Cole and narcissist Ian Price, two personalities mashed into one body. How they interact and cope with one another is the basis for NBC's latest drama Do No Harm. Calling this a medical drama is MISSING A LOT OF THE POINT, as Cole and Price go far beyond the hospital. They are a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde, yin and yang. Cole may be a living stress ball, but he's at least an endearing stress ball. Price's self-indulgence fuels him throughout the night, no matter what horrible things he has to do to make himself feel good. Give these characters the right plot and pace, and you have a TV phenom. However, the pace seems a bit hectic and rushed, and the plot mainly consists of a tense day starring Jason, and a rebellious night starring Ian. Back and forth, back and forth. If the show was bold enough to step into the deep end with its plot, it would be an amazing show. However, Do No Harm just falls flat.
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