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Parent of a 4 and 8 year old Written byraitch October 14, 2012

Not just rude kids- a rude family.

Everyone in the family is nasty to everyone else. I don't know why Disney can't put out more sitcoms with families who aren't constantly degrading eachother.
Parent of a 10 year old Written bybettyetters February 27, 2013


At first this show was relatively funny and enjoyable. But throughout the first episode, the dog made several ladies man type remarks to/about poodles. The last straw was when the dog was up in the middle of the night and visited "Hot Poodles" website as his "doggie treat". Having the key character of a kids show viewing porn is not okay.
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Too much sex
Parent Written byaskyourmother June 2, 2013

poor role models

Poor role models. Too much colusion amongst the kids, lying, secrets from the parents and parental cluelessness.
Parent Written byJellybean mom January 11, 2013

The dog talks. Unfortunately, so do the actors.

Weird casting. The actors playing the parents don't seem to have any chemistry and and their bad acting is just annoying to watch. I enjoy watching some Disney shows but I can't be in the same room with this one. Harmless for the most part but most laughs are from smarmy, fresh talking kids insulting each other.
Adult Written byTinyToya December 2, 2012

One of the worst Disney Channel Shows to Date!

The idea of a talking dog isn't the worst part about this show (even though that's pretty bad), but the acting is all around terrible. The only notably good acting comes from the eldest daughter (G. Hannelius) who happens to be a lot of the brains of the show. Furthermore, Lemonade Mouth star Blake Michael delivers some REALLY weak acting. The youngest daughter is annoying beyond words and cannot act (sorry to say). The parents are just another goofy pairing which is also sincerely disappointing. This show is not really harmful, but will annoy most parents and bore most kids.
Parent Written byLilystar November 11, 2012

Very Good Show For Kids & Family!

This Show look like some old classic family show" of the 1990s that "Disney Channel" want all kids & family to watch, enjoyed & love Together. And have a little "Good Luck Charlie" & "Full House" References in it. The Disney Actress G. Hannelius who play 'Avery Jennings' on "Dog With A Blog" is very Talent, Sweet, Respectful & Good Role Model to Kids/Teens.
Parent Written byisaacsmommy June 3, 2013

major mistake

Omg!! most annoying show ever! I usually don't take time to do reviews but this show is that bad. Not only are the parents hard to even look at but their acting is horrible. Their not a good match and I can't even stand their voices. My 5 year old is even too smart to like it....
Adult Written bybelieber_4ever May 6, 2013

it has serious moments and sends a good message at times!!!

The thing I like about dog with a blog is how serious it gets sometimes. Not every show has to be goofy and silly and leave the message behind. This show has its goofy moments, but the message is still IN YOUR FACE, you can't forget it!!!! Like on the "guess who's a cheerleader "episode: when the younger sister, Chloe, found out that the older sister Avery dumped her best friend for the cooler kids she was upset. she talked about how she looked up to her and wanted to be like her the most. Then Avery hugged her and you can see on her face that she was pondering over what her sister said. There’s NOTHING wrong with having those serious moments on a Disney show. Someone on IMDb was like "oh they're melodramatic; they need to be more whimsical". WHY? lol what's wrong with having those type of dramatic moments on a kid's show. It sends the cliché message that you shouldn't dump your best friend, BUT it also sends the message that you should be a role model to your younger siblings. The kids who watch Disney NEED to hear that lol instead of bad lessons being sent to them all the time like only care about yourself or trash a principal's office (shake it up). another thing is when Avery talks back to her parents almost instantly she realizes she's the kid and they're the adults and she apologizes for getting snappy or whatever. KIDS NEED TO SEE THAT lol too many kids think they're grown; Avery's an example of a kid who knows her place lol so I give the show a 4 for those reasons :)
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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
Parent Written bydisneysusie February 12, 2013

Not Disney's best effort

Most of the Disney Channel shows are cute and appropriate for most ages. And even as an adult I enjoy them. I suppose with this one you have to know your kids, but the few episodes that have aired so far have been painful to watch. The acting is poor and the rapport between the family members is awful. I think there is a place for joking and teasing among family members, but this family is down right rude to one another and the parents are certainly not in control of the family. The actors portraying the parents are terrible. They don't have good chemistry (as another reviewer said) and they say weird things to the kids. And they don't seem to know or even like their kids. Just saw the episode where the mother told Chloe (the youngest daughter) that her friend's parents were "stupid heads." That's not funny it is just weird. None of the characters are particularly likable. I'm not an animal person, so I don't even find the dog entertaining. I think this show could have had a good message about blended families since there are so many out there, but they have even missed the boat on that. There hasn't even been an explanation as to where Avery's biological father is or where the Jennings kids' biological mother is. Disney Channel can (and has) done better. I agree with another poster who laments the loss of shows like Lizzie McGuire. Sometimes Lizzie's parents were a little goofy (aren't all parents sometimes?!?), but they were shown as a rather loving family who navigated all aspects of growing up together.
Parent Written byMazingmia September 13, 2013

Makes me laugh, alittle boring

I think this shows comedy is amazing. It cracks me up (especiially the dog) and the jokes r great! The only thing is i find the episodes alittle boring and i feel like they should make them alittle more interesting. Other than that, G. Hannelius is a really good actor and this show makes me laugh. And i think kids will like it, a little boring for teens but funny :) (im 15 btw)
Parent of a 6, 10, and 14 year old Written byKako January 19, 2015

Horrid Acting and Unoriginality

As every other show from the Dizney Channel, this one is horrible. Bad acting - like every other Dizney production - and its unoriginal, unrealistic plot line (a talking dog, how original) make it unbearable.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Parent Written byWillowWish January 16, 2015

Dog With Some Flaws.

My daughter started watching this show a while ago, and I usually sit down with her sometimes to see it. Honestly, the only reason I DO is to spend time with her. The show is complete GARBAGE. First of all, they HAD to use the recycled "talking animal" idea. Like that hasn't been in BILLIONS of other movies/shows. (Marmaduke, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Underdog, etc) On top of that, the family is a horrible example. My 4 year old daughter who sometimes passes by to watch the show a bit is currently in that "Copy everything other people do" phase. She's starting to have a little bit more attitude since watching that show, probably from the Chloe girl. She also broke into my makeup trying to look like Chloe, who obviously doesn't just wear stage makeup. The two parents seriously treat each other like crap. There can't be one scene where another family member brings another down. The Avery character, however is a somewhat good example, as she cares about getting good grades, is responsible, etc. and can be someone a tween girl can look up to, besides her sarcastic comments. The talking dog is obviously just to add some spice to this disappointing boring sitcom, and the fact that he has a blog is probably just so the title could rhyme. The acting is completely horrible, at least for most of the people. Overall, I'd say that if you're going to let your kids watch this show, at lease tell them first that all the characters are not exactly the best role models, and at least limit 1 episode a month.
Parent Written byamypo7 July 26, 2014

Best show on Disney

With being a parent of a young child, Disney Channel is probably the most watched channel in my home. I've seen all episodes to all the shows numerous times. Dog with a Blog is the only one that makes me laugh. Austin & Ally is pretty good too. I find Liv &Maddie to be very dull. Just my 2 cents!
Adult Written byInfernoFire February 15, 2016

Awesome show

I enjoy watching this show, it is really funny and has excellent messages. Stan makes the show the best since I love dogs.
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Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written bycoolguy600 May 13, 2015

This show is awful

This show is the worse. If you are looking for a punishment for your child you shouldn't even punish then with having to watch this show because that would be child abuse. Whenever they have a special episode it is just about hiding the dogs secret. They are always so worried about hiding the secret. Why would you hide a secret that big from you parents. The secret is that the dog can talk. He is so annoying so glad that this show is about to get cancelled they already announced that this is their finale season.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Parent Written byangelp1 March 16, 2015


This is my favorite show, it's one of those shows that I find myself giggling right along with my kids, the only thing I don't like about this show is they make the parents seem dumber than usual. Some of the dogs jokes can be a little suggestive, but most of them go right over a kids head.
Adult Written bymalkiy860 November 24, 2014

I like it

What other families should know
Great messages
Adult Written byJohne3819 June 27, 2015
Educator Written byThankfullynotyou December 25, 2014

Raise your kids

If you plan to plop your kid in front of the TV & have little to no interaction with your child then this isn't the show for them. Sadly, a lot of people do this. There comes a time when your child should know right from wrong. They should know that what happens on TV isn't real. If your child doesn't have any disabilities then it's possible you're the one disabling your child by not teaching them about reality & life. The show is far fetched, after all THE DOG TALKS! Most of what happens in the show is far fetched but always a lesson is thrown in there. Some times there are jokes that are intended for the parents & a child wouldn't know what it meant unless the parent has already taught them about these things. Again, it falls onto the parenting. If you make a big deal about something then your child will know that something wrong happened where they otherwise wouldn't have a clue. This show is cute & something that doesn't require indepth watching to keep up with. It's good for an innocent laugh if you have a sense of humor. Unfortunately there are always people who want to find bad things in everything or people who don't like 1 thing or person so they find more things to make them feel better about their hatred. Anyone who would insult a child needs to be removed from society. Obviously their parents did a horrible job raising them & it brings me back to people needing to do their jobs as parents.
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Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written bynoahcoopee August 24, 2014

I Love The Show. And I'm 16

I think the show is great for children. its an interesting show. many people i know love this show. all around i rate it 5 stars
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Great messages
Great role models