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Opposite stepbrothers tough it out in tween-friendly sitcom.

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Adult Written byDisneyFan April 9, 2008

I love this show!!!

Let me start out by saying that as an adult, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I sit and watch it when I'm home by myself. Even my husband likes it. The situations are funny, the guys are funny--the only thing I don't like is the younger sister. I know that she's supposed to be funny, but I do get tired of kids playing the "brat" and getting away with everything. I also take issue with a previous reviewer implying that those of us who let our kids watch have no morals. I have no problem with my son seeing people kissing--like someone else said, this is a bit like Happy Days, and Fonzie and Richie always seemed to have a new girl on their arm. I wouldn't WANT my son to wait until he got married to kiss someone!It's a silly show that's meant to make us laugh and relax for 30 minutes--let's not make it out to be any more than that!
Educator and Parent Written bychristian-witness June 28, 2012

very good

There is hatred toward their little sister Megan. Megan pranks her step brothers constantly. Lots of kissing by Drake
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Adult Written bycheese0 April 9, 2008


I'm 21 yrs old and I have to say, I'm really disturbed by this show. I grew up watching old school nick, and it was actually very nice quality entertainment, every show had a message, and the evil people were understood at the end. It actually taught me valuable lessons! Imagine that! However, the amount of hitting, screaming, and disgusting. I'm surprised no one said anything about the hitting. Since when is that acceptable? The sister is awful too, and every kid I babysit for watches this show and loves her...they say they want to be her. I'm glad this show has finished.
Adult Written byShadowFan567 June 15, 2009

Good for kids 10 and up!!

This show is very entertaining and very funny. it has nothing that 10 year olds would not understand. Don't listen to idiots that rated this 17+. I mean WTF!?! ITS RATED TV Y7(Ages 7 and up).
Adult Written bytvconnoisseur May 29, 2015

Unrecognized Intelligence

Although Nickelodeon sitcoms are unarguably crappy nowadays, back then, they were decent. In fact, Josh Peck has gone on to become a comedian with intelligent swearing (don’t worry though, he’s clean-mouthed here), so this could actually qualify as a comedy show. Drake Bell went on to become a singer-songwriter, but unlike the other Nickelodeon sitcom stars having done such, his music’s actually decent from what I’ve heard about it, and I’d believe it on account of the fact that John Lennon has been his primary source of inspiration.
Parent of a 10 year old Written byskokie May 18, 2011
Adult Written byQueenofRider November 25, 2015

Always has been one of my favorite shows!

When I was 6 years old I started watching this show back when it premiered in 2004, it's always been one of my favorite shows. I never thought it was ever bad in anyway, neither did my mom whom would watch it all the time with me and loved it too. Drake & Josh just brings back so many memories of my childhood and makes me remember simpler and happier times. Yes, there's kissing and a few bad things that some people may not like, but you know most things that happen in this shows and many other shows and movies that people think aren't appropriate for kids at a certain age are just a part of life and they're going to learn about it eventually anyways. So, I find nothing wrong with young kids watching it, I watched it young and I'm fine and still loving the show to this day.
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Parent of a 7, 12, and 13 year old Written byMimi9496 April 9, 2008

Funny Show

This is a funny show. My 8 and 10 year old kids think it is very funny and it always has a good message.
Parent of a 13 year old Written byohya August 14, 2010
Parent of a 4 and 9 year old Written bydarthparent January 27, 2009

Rated Y7, but isn't appropriate for this age.

I found my son was watching this show at a relative's house, so I thought I'd check it out. I'm by no means a prude, I thought at first I might have been overreacting, but other reviews on this site say the same: THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLE. I don't care how old your kids are. Drake is what kids would call a "playa" and Josh is what I would call "an idiot". Drake is pretty much driven through his existence by his pants. Josh is just a young version of Kramer from Seinfeld. He's like one of the stooges. They are both constantly visited by the police but magically get out of jail and trouble by the end of the show. It's hard to explain to kids that the police actually do have a positive role in society when you have these kids making a mockery of them. I could go on, but just block this show if you can.
Adult Written byAnnie722 April 9, 2008

Parents with Morals Beware

I let my kids watch this several times. My kids are 13 and 14. They enjoyed it. And I didn't have a problem with it, until the reoccurring message became clear to me. I am teaching my kids that its not ok to kiss socially. Kissing is for a committed relationship, if not for waiting until your wedding day (don't laugh, it could happen, but it won't if you don't teach it). This show continually has the title character kissing girls, sometimes more than one girl per show. And its not just a simple kiss, or even a romantic kiss...he's making out with the girls as if they are objects for his pleasure then they are discarded when he is finished with them. If this is what you allow your children to watch, then its a good show. I say take a stand and just say no.
Adult Written byclarence August 5, 2015
Parent Written byMrCrocodile April 29, 2013

There isn't much to say...

But I love it. As a guy I tend to think that boys are either Drake or Josh in life. For the most part. It's a fun show and at times Drake and Josh show they are such good brothers. I love Crazy Steve. That is quite a work place if Helen could allow him to work. I like Helen and I can understand how her being okay with Drake doing something as opposed to Josh is funny but because I like Josh, I can't find that part funny. Everything else is okay. I think people's hate for Megan goes a bit too far. She's okay. I think she can be decent for a person, if not a sister. She does remind me of my own who gets a lot of love from parents and they stick up for her and her supposed innocence which is funny when it's shown here. I have to say this is the most normal sitcom of Dan Schneider's he's ever made. And I love all of his shows.
Adult Written byWaterNymph March 18, 2011

Love it!

I loved this show!! I don't see it on TV very much anymore and I miss it! It's hilarious, Josh always cracks me up. I rated it as a show for 12 and up because Drake is constantly shown making out with someone and younger children wouldn't understand the jokes.
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Parent of a 4 and 6 year old Written bySherriep314 July 25, 2009

Older kids maybe... but NOT for my girls!

Not all episodes are as bad as others. After seeing a few of the questionable episodes, I am no longer allowing my 7 year old daughter to watch this show. She now sticks to iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Zack and Cody. Drake and Josh is off limits - and she understands why. Drake is a teenage ladies man who jumps from one girl to the next - lots of kissing, flirting, and girls falling all over him. That's not what I want my daughter to learn about relationships. I don't see any respect given to these girls by Drake and none is demanded by the girls. Josh is just extremely annoying and the script is horrible and they are simply not as funny as they are trying to be.
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Too much sex

nice Nick show good work Dan Schiender.

cool show on Nick Drake is cute Josh is smart and there is the sneaky little sister Megan who pulls the pranks. Nick did a good job with Drake and Josh i have the dvd Suddleny Brothers and Drake and Josh Go Hollywood and the dvds are great fun to watch i like Drake and Josh not a bad show a good show.
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Adult Written byRyanD 1 July 23, 2015

Drake and Josh is a great teen comedy that explores common teen issues.

Drake and Josh is a great show. My twin brother and I were huge fans of this show back before it was in syndication. We taped the new episodes on Nickelodeon's TeenNick lineup each week and we found it very entertaining. There's a reason "Drake and Josh" has always been a perennial hit among teenagers and young adults. It is very funny with clever plotlines. Drake and Josh, the two title characters, are stepbrothers who are polar opposites. Both attend the same high school. Drake loves junk food(ironic since in the early seasons Josh was considered the heavier of the two), playing guitar, ping pong games, and dating hot girls. He is often seen as being too lackadaisical when it comes to taking responsibility especially where school is concerned. Josh loves dancing, magic, Oprah, video games, and keeping his grades high. Drake appears to be the "cooler" of the two and Josh is portrayed as being "nerdier" (e.g., Joshakazam). Anyway, just a synopsis. The show has other great characters like Megan, Drake's devious 11 yr old sister(Miranda Cosgrove) who loves to watch Drake and josh squirm at her myriad pranks and takes pleasure in making her too buffony brothers lives miserable. The father Walter the weatherman is odd and funny too. The show is a real treat for tweens and the 13-17 crowd. I am 18 and can still watch and get a few laughs. However, the humor may seem too kiddie once you reach a certain age. I have to say, though, it's definitely better and less kiddier than Disney shows like Zack and Cody and Zeke and Luther. Also, parents: the show has nothing bad in it except some extremely benign sensuality and name calling. That's why I say 8+.
Parent of a 11 and 13 year old Written bymeanymom January 28, 2009

DO NOT let your kids watch this show.

Kid, 10 years old June 23, 2011

What You Should Know

well, drake and josh does have some kissing in it, but other than that, it is a really good show to watch. i would reccomend this to ages 10 and up
Kid, 11 years old August 4, 2010

Great for all ages

I love drake and josh! I've been watching it since the begining, when I was five. Even when I was that young, I would watch it; I know drake is a flirt, but that never bothered me. I think the show is completely safe, for any age.
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