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Parent of a 7 and 9 year old Written byMelanie J January 1, 2017

Minor Issues But Good Overall

I am surprised by all the bad reviews here. I agree that many kids' shows have too much snarkiness and meanness (there are several, like Bunk'd, that my kids are not allowed to watch for this reason). This show does have some teasing & sharp humor that I could do without, but it's not extensive and overall the messages are good and positive. As to the 'boy-crazy' comments, I disagree that this is a problem. There are several storylines that deal with the older daughter's dating, but I feel like they address it in a good way. She is a very 'real' and fully-formed character and the love interests treat her well, etc. Dating and crushes are a big issue for kids/pre-teens so I'm okay with them seeing healthy dating story lines. (notably, though, not many of the storylines deal with the older sons' dating life; it would be nice to have this theme more evenly distributed among the genders). Lastly, there are very few popular comedies that I think are funny, but I think the show is pretty funny & have watched quite a few episodes with my kids.
Parent of a 8 year old Written byHabpubayh March 4, 2016
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent Written by4jewels February 24, 2016

Funny show-controversial episode in season 4

My older kids (8-10) enjoy this show. I have two other younger children who have not watched. Lots of laughs- however once I really started paying attention, the role models are not great for kids. We desensitize our kids to too much these days. If I hadn't checked IMDb's site as well I wouldn't have learned season 4 includes an episode called Down a Tree which is a controversial episode for Disney introducing a lesbian couple as the parents of a playmate. Good to know if you are not ready to discuss this with your children. Many of the other reviews have covered concerns. So just read a few more!
Parent of a 11, 13, 16, and 18+ year old Written bycome to pa pa August 5, 2015

the only good show on disney ever

i taught it sucked i watched good only funny show on disney after they cancled i dont watch disney live action any more but i watch episodes online and on demand
Parent Written byrhiannap August 6, 2014

great for preschoolers toddlers and babies!

Good Luck Charlie is an Great American sitcom for preschoolers and toddlers and babies. Ages 9m-4
Parent of a 8 year old Written bytcmiller94 July 20, 2014

Boy Crazy Sister with a Brother Not Far Behind and a Dad Portrayed as Stupo

The boy crazy older sister has already been discussed by others. Other than the new baby sister, it is the major theme of her life and one of the themes of the show itself. And you can be sure that the older brother isn't far behind as far as this theme is concerned. Something else that bothers me, which hasn't been discussed, is the way that the father is portrayed and treated in the show. It is a throwback to the 90's when it was popular to portray men as insensitive idiots, capable of nothing more than going to work and hanging out in the garage. Not only does it suggest that talking down to men is acceptable (and, indeed, necessary) but also that nothing more can or should be expected from them. What kind of message is that for our sons and daughters? "Hey girls, lower your expectations, this is just how men are." And "hey boys, this is the standard." And of course we as parents have to be teaching our kids values, but they also learn values from the stuff that WE allow them to watch and listen to. This show has the potential to be a great show with a great message; a family requires everybody's participation and each member of the family is responsible to play their part. But it chooses to draw watchers away from this message by promoting stereotypes of dads and teens that just aren't helpful, particularly for tweens and under.
Parent Written byfridanka November 27, 2013


I really love this show, but there is one character that drives me nuts. I can absolute NOT stand the pushy, stupid spot stealing mother! She does not care if she steals her little kids thunder as long as she is on tv! And she expects everything to be forgiven because she is "extremely" talented and is in titled to be on tv or something!
Parent Written bybusymomma3 November 23, 2013

NOT as wholesome as I thought...

My daughter is 8 and growing out of the typical cartoon-type shows (ie: Doc McStuffins), I decided to give this show a try. I had heard it is pretty mild and there isn't foul language, sex, drugs, etc. My daughter of course liked it because it was actual people acting instead of cartoons. I on the other hand, not so much. Just because there is no foul language or violence in this show, does not make it appropriate or good programming for that matter. The children in the show are rude to their parents - constantly talking back and making fun of them. They also lie to their parents in every, single episode. The parents also bad mouth each other to their children, and talk badly about neighbors, teachers, friends, family, etc. I allowed my daughter to watch it on a trial basis, but stopped it after a few weeks because she began being sassy and talking back to myself and her father. I guess compared to other shows out there this one may be mild, but that isn't saying much.
Parent Written byleekp October 12, 2013

This show improved as the seasons went on - it's not great, but, by season 3, it's okay. Even good (at times).

I began this series from the beginning, and really hated it for my 9 year old. It has, however, improved with age. The more recent seasons are much better than season 1 and 2. The early seasons focused on Teddy (the teenage girl character) as snarky and boy-crazed; as the series grew, Teddy became more intelligent and well-rounded. For me, the show went from one that was really sexist and offensive to one that is enjoyable (if silly). For this reason, I find it hard to review the full series - I truly feel like the early shows are awful and even offensive but, for the most part, I think the newer shows are just fine. I'm editing my original review and updating my original rating - this show has grown into one that provides a relatively harmless 1/2 hour of silly watching for families who are viewing together.
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written bymsmommypants September 27, 2013

Definitely a family favorite

My kids watch those Disney sitcoms and most, I completely ignore but this one is actually hysterical enough that my husband and I watch it and laugh too. Well written and acted and the main character, Teddy, is depicted as an intelligent young woman and not a boy-crazed teenaged barbie doll, as found in many "tween" shows. The relationship between kids and parents is funny and realistic without crossing the line into treating the parents as idiots or the kids being disrespectful.
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Parent Written bymovielover85 July 5, 2013

cute diseny show.

cute diseny show. i see nothing wrong with this show . its great for the whole family to watch on Diseny.
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Parent of an infant, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 11 year old Written byResponsibleParentOf9 December 30, 2012

Why did you not stick with Doc McStuffins, Disney?

This show promotes swearing to children, unfairly stereotypes Africans as jerks and is not educational. Why, Disney, why?
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written byMary1216 September 18, 2012


This is a great show for the whole family. With a perfect cast, witty writing and a great concept, this is a sure hit for Disney.
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Adult Written bycupcakediva July 31, 2012

Good luck Charlie

This show is great, I just love it. It's for mature little kids, actually I agree with that part because they're can be some sexual jokes. But it's okay, just make sure your kids are older or mature enough not to point anything out about that. These series show how people can deal with family crisis and lots of chaos and how the whole family pitches in to solve their problems. This is a very interesting series.
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Adult Written byTropicalhurricane July 27, 2012


Good luck Charlie is a great show. It has a lot of comedy. I would suggest give this show a chance. It is one of the best shows Disney has ever came up with.
Parent Written byCandygirlz123 April 28, 2012

Good show

I think it's a good show. About the sexual business, little kids won't understand that. It can really relate to alot of families. About what 4goodreasons said, teddy talks about boys because she wants charlie to see it when she's a teen or something and teens are into boys. She's helping her on how to live a good typical teenager life.
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Parent Written byrexkathy March 24, 2012

refers to sex

I am a parent to a 7 year old and one day my kid was sitting on the couch watching this show so I sat next to and whatched and on the show the oldest sister teddy was baby sitting and the parents came home and were having a good time and were laughing and ran upstairs while teddy said "don't have to much fun we all ready have enough kids" and my daughter asks me what that meant which caused a lot of stir up
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Too much sex
Adult Written bydcchunks February 27, 2012


i like it at first i didnt really take to it but after it was funny ad cool i like to see amy lol she crazy and funny lol
Parent Written byClamshot February 26, 2012

Good show! Good show!

It is very funny, it entertains my child very much.
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Parent Written byprobe February 16, 2012

Not really redeemable as a show.

The values presented are kind of hateful. "Different is wrong." Is one message it presents as Teddy dumps a guy she like because he role played with his friends and that was too geeky. She liked him before she found out. "Running back to a boyfriend who lies and cheats on you is the right thing to do." is another. Teddy is back with Spencer.