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Giddy, girly 'toon doesn't quite hit full stride.

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Parent of a 3 and 6 year old Written byljv3500 October 8, 2009

Straight from the Horse's mouth!

On one episode recently - talking horses discussing why one was tired and had no energy. The answer the horse gave was "I am trying to loose weight so the other horses won't laught at me in the competition!" OMG what a horrible message to send our children via horses. Will never allow this show to be watched again in my house.
Teen, 13 years old Written byLaChaton April 9, 2008

Tarnishes the ood name of horseland

It's a good show, it has its flaws, but it's really been a dissapointment to loyal Website players. I've been playing for over a year. when i started the home pgae was neat and proffessional. Now when you go on you hear "let's go to Horseland..." as an obnoxious song and you are bombarded with pretty ponies and unrealistically skinny characters. The characters are not very fun or relateable, but the fact that there are horses make it more enjoyable. They aren't very good at teaching lessons and so try to use the lame pig-dog-cat thing to sum it up at the begginning and end of each episode. Liek I said, the characters are very skinny and all around unrealistic. Yound kids may like it but it's just another of those cartoon shows on Saturday morning, nothing special. I DO however suggest that if your kid likes the show that they join HL online. The JR game is great for little kids and the HL world, though it may have some mean people that play, is thoroughly enjoyable and has entertained me everyday for about a year. I also suggest, that, if your kid like the game, that they upgrade, it's well worth the money. :)
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

You need to watch this show....even if you don't love horses!

I really like this show and I play both sites for it. It's isn't girly, and the girls aren't gah gah about boys I haven't seen one episode with that stuff in it. Same with the makeup.
Parent Written byfionnualad November 22, 2014


The show I heard (that my daughter was watching) had a horse who was encouraged to diet to be "healthy". Then the horse decided dieting wasn't enough and she better not "eat any food at all". The horse then proceeded to go on an entire monologue rant about, "how if she could just distract herself from food.." The message was awful, the delivery was worse.
Adult Written byLenna January 23, 2012

Feminist POV

Although there is a lot to comment on about this program--including some very redeeming features--I am going to concentrate only on a feminist perspective, as others have mostly covered the other qualities. I have not watched all of the episodes, but I would like to say that the episodes I have watched, I have some problems with. I am glad that we have a show depicting a large amount of girls participating in an active and competitive sport. I am unhappy with how those girls are depicted, especially when compared to the boys. First of all, as several others have said, I do not like how incredibly and unrealistically skinny all of the female characters are, especially considering that these characters are between the ages of ten and...fifteen?...and should not by any means have shed all of their baby fat yet (although I am very grateful that they did not decide to exaggerate anything in the chest area), especially when the boys seem to have a far more proportionate builds. Furthermore, all leadership roles seem to be filled male characters--among horses as well as among the humans. The dog appears to be the wise mentor of the two female animals (a pig and a cat), the boys at the horse farm always seem to be guiding and giving advice and compliments to the girl riders but not vice versa; the wild horses that appeared in one episode were, of course, led by a stallion. When a female character takes the lead, it is usually only with other females or it is done with catty motives. Furthermore, I have yet to see a single argument escalate between two male characters--again, I remind you that I have not seen the entire show--and yet, in nearly every episode, we have insults flying between the girls or otherwise haughty and stereotypical 'catty' attitudes between them. I have to include, however, that this IS a show that depicts females being athletic, which is very, very important. For that, I commend it. The show does have many good features; I would not, however, count most female-empowering themes among them.
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Educator and Parent Written byjonathanr1 March 30, 2015


This is one of the most horrible shows I have seen. Full of negativity, sarcasm, and cynicism. I am truly floored that there are parents on here that think this is a good show for kids - especially girls. I'm watching an episode right now where the white girls are isolating the Mexican girl...that's so healthy. If you want your daughter to grow up to be a beeoch then by all means keep allowing this BS in your house.
Kid, 12 years old March 3, 2014


my 8yr old sis Lena loves it. i used to too. i dont know why ppl can have anything against this. its a great show for little girls, its with inspiring role madels- lol i used to want to be just like sera (or sarah i dnt know how u write it) every character has their own personality- and thier own rights & wrongs (nobodys perfect) so i dont know why anyone would be against this ;)
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Kid, 8 years old April 6, 2011

good for kids and family

it is a good show for kids and family it has horses and people and the horses are talking it is a good show$$$***
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Parent of a 2 year old Written bysilver_girl September 23, 2009
I liked it. it seemed a lot like the books called "Saddle Club" I used to read when I was younger. my three yr old loved the talking dog,cats,and horses. I like it for her because it is wholesome cartoon with out all the stuff, like some of the things added to other shows.....
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Adult Written byjgsantos02 February 19, 2009
Adult Written byhorse_gerbil April 9, 2008

maybe not.

I watched it for 2 weeks, and quit. It has a good message for kids, and is a good show, but it's not really for teens.
Parent Written bygcrisefi October 2, 2015

Terrible message to young girls

My daughter loves horses, has a horse and naturally gravitates towards anything horse related. I overheard her watching this show and couldn't believe my ears... on this particular episode they were talking about being teased for being fat then not eating so they wouldn't be fat. This show is absolutely awful and should not be on Netflix or any other network.
Teen, 14 years old Written byBarrel Racer660 August 8, 2015

Well... Probably not for you if you know anything about horses

This show...well for young children it could be entertaining, but for older children/horse people it could at best be amusing. A lot of horse stuff is wrong, for instance before the horses canter/gallop they rear, and the bits are never in the horses mouths and are clearly not side pulls. They tie by the reins always, the horses often have bridles on when they should not, and when a horse breaks out of her stall everyone praises her. So to sum it up, horse kids will probably be annoyed by all the mistakes, but non horsey kids won't notice and will probably like this upbeat show.
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Kid, 12 years old November 8, 2014

Good for everyone

This show is good for kids of all ages, yes boys might not be interested in it because there are girls in it but 2 of the main characters are boys. It is great for kids who love horses and it is also good for kids who don't. The show are the kind with the moral of the story but not the boring stuff usually one of the characters will do something and by the end of the show they will under stand what they did (they always apoligzed to one another) this is a great series you should watch it
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Parent Written byTVISFUN June 3, 2013

Good Horse Show

Fun for kids that love horses.
Teen, 13 years old Written byAraxie_River April 27, 2013


I remember when I first heard of this show. I was at a family friends house, who had a nearly 5 year old girl. They had no cable, just a bunch of dvd's. one of them being three truth-themed episodes of this show. Curious, me and my 15 year old friend popped it in the next morning to entertain the girl. I remember that as soon as the overly obnoxious theme blasted in our ears, I turned to my friend and said, "I hate this already." But for the little girls sake we attempted to bear through the episodes. First was something called "Cry Wolf". Long story short, it was record time for me finding out how the remote works so I could skip to the next episode. I hate Cry Wolf lessons. Next was "The Awful Truth". Simple enough, the most tolerable. Kind of forgetable though, I had no idea what it was until I saw the title again. Lastly was "Boss Bailey". Why is Bailey the only boy student? I'd sorta expect there to be more... But either way, Kind of stupid, but whatever. The trivia game was boring, and the girl switched the language to Spanish after.
Parent of a 7 year old Written bymarthavmuffin April 1, 2013

ok show for girls

my seven year old daughter loves this show, but have never seen it on network tv only on netflix
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Parent Written byaimless1 January 12, 2013

One of the best shows I have found for little girls.

I really like Horseland for my daughters age 5 and 7. They love the show also. I bought the DVD of 30+ episodes so they can watch it without commercials. I have not seen one episode that I was offended by or opposed to them watching. It has great messages and no boy craziness or too much emphasis on clothes or makeup. There is actually an episode that shows how ridiculous fashion is when all you care about is looking fashionable. In that episode the girls are unable to perform on their horses due to the fashions they are made to wear for a filming about the stables. The girls all work to take care of their horses. Their are lots of times where the girls deal with shallowness and it shows it in a bad light. Excellent show and I was very amazed that it is on network tv. I usually find nothing worth watching that is not on PBS.
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Kid, 11 years old March 26, 2012

just fine, wouldn't recommend though

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Parent of a 3 year old Written byvalleymomma September 13, 2011

Entertaining, but...

I like the care shown to the horses by the kids. And the emphasis on friendliness and life lessons... but the aggressive bears may give my daughter the wrong message about the great outdoors. And I really have issue with how skinny the female characters are (with huge round heads), while the male characters are noticeably closer to proper proportions.
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