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Parent Written byallanco November 3, 2012

Hot Set: Just Movie Sets or a Lesson in Life?

I believe that the other reviewer was somewhat shortsighted in her appraisal of Hot Set. I discovered the season opener by accident. As a film lover, I was engaged almost immediately. As a psychologist, I found many valuable features. Aside from informing viewers of the considerable work that takes place behind the films we see, it is a lesson in balancing creativity and innovation with practicality, operating within time and fiscal limits. It shows set designers working--harmoniously for the most part--with their team members. There are disagreements, but they have not been distasteful. Valuable tips are given during a judge's walk- through. Some designers ignore the advice and lose. Others are guided by their faith in their concepts and win. There is a lesson in discriminating sound advice here for everyone. Looking beyond the obvious, Hot Set demonstrates the value of creativity, the need for practicality (the time and budget), and the capacity for a people to work together towards a common goal. Yes, there are bleeps. This is to be expected and far less distasteful than the language (and violence) that children hear and violence they see on TV and in theaters. I have seen all the shows and never saw some of the extreme and distasteful reactions and behaviors I witnessed on, for example, Face Off, where one judge appears to have been influenced by Simon Cowell and there are far too many contestants. A personal challenge my wife and share is to pick the winners before the judges announce them. This adds even more fun to the show. So far, we have a perfect score, focusing almost completely on the short film clip of the final set in use. Overall, this is a fun show to watch for adults and children (13+) and adults. Enjoy the creation of another reality, but don't lose sight of its being a model of life in general with all of its challenges, rewards, frustrations, and need to work together.
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