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Thoughtful but edgy examination of two brothers.

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Adult Written byMYOS April 9, 2008

Must see for families with kids in their teens and in college

This show isn't afraid of tackling important issues but does so in an entertaining way. Its premise is that one of the two boys becomes a great president, but for now he's only a teenager. We see glimpses of the future in order to reflect on what shapes kids' lives. Each show presents different aspects of a value as it impacts two teens (13 and 16) and their single mother. You may not always agree with what is presented but the goal is to foster family discussion -- And it is highly successful at that. Probably the best family drama on TV right now. Entertainment for the family with a brain. :-)
Adult Written byjjlove65 April 9, 2008

The best family show on tv

Jack & Bobby is a show that looks at realistic issues. It does not pretend that life is perfect, but instead chooses to highlight the struggles, insecurities, and fears that we all have. It may center on a dysfunctional family, but the issues explored can provoke so much positive discussion. The writing is incredibly intelligent and the acting strong. This is coming from a university student studying to become a teacher. Jack & Bobby is the best excuse for an intelligent and provocative discussion that I have seen on TV for a long time.
Teen, 17 years old Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

hot guys, cool plot

Initially I watched because of the hot actors and because my parents think it's 'educational' because they always want to talk about it so it doesn't count in my "TV hours for the week". But now I'm sucked in. I love this show. It's often hilarious, even though it's a drama. I love the characters and the stories. The Mom isn't perfect but she's trying. Plus I like how she likes a younger guy because my dad's younger too and you never see that on TV. Jack struggles with his feelings and he's popular but his girlfriend is so annoying. I love Bobby. I wish my little brother were like him! It makes me want to get into politics. I mean, it's like two normal kids and it could be me. (But my Mom says I'm too idealistic. So what? THAT's the point!)
Adult Written byHG April 9, 2008

Watch it, I promise you'll love it

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!BTW, this show is NOT about the Kennedys. It's about 2 teenagers - Bobby is the independent, 'geeky' one, and Jack is a cool, regular guy - and their opinionated, tough single mom. One of them becomes president with the other's help. How do we become adults - adults we are proud of? What process leads a person to greatness? Do you have it in you or are you searching? How do you turn your flaws into ways to better yourself? Can you make a difference into others' lives? And, yeah, will that date tonight rock your world or what? If you love complex characters, adorable 13 year olds or cool high school guys (and girls), political relevance, glimpses into the future, and issues parents and teens can relate to... or any two of these! then it's the show for you. I promise you'll love it. BTW, the show is at 6pm on Sundays right now.
Teen, 16 years old Written bysocalledsyd April 9, 2008

i cried!

what better show to help encourage teens into politics? I loved this show the first time i saw it...such a sweet encouraging bond between two brothers. I could see where some people are coming from in the drug reference and language area other than that i think its a very touching show.
Teen, 16 years old Written bymissmissy April 9, 2008