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Parent of a 8 and 15 year old Written byCosmo21 September 21, 2013

Yet another horrible Disney Channel show

Like many, if not most, Disney Channel programs, this one presents most adults as complete idiots. I also question the premise of this show. Jessie is supposed to be a nanny to several young children, yet considering her often irresponsible and childish behavior, she would be the last person I would hire as a nanny. The only adult regularly featured in this show is the butler, who is portrayed as a buffoon. The Disney Channel seems intent on teaching children to have nothing but disrespect (and in some cases, contempt) for not only their parents but adults in general. I think Walt would be rolling over in his grave.
Parent of a 9 year old Written byCargo March 26, 2013

Poor Choice...

I immediately forbid my daughter from watching this show when I saw a teen boy lean in to kiss the main character, Jessie, and she pulled away. He said "You know you want it". Absolutely not the message I want my 9 year old getting about respect from boys as she grows older. We changed the channel after I saw that and I've never seen another minute of it.
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Too much sex
Parent Written bydostajoan September 11, 2013

pretty good

I like that the main character is not pursuing stardom. Most Disney shows are about that. Well written sitcom, good young actors. Nice diff. types of people in it. Corny, but that's fine. One story line about a young girls romantic interest was vetoed by this mom.
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Too much consumerism
Adult Written bystoryfan09 July 19, 2012

about all disney shows, even jessie

I think "Jessie" is an okay show, sure it has a lot of bad messages in the show, but kids needs to learn this at a young age, yes, they'll learn this around sixth grade (I did) but, for god's sake, yes, Ravi is stereotypical, but frankly, it's teaching kids about a different culture. Yes, the kids are rude, but it doesn't mean you should let YOUR kids take on the attitude simple solution. So, stop bagging on a show, simple solution there. Don't like it. Don't watch it. Kids like it, let them explore new horizons. Just don't let them take on the attitudes the kids on the show let off. If you do, bad parenting right there.
Educator and Parent Written bybromojambo March 10, 2014


Jessie is a good show for young kids. I highly recommend this show to anyone with a kid between 5 and 11. It shows positive moral values and a good message in a modern way.
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written bymsmommypants September 27, 2013

A nasty offensive and not-funny show. Better options on Disney.

My kids watch alot of the Disney sitcoms but this one is the WORST. The goofy Indian kid with the ridiculous accent, the sass-talking little african american girl adopted by a rich, white family, the shallow, stupid and hateful but beautiful rich blond girl, the mean older woman. It's chock full of offensive cliches about just about every group you can imagine and it's not funny either.
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Too much consumerism
Parent Written byUDKME July 13, 2013

What You Should Know About Jessie

The show Jessie has some ups and downs. To start off with, Morgan and Christina Ross' third kid, Ravi, does give some very interesting facts about his hometown, India. If you are worried about educational programs for your children this probably wouldn't be one to watch. Except all the interesting facts about India, New York, and occasionally Texas and Uganda. Some may say they use "racial stero-types" when it comes to Ravi and Zuri, but I think they use it for humor. Not to offend anyone or any culture. The only thing I do not like about Jessie is Zuri's constant attitude and sassiness. And it seems each and every adult doesn't care about it. This sets a bad example for younger viewers watching. I understand it's for humor, but most of her sass is just annoying and makes her look like a spoiled brat. Other than that I really enjoy this show and don't mind my children watching it. Unless they begin to have attitude. That's when I can thank Jessie for something I don't like. I also didn't like when Morgan and Christina Ross were making out in the first episode. I'm actually surprised Disney allowed that kiss. I also didn't like in the episode One Day Wonders, Luke made Jessie put on a very inappropriate for children exposing dress that Luke found very attracting. Considering Luke has a very unsecret love for his nanny. To be honest, besides all these little "inappropriate" mishaps I really enjoy this show. It has humor for all ages and some touching parts. It's even easy for any kid to relate. You have the fashion loving older sister, popular yet cool brother, somewhat foreign other brother, and one sassy little sister who is obviously spoiled like most younger siblings. All in all, as long as your kids know not to pick up any attitude from this show, they should be able to watch it.
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Parent Written byBabyDsMommy May 19, 2013

Disney Pre-Teen Shows are BAD Influence

There is little parents can do when it comes to changing what is shown or said on T.V. My daughter is no longer allowed to watch shows like Jessie or Dog with a Blog because of the negative traits they propagate. I am disappointed that Disney writers and producers are viewing obnoxious behavior as a necessary means to an end.
Parent of a 9 and 15 year old Written byCampmillermom April 20, 2013

Disney's Jessie: Debbie Ryan's wardrobe is completely inappropriate for her character.

I just want to add to the other comments about the show...what annoys me about the Debbie Ryan character, Jessie, is her wardrobe! her 4 inch platform/heels in every single episode is completely absurd. far to over-the-top and too "diva" for her character. it's actually laughable. it doesnt fit what her "down-to-earth" character needs to be wearing in a show geared to tweens. never mind the fact that its not something we want our girls to think is appropriate for every day life. we decided we are not going to watch it anymore, for many reasons.
Parent of a 4, 8, and 12 year old Written byxtraman10 March 4, 2013

so this is parenting

u think black ops 2 & robot chicken r iffy 4 kids 12, but this is the same? no, this is fine for any kid in the double digits. there IS a difference between dating & strong sexual content. should be TV-PG-DS.
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Too much sex
Parent of a 8 and 12 year old Written byfastraxsg December 15, 2012

What Happened To my SIS

I am 12 and I used to be really hooked on this show. Now I am a bit bored of it and my little sister ( she is 8) loves the show. She gets REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying because she MEMORIZES all their lines ( some are really arent that good : GO KICK SOME ASTROID!) and she also tries to act like Zuri who is a rich spoiled bratty kid. My mom has had to constantly remind her to stop acting like Zuri and even has banned her from the show more than one time! We dont watch the show daily now but we still do sometimes and I think my sister has calmed down a bit. Its really up to you but I wouldnt let your 4-9 year old kids watch it. Once your 10, its definitely something you even have to check on Common Sense anymore ( tell my mom that! She still checks KID TV SHOWS for me and Im 12!!)
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Too much swearing
Adult Written byTropicalhurricane July 27, 2012


Jessie is a really good show for ages 8 and up. Some parts can be inappriate but others are funny and sweet. Debby Ryan does a great job in acting in this series
Educator and Parent Written bychristian-witness June 29, 2012


Kissing between adults, and some heavy flirting and slightly inappropriate comments on the part of a boy who's smitten by his nanny. Brief body-related references like a bra that escapes a suitcase. Most female characters are very conscious of the way they look and the impact it has on guys. They were PROMOTING NEGATIVE body image to girls
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Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written byhas62372 November 4, 2011

Better than most from Disney Channel

I like that there is no obnoxious talking back to adults. I also like that they don't make fools out of the adults.
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Great role models
Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written byCody Patterson MJO October 11, 2015

Just fine for kids

If your kids are old enough to be in school, they're old enough to watch pretty much everything on Disney channel, including Jessie. It's a pretty dumb show, but there's just enough kid-oriented humor to keep my two year old and four year old engaged.
Parent Written byPeggySueH September 18, 2014

The only Disney show I don't let my kids watch

Really Disney? Disney educational spots are so great. They are all about not bullying, embracing differences, being healthy, cultural acceptance and girl power. AND then there is Jessie. Stereotype much??? The blonde girl is as they say "a dumb kid" (and shallow), the other "dumb kid" is the hispanic boy (but he sure can dance), the Indian boy has an accent and is socially awkward (the actor doesn't - why can't he just use his American accent?), the African American girl is smart but cheeky and the lazy butler is over weight. Not to mention they are absolutely mean to each other. Bad, bad, bad.
Adult Written byzbernalsilva14 March 10, 2014

a little sketchy, but the positives outweigh the negatives

to start off, within the first 3 minutes of the pilot episode, a very young girl makes reference to a bra, which immediately throws up some red flags. but, if you continue to watch, you can tell that this show has good intentions along with many positive models of far as language goes, there are words such as: poop, hate, and hick used throughout the show, but this type of language is nothing young children have never heard before. when it comes the role models in this show, the kids do have both parents together and living at home, but they are rarely around because they work all the time. this is why they are constantly going through baby sitters.there is a little amount of sexy stuff like a young kid flirting with jessie and references to mooning. and as far as the positive messages go, the underlying theme throughout is to follow your dreams and that love is too strong to be broken. all in all, i would definitely recommend this show to any audience over 7 or 8 years of age just to be safe.
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Great messages
Parent Written byTheAnalyzer101 February 27, 2014

Nothing wrong with this.

This show is put on Disney because of the childish humor that is portrayed in this show. Nothing is wrong with this show and how they act. This show in my opinion was made for kids between of 8-14 because of how the people in this show talk and act.
Parent Written byjonpat330 February 27, 2014


this show is pretty bad and i don't think you should be showing your children these terrible sitcom shows because it fried their brains and teaches them to be bratty and spoiled which isn't cool.
Parent Written byMazingmia October 23, 2013

It's okay :)

My younger brother shows me this show sometimes and I can say some good things and some bad things, good things r that The actor who plays, "Ravi" (i think) is a great actor!, and teaches u about India. It also makes u laugh once and a while (the butler is funny). Some bad things is well first isn't this girl 18? Aren't some (like early bday people) people still in high school, and shouldn't she be in college! cause isn't that setting a bad example and second some of the jokes r cheesy. This is coming out of a 15 year old so I know I'm a little old for it, but I'm just saying it for younger kids. All in all, this show is okay, funny though! Just if they maybe changed the plot around, made a few quirks it would be a great family show :) so I would say give it a chance (Debby Ryan is a really good actor too)