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Adult Written byidac July 3, 2015

Nobody cares how rich you are

Make them stop bragging about how much money they got. It is so aggravating like really. I don't care how rich you and your parents are.
Parent Written bybmmmmmmm May 12, 2015

Racist stereo types

Besides the whole "ditzy girl" nonsense, there the wonderful (note sarcasm) racial stereotyping of the boy from India... You know, the whole "stupid foreigner with a funny accent" thing played for laughs. Nice going Disney. I won't even go into how lame the Sassy black girl stereo type is. In short, stay away.
Adult Written bykoolgurl April 27, 2015
What other families should know
Great role models
Adult Written byzacharyg1 April 21, 2015
Parent Written bybradthedad March 28, 2015


At first I see a nanny and a few kids that live together in harmony but what I noticed after a few hours was the way Family channel tried to show the white people (the nanny and the butler) as the stupid people and the little black girl and the brown kid as the clever and smart people. My kids don't like to watch the show for other reasons but I didn't like them watching it because of that.
Adult Written bytrioe February 14, 2015

last of the good

watch this
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent Written byWillowWish December 30, 2014

Not the best

My daughter loves this show, but I have my doubts about it. First of all, there are no good role models, really, Emma is not the brightest mind, and should be spending more time studying math than doing her hair. Luke tries to be cool, but his obsession over Jessie is somewhat inappropriate, (But then again there are 7 year old girls obsessing over boy bands with 18 year olds.) Zuri really gets on my nerves, as she tries to put a sassy comeback or saying into each sentence, and the only decent role model is Ravi, but he is depicted as a loner kid, who owns a pet lizard and has no friends. Also, the fact that the kids are rich makes it hard for the average American girl to relate. I also don't get why if they're millionaires, they go to a crappy looking public school. But that's probably only something a parent would notice. I don't like how their parents are never there, because it makes it kind of sad. They make the problems they encounter be solved WAY to easily, but you can only have a TV show so long. Honestly, this show isn't the best, but it might entertain a young tween.
Adult Written bysophier84733 December 21, 2014

Really nice

I love this show, but sometimes when they mean to use language they replace it with some other word. Plus Luke tries to hit on his nanny(jessie) a lot of times. Small language is used (loser,nerd,geek,stupid and lots of sass.) They make the nanny seem like an idiot. I still love this show most of the time though.
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Great role models
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written byprabesh2001 October 7, 2014

good, pretty rough

lots of un attention sex talk
Adult Written byTheTrillonaire August 10, 2014

A young nanny from Texas takes on The Big Apple

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Parent of a 3 and 6 year old Written byMimitexas July 18, 2014

Attitude infusion

Most of what the reviewer wrote was right on. Stereotyping is rampant. I would like to add one thing further. The character Zuri is a bad example to kids at the impressionable ages 6 and below. We were allowing our 6 year old to watch Jessie on a regular basis and noticed a change in her attitude. She was lippy and sarcastic a lot of the time. We couldn't figure out the cause and tried talking to her and giving her consequences but nothing worked. Then I really started paying attention to what she was seeing on the shows like Jessie and others like A.N.T. Farm and I smacked my head! The way those actors talk to each other is appalling. We stopped allowing her to watch and we noticed an almost immediate improvement in her attitude. I think for older kids it may be ok but not for my daughter.
Parent Written byBecky Smith June 26, 2014

Priviledged kids, missing adult role models, sexual references, poor stereotypes

I am increasingly appalled at the Disney line up -- parents are either completely missing or idiots, there are no positive messages about learning/school and relationships are unhealthy including sexual references and stalking -- "Creepy Connie"
What other families should know
Too much sex
Parent Written byLola91210 April 13, 2014

Uptight parents , also naive

You guys are so naive . In today's society do you really think your kids are as innocent as can be ? Think again ! Yours kids probably know about sex and drugs . Also from today's technology , they can find out ANYTHING . So take their phone or tablet or laptop , THAT WONT DO ANYTHING . They can go to the library or a friends house or SCHOOL . Yes even school , to find these things out the way you Adults were growing up (I'm a teen) is very different nowadays . It's 2014 technology is at it's strongest right now , just because a tv show doesn't say the 'correct' things they want you to say . SO WHAT?!? It's not that serious , not everything is funny anymore , yes disney shows are stupid and they are not like the classics such as "That's So Raven" but guess what ? Disney did their research and found out the joke the kids like the most are DIRTY JOKES . Trust me they shouldn't talk about "teen image" and stuff but , everytime they look at pictures in fashion magazines TEEN IMAGE , going shopping and you see a model with the clothes from the store on . Guess what TEEN IMAGE . It's EVERYWHERE and you can do a single thing about it because , your child has resources in finding out AND you can't cage up your child forever . If you do that maybe they will go to the extreme to find out the things you don't want them to know and your child does something dumb and gets hurt mentally , physically , or even sexually . Sexual trafficking rings are everywhere , you NEVER know who could be apart of them . (And I'm not a mom I'm 13) #justsaying And when luke says "you wanna find it?" After Jessie ask if he had an off button , he could've simply meant his lips in which he wanted a kiss even though she is 18 ITS TV , just tell your in denial kid that its just TV and it's fake . they don't always have to believe what they see on TV , maybe they know everything on TV is FAKE and not to ALWAYS BELIVE IT . you think you the parents were thinking negatively and thought that he was talking about maybe his private area . You guys are overthinking this show and Emma is motivated because she is motivated to get what she wants and to not stop until she reaches her goal . Zuri is SASSY not RUDE . A lot of 11 <<< yes ELEVEN Year olds act sassy . STOP BEING OVER PROTECTIVE . There no SEX in this or swearing . Or drugs , smoking , or drinking , in the end they always end up learning a FAMILY lesson .
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Great role models
Too much sex
Educator and Parent Written byEducationalParent March 10, 2014

Cat dog is pretty good

this show is both comical and full of flavor. me gusta
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Great role models
Parent of a 17 year old Written byjunior Martinez March 10, 2014

I do not like this TV show but it is not a bad TV show

there is not drugs, bad words therefore children who like this TV show they cant watch it.
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Great messages
Parent Written byedundon14 March 10, 2014

a good show with some bad intentions

This show has some great role models in it with the baby sitter Jessie. The kids on the other hand are sort of unruly and some kids may not understand that's not what your suppose to act like. Some of the kids also have some outlandish animals and things in their rooms but most kids should understand that they are just fake characters. The one big problem I had with the show was how the younger kid was hitting on jessie so much and making sexual jokes that kids would repeat not knowing what they mean and probably get in trouble.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Too much sex
Parent Written byTheAnalyzer101 February 27, 2014

Nothing wrong with this.

This show is put on Disney because of the childish humor that is portrayed in this show. Nothing is wrong with this show and how they act. This show in my opinion was made for kids between of 8-14 because of how the people in this show talk and act.
Parent Written byjonpat330 February 27, 2014


this show is pretty bad and i don't think you should be showing your children these terrible sitcom shows because it fried their brains and teaches them to be bratty and spoiled which isn't cool.
Adult Written byMike5566 February 27, 2014

Jessie Review

I believe that this show would be appropriate for children ages 8-12. only because there are some suggestive themes, other than that it is your average Disney channel show. A few kids, its set in a hotel, the nanny is a teenager, lots of comedic comments and sass. It is a good laugh and i definitely recommend this show for you and your family.
What other families should know
Great role models
Parent Written byleekp February 16, 2014

Just dumb

This show is a typical Disney show - the kids are all pushed to grow up fast and do things that older kids do, the adults are buffoons, and the female characters over 10 are all heavily made up and very into boys. My 9 year old finds it entertaining. It does have some chuckles in most episodes, but they aren't thought provoking at all - the jokes are just silly; overall, I find this show painfully stupid and negative. The eldest girl character is very focused on her looks and fashion. Jessie, the babysitter, is heavily made up and wears impractical high heels with skin tight clothes on just about every episode; she also repeatedly tries to get the kids under her care to "grow up" faster than they want to. Examples include trying to convince the 8ish year old to forget about her imaginary friends and getting the 12ish year old to get rid of the stuffed animal he sleeps with. I don't get the rush. It provided fodder for conversation as we discussed why Jessie feels it is necessary to rush these kids out of behaviors that harm no one and comfort them. It's typical of Disney TV to rush kids and work hard to shame them for not growing up fast enough - thumbs down.
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Too much consumerism