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Parent reviews for Kevin Can Wait

Common Sense says

James shines, but clichés bog down mundane sitcom.
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Parents say

age 13+
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age 10+
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Adult Written byJacob Delany March 21, 2019
Adult Written byKathy L. October 13, 2017
I loved King of Queens Leah Remini and Kevin James have good chemistry so I'm willing to give them a shot most definitely King of Queens was very funny very good and had good topics in it I hope I see the same in this
Parent of a 16 and 18+ year old Written bynuenjins September 30, 2017

Was just OK, then horendous season 2 premier killed it.

Season one was alright with Kevins wife to balace out the comedy with jabs to counter Kevins typical bufoonery. SPOILER. Season 2 they killed the wife off and then played it off like the loss of a dead goldfish. To top it off they have Kevins old King Of Queens wife playing a surogate mother. The whole thing was tasteless and we won't be watching any more. Now it's just dumb and mindless ala' Kevins dead movie career.
Adult Written byPittsburghmichaels August 6, 2017

One of TV's finest shows

This is one TV's finest shows. Kevin james returns to TV with Leah Remini joining the cast . This is for all ages but their is some drinking on here other than that this is a greats show

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Adult Written byQuinn H. July 17, 2017

Poor Show...Kevin can wait

I believe this show is very insulting to retired cops or cops overall. He's playing on the joke that cops are fat and lazy and that bothers me because I have friends n family who are cops and they work hard and are not over weight. Kevin James plays the same exact character like his last show...king of queens. Boring!!! So original guy... Hes a selfish bastard who only cares about himself and only himself.
Adult Written byJennifer L. November 7, 2016

Wife Age

Actually Kevin James is only 11 years older than the gal playing his wife. Not such a stretch.
Parent Written byNikki M. October 1, 2016

Pure comedy

This show is clean cut. It's funny and it's real. The way he acts on this show is how men act. They get bored and do stupid things. Lol

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Adult Written byPius G. September 29, 2016

Same ole Song & Dance

This is a show safe for family, wont be any risky material for anyone being uncomfortable to watch with kids or parents. The show itself is a safe humor without anything we havent seen before. The supporting cast could go for an upgrade and the age gap between Kevin and wife is a stretch like him being a cop. Get real with the job and your wife and update the cast. This isnt King of Queens, and never be as good!
Adult Written byRobert D. September 20, 2016

I don't buy it

I can't get over the age difference between Kevin James and his TV wife. She looks more like she should be his daughter. It takes away from the comedy. It adds a creep factor. Who cast this show? Kevin James? Someone needs to tell him that he looks old. He doesn't see it.
Adult Written bychris d. September 20, 2016

didnt see the show in its entire but seemed ok

i watched a little of this show last night and while i did expect a little more from kevin james'didnt get any huge laughs' it was still a tolarable show that i might try agin he has a hard heart at first but then reolizes he made a mistake thats a good example and 'i like that ' as he says on the show ' seemed family friendly too wich is a plus

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