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Game show has singing, painful stunts, and salty lingo.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byneedlegrass March 4, 2014

Worse than books by Stephanie Meyer

Horrible, horrible, horrible. DO NOT even bother with this show. The show is sickening as it makes it's contestants walk across rotten pig guts, get bitten by non-poisonous snakes, and sick their ears on mouse traps all while singing karaoke. This is like some sort of Japanese show in English, except the Japanese shows are actually good and actually funny. It's sickening, you will want to actually puke after watching this and maybe even spray your eyes with acid because you can NEVER unsee this. The contestants are literally screaming with pain or fear; THEY ARE SCREAMING. ONLY A SICK PERSON WOULD ENJOY MAKING/WATCHING PEOPLE SCREAM FOR AMUSEMENT. The contestants are good singers, but they slowly lose their charm after being dunked in a tank of snakes or forced to eat who-knows-what. I'm surprised they haven't thought of a punishment like making the contestant read Twilight or make them watch a crappy Adam Sandler movie or make them sing Justin Bieber songs. I actually hope that don't see this because chances are they will actually have contestants do that; and the only thing worse than having you image destroyed by having to eat live worms in having your pride taken down when you show the world that you actually know Justin Bieber's "Baby" so well that you can karaoke it. Please, don't bother with this piece of trash. It's a waste of money that could actually be put to better use, like, oh I don't know, it could be donated to starving children in Africa or for to cancer research facilities. THINK ABOUT THAT TRU TV!!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Teen, 14 years old Written bymrbookworm01 December 22, 2012

Not good, not terrible

I saw an episode of this show last night. I don't really like this show. The humor is lacking, the premise is uncreative, and Steve-O is just plain obnoxious. The premise is that these contestants try to sing throughout the midst of crazy and dangerous stunts (Ex. Being put in a tank of freezing water while snakes are added.) Then, the audience votes on who they thought was the "best singer" (or should I say, the funniest to watch suffer), and the top 3 go on to the final round. There, they sing the same song while on a spinning wheel, and the last contestant left standing wins the money from a timer that goes on during the challenge. Now, Steve-O SAYS the contestants have to sing the whole time, but they really don't, since it has no impact on the show. Anyway, the show's not creative, rarely funny, and is for the most part, just a rip-off of Fear Factor. I don't find it terrible or good: just mediocre. Violence: Contestants go through potentially dangerous stunts (Ex. Being put into a tank of freezing water with snakes, or being shocked with electric devices attached to their bodies) Nobody gets hurt. Sex: Some challenges require the removal of clothing, but no full-on nudity. Language: Some swearing, but it's all censored out. Drinking: Some references to drinking.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 16 years old Written byLiam ingram August 20, 2015

Killer karaoke

It's a really great show I couldn't stop laughing this is what the shows about thay have to sing there song and do things that scare then Like this lady had to where shock things and serve Steve food With out stop singing but my favourite was the Snakes the man said no I hate snakes !!! But he had to Walk through the pretend desert what it is the man had balloons all over him where glasses he wasn't drunk it's just glasses so when he looks in them its like he's drunk because he can't see clearly and he had to walk through and there was lots of thorns and cactus and other things I would say it should be age 14 because there's stuff like rotten fish guts it know it sounds gross but thay have it because thay had closed doors than the man opens it and thay have to walk though it