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Hyper star's antics dominate mediocre alien comedy.

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Kid, 11 years old December 27, 2012

Worst Show Ever!

I didn't think there was anything worse than Fred's movies and show, but then I watch this. It is way too childish. It makes Spongebob look like it was rated TV-PG. I tried to force myself to watch it, but it was the worst 30 minutes of my life. I saw a preview and I knew all about the show, it is gross, immature, and would probably be terrible. It is terrible. I saw only one episode that tells you everything about this TV show. It's the episode when Marvin freezes grandpa. I found out that Marvin is dangerously stupid. At this point, Nick should've fired Lucas C. because he made the worst movies, is the worst actor, and has the most unbearable voice. Common Sense Media is once again wrong on their review. This show doesn't even deserve 2 stars. No one should even deem this show good. It makes Fanboy and Chum Chum look like Rocko's Modern Life.
Parent Written byCindy Ledger December 22, 2012

UGH, can't bear this show for one minute

NO words to describe how BAD this show is.
Parent Written byCallie Rae December 22, 2012

REALLY bad show...worst I've seen in a while...

A big, big mess of a show. NOT worth watching.
Parent Written byTheRealReview December 3, 2012

Nickelodeon really has better shows to offer than this one.

This show gives Nickelodeon a really bad name....It's like they stole Disney Channels show ideas. (which isn't a good thing) When I first saw the commercial for the show I knew it would be really bad. Well, I was right, I tried to watch the show but I couldn't get through the whole thing because it was just really bad, and not to be mean at all but his voice is unbearable. I would suggest that you let your kids watch the other shows that Nickelodeon has to offer (Examples: ICarly, Victorious, How to Rock) these shows I just listed are great examples of quality shows. They teach kids to follow their dreams, it's okay to be different, and all in all your kids will love the structure the shows have. Marvin Marvin has no structure at all, and it is just all over the place. He dances randomly when he hears earth music? He has organs in his butt?? It all seems a little too frivilous, uninteresting, and unoriginal. Shows like this should be saved for Nick Junior. Most of the kids that are ages 11-16 watch the three shows I named because they're relatable to their age groups. Marvin Marvin is targeted at 11-16 year olds which is pretty ridiculous because kids don't really pay attention to make believe when they hit puberty. To sum it all up, Marvin Marvin is great for little kids but not for kids that are hitting puberty.