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Adult Written byThatRussianYakAttack November 30, 2009
I personally think Ruby pushes Max around too much and has a bit too much pride for a little bunny. She always thinks she is right and acts as if she is perfect. This results in her bullying Max in just the slightests ways and teaches kids to be too confident to the point where they're haughty.
Kid, 12 years old November 23, 2009
"Compromising" if seen positively, but in the end Max actually always get what he wants. They are unsupervised throughout the show.
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Educational value
Teen, 17 years old Written byscreeny September 30, 2009

To dull

Static Background and flash animation does not appeal. No parents. The little one gets his way the big one constantly chatters on max's mistakes,takes max's toys without permission
Parent of a 2 year old Written byJsDad September 16, 2009
I think it is a *good* show for my 2yo. It helps children to solve problems on their also shows older children 5+ how to be patient with their toddler siblings. Not great...but not bad either
Parent of a 2, 3, 11, and 13 year old Written bypaul946 August 21, 2009

This program seems agenda driven to empower girls by emasculating boys.

I only found one other review that was close to what I saw when I watched this with my daughter. In case Max hasn't figured it out he is the lowest rung on the ladder. Max is completely dependent on the female characters in the show. He is normally portrayed as less intelligent than the females. The only times the show gives him any intelligence is when he is being mischevious. He also has has no moral authority. If you watch the show for a time you'll see Max is usually wrong regardless of the episode. When the females are wrong it is because they have neglected their caregiving duties (because Max is always dependent on females). It's like watching a mystery movie on the Lifetime Network. It's not a puzzle, the male character did it. So in this world Ruby or the other females are nearly always right, except when they are not good mommies. Max is nearly always wrong. Ruby is smarter. Max is dumb until he applies himself properly to evil. Ruby has the power and Max is dependent with no power. The people who wrote and produced this have serious issues. I see a Patrick listed as a writer and wonder how any self-respecting male could condone let alone write something like this for children. I watch other programs with my daughter and hate it when girls are shown subservient and inferior. The idea that my girls have less to contribute simply because they are girls is ridiculous. The people who make those shows I would imagine are normally closed-minded but ignorant of their prejudices. They seem to lack an agenda. This program seems agenda driven to empower girls by emasculating boys.
Kid, 8 years old August 11, 2009


Max Has Toys
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Too much consumerism
Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written bylifeincircuit July 8, 2009

Confusing, but sweet!

I have to admit that max and ruby is a little weird. Like mentioned, the only adult figure is the grandma, and she does not live with them. They're always going places(like the mall) without adults, and I believe ruby(the eldest) is supposed to be six. Weird! That said, It's an absolutely precious series. My kids both adore it. It's a great model for them to follow and I really think it does help my eldest to see how her and her brother should get along. She's also picked up some cute language habits from ruby(very proper). Overall, I love it.
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent of a 1 and 2 year old Written byazmendozafamily... July 6, 2009

Light-hearted kid fare

My kids are just 14 months apart, so it's nice for them to see how two siblings get along well together. Ruby sometimes seems a little bossy in her insistance of having Max do what she wants, but not at all mean.
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent of a 5 year old Written byomommie June 9, 2009
Parent of a 3 year old Written bysahminva March 17, 2009


This is by far my 3 year old daughter's favorite show. Its cute and sweet, but also teaches manners, patience and how to handle sticky situations. And, I really like it too, haha. I'll watch it just to see what little Max is going to get into next.
Kid, 9 years old March 5, 2009

Great for a 4 year old, but 3 year old is ok

This is a really funny show about a mischevious bunny who wants everything and you'll never know what he is going to do. A must watch show from a 4 year old.
Adult Written bysoyabeansmom April 9, 2008

Not a great role model

Max and Ruby might be good for social interactions, but where are their parents? Why is Ruby always looking after Max, and why are they always alone in that house. You never see parents, yes, adults, but not parents. I see a little girl bossing her little brother around a great deal and not a good relationship at all.
Adult Written byouarda April 9, 2008
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

This turned my brother into a brat!

I don't like the way Ruby is always bossing around Max and not letting him do what he wants. And Max's constant one-word requests resulted in my brother saying "cheese. cheese. cheese." for hours.
Adult Written byprismamoon April 9, 2008

My daughter and I love to watch it together!

My daughter and I have been watching Max and Ruby together since she was two (she entered first grade this year) and we still love it. Max is quite a little trouble maker and Ruby, his very patient older sister, is a good example for older siblings. My favorite part of the show is that, in most episodes, Ruby makes a rather narrow-mided assumption about how things should be done, but eventually realizes that there are other ways to get things done through her little brother's mischievous interference. I think there are lessons in this show for people of all ages, and the toe-tapping jazz soundtrack makes it loads of fun!
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008


Adult Written byEliMama April 9, 2008
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008


This show is ok but ruby always yells at max . I Think That Ruby shoud stop bossing max around And Why Don't They Have Any Parents? But this show is still ok for little kids
Adult Written byFilmutante April 9, 2008

Better for slightly older Pre-schooler

Falls short of the series of books that it is based on by Rosemary Wells. It is gentle- but has the annoying habits of re-inforcing gender stereo-types as well as the superiority of older siblings. We like the pace and subtle humor. The show is written to amuse both adults and children.
Parent of a 4 year old Written bymarykins2004 April 9, 2008

Nice, quiet, gentle show

I look for this show, and Little Bear to calm and unwind my 3 year old. He may not be glued to the screen, but the sound tract is nice. It's a kind and gentle show. My son and I laugh at big sister's bossiness, and say 'oh-oh' when Max raises his eyebrow. Cute.