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Fantasy series has positive themes, intimidating villains.

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Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written bynychellay July 27, 2014

Too scary for my kids

I think if your little ones are used to witches and scary looking creatures, go for it. Our four year old likes the show. But I don't understand why it is on nick jr. It should be on regular nick, its just not appropriate for small babies, never,ind the fact that it has no educational value whatsoever! No sharing is caring message, nothing! They shouldn't have put it on, my two year old has nightmares now, so we will be sticking with veggie tales, dora, leap frog, magic school bus, etc.
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Too much violence
Parent of a 6 year old Written bymnm4242 November 12, 2014

Great show! Don't like the flirting though.

I really really enjoy the show and my 6 year old daughter LOVES it. It is very interesting and beautiful. My only issue with it is the flirting that goes on in the show between the boy elf and Mia and the other girl elf. There are some awkward moments and seeing as this show is on Nick Jr, I feel it is too flirtatious when it's targeted toward 5-6 year old little girls. I guess the boy has a crush on Mia and the other girl is jealous. And Mia likes the boy, etc. You get the drift.
Parent Written bym3rover October 23, 2014

A Fantasy Delight

this program, or at least the edited version shown on Nick Jr. (The real world part of the show has been removed from the Nick Jr. Version so my review is based on the fantasy part only), is about a girl who travels from the real world to a fantasy world (based on the artworks of Klimt) with a mystery to solve. The show has a good deal of teamwork, friendship, sacrifice, and compassion examples. There are also social conflicts which are usually solved with one of those qualities. Overall I'd say the cartoon portion of the show is quite nice and should satisfy any child interested in unicorns or fairies. There are bad guys in the cartoon portion, and I'd imagine in the live portions as well, but they are usually defeated with music or a water spray the shrinks them to a small body with a big head (quite comical). I could see that my 3yo was nervous at first with the bad guys but quickly adapted when she saw them easily defeated by the good elves and unicorns. Overall I'd say it's a pretty good show and not terribly annoying to adults like most cartoons. The characters voice acting is nice and calm, not yelling all the time like most "education shows" such as Peg Cat and Little Einsteins... Why are they always yelling?
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Great messages
Great role models
Educator and Parent of a 5 year old Written byExigente June 22, 2015

Limp and lame

I think it's important to filter my daughter's entertainment not only by whether it's age-appropriate and reflects my values, but also by whether it's got any artistic merit. I find Mia and Me to be a poorly-written, shoddily-produced commercial endeavor with little to no creativity or wit. I don't think it will do anybody any harm, per se, but nor will it set imaginations ablaze the way good stories do. Even "just for fun" children's television has the power to arouse curiosity and inspire creativity, to impart wisdom, humor, and love of language, and to enrich children's inner lives. This show does none of that, if you ask me. It's a waste of precious TV time in our house.
Educator and Parent Written byJared Galczynski May 21, 2014


I love that name Mia. And I also love M.I.A.
Parent Written byNathan Keen May 1, 2015

Good moral themes

There are some great features of this series. One episode shows the theme of sacrifice, relating directly to Jesus' sacrifice and love. All episodes have oracles from a book, relating to oracles in the Bible. The worldview is somewhat moral - good vs evil, though there are several godlike unicorns that are relied upon as saviors instead of Jesus. The series is well made and is interesting even for adults. Other things are not so good but can be discussed. For example the main character has pranks played on her (in the real world) but instead of responding with assertive peacemaking, plays pranks back. Mia doesn't like her short dress, and it's refreshing to have that brought up, but it never gets rectified. Remember to ask: Why doesn't she like her skirt so short? And remind your daughter from a young age that she is far more valuable than her body - value her brains, creativity, friendship etc. But this aspect of short skirts is thankfully never flaunted.
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Great messages
Parent Written byzonarocks22 December 16, 2016

Average show, supporting gender stereotypic roles

I allowed my six-year-old girl to watch this show based on CSM reviews - I now regret it. While she enjoys the show, and there are some worthy messages in it, it also reinforces many gender stereotypes (e.g., the "mean girl" role, girls crying at a romantic movie, only boys knowing about electronic equipment, girls be overly concerned about their appearance). My other complaint is about another frequent message - the primary female character (Mia, an otherwise positive role model for the most part), often devises ways to get "back at" the mean girls in her boarding school. While these themes can be great springboards for discussing sexism and friendship with your child, I think a 5 year old (as CSM suggests) is just too young to be exposed - once again - to such topics.
Teen, 13 years old Written byFuture Mrs. Layton February 8, 2017


I personally really enjoy the show. I have heard there is 2 versions, and I personally like the full version better (with live action). Really reccomend this for anyone!
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent Written byam j. January 30, 2017


My daughter was looking for something new to watch on Netflix and she is in love with unicorns, fairies, so we decided to give "Mia and me" a try. I dont think it should be on nick Jr. I'd say this is more of a show for a grade school to middle school child 7-12. However, any kid of any age can watch there is nothing inappropriate (nothing educational). I dont know why they are elves though they are more like fairies. I prefer the tinker bell movies but for a parent of a girl who is into imagination and maybe transitioning onto a new phase of her life its a pleasant show to watch. Its nice its set in Florence. I'm sick of how for years most shows were always set in NYC, Chicago, and anywhere in California.
Parent Written byCynthia S. January 4, 2017


The story is charm. The main character is Mia who isn't very friendly, almost too bold and demanding. I prefer my almost 4 year old to watch something with more lessons that is coming from a character more fun loving. For examples, mickey mouse clubhouse, sofia the first and Elena of Avalor.