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Kid, 12 years old June 6, 2009

Comparing japanese and english versions.

Naruto is a very great anime with a great story. In the japanese version it has swearing in the english subtitles and more blood for instanse when Naruto used the Sexy Justu Iruka-Sensai was bleeding which is innapprpriote for some people and even i do too. But in the English version there is less bleed and so some stuff was cut out which is good for younger people. So for udults if you want your children to see the clean version see english. By the way Naruto Shippuden is on japanese so it will be the same as the other naruto series but not the english version. But someday the Shippuden episode and series will be translated and cleaned out some time in 2009 and mybe released in the US. I recomend this show for kids ages 10 or 11 and up.
Teen, 14 years old Written byprincesspopular6417 June 5, 2009

I really liked it!

I've seen this show on cartoon network in english and I liked the fact that it has no cussing in it. for the person who wrote the review for it,He/She have must have seen the tv show on dvd or something because on cartoon network it has no cussing at all. I would give this show an on for 12 and up because even though the show has no cussing on cn,it's kind of more of something teenagers would get into. So basicaly,you're only going to have the cuss words if you see the japanesse verison with the english subtitles.
Teen, 13 years old Written byBlueBalloon May 29, 2009

words can't explain.

ok, first off naruto i admit does have a few obcenities, but putting aside what they teach kids in school anyway, naruto is the best show i have ever seen, like i said, words cant explain it acyually has lots of good messages like laying down yor life for a freind, and never give up, its actually very inspirational. If ur kid already knows what sex is, seeing a girl in a bikini wont push him over the edge. BUT there are many people who hate naruto, and the people who openly like it are at there own risk of being persecuted. 100 out of 100 i reccomend this.
Teen, 13 years old Written by1BlueAngel1 May 13, 2009


this is da best show ever thres a little blood here and there but other than that and a perverted old man its ok
Teen, 14 years old Written byRyukGodOfDeath April 30, 2009

....Example: "I cried! I laughed!" or "I lost six brain cells watching this!" or "A must-read book for every 8-year-old"

Amazing show, but for once in my time i am saying that its 15+ because it has got quite a bit of blood, and the further you get it gets bloodyer and swears a bit, and wen you get to the shipuuden the violence hits its limmit Bu ammazing show!
Teen, 14 years old Written bymkalv April 26, 2009

Great show with minor annoyances.

This show is great. No wonder everyone likes it. However, the flashbacks can get pretty annoying. Also, noty for young kids.
Teen, 14 years old Written bystarman April 20, 2009

The novels are better

show not so good, novels excellent
Kid, 11 years old April 17, 2009

Pretty Good Kid's Show...

Naruto,(As I've heard) is a wonderful, kid-friendly show. However, Naruto Shippuden is meant for adults and older teens, so I highly reccomend ONLY letting your children watch Naruto, and not Naruto Shippuden.
Teen, 13 years old Written byEmo_rainbow_love April 8, 2009

its rules, plain and simple.

me and my brother love this show. its funny, and sometimes brings a tear to your eye. its a heart warming anime show. everyone should be able to watch it.
Teen, 16 years old Written bywolfluv203 April 6, 2009


Teen, 14 years old Written bydexhenry11 March 6, 2009

bring my naruto back

Naruto is the coolest show I ever seen. my cousin Mark can sing all the seasons in japenese. He loves naruto. and i dont Know why they are trying to get rid of him. Him and his cousin Rahzael has had enough of them trying to get rid of my Naruto.
Kid, 10 years old February 1, 2009

Naruto Rocks. Period.

It's nothing kids aren't hearing at school 24/7. I love Naruto!! It's hilarious but it still has an awesome action balance, I see no problems.
Teen, 14 years old Written bysonicfan142 January 12, 2009

naruto rating

not age apropriate for kids ages 14 or up should watch this not kids
Parent of a 6 and 8 year old Written byYBNormal January 7, 2009
Kid, 11 years old December 28, 2008

I love it

Great Tv Show.
Kid, 12 years old December 26, 2008


To all of those people that think Naruto is dumb: I understand that in the beginning of the serius everyone was sterio-type but as it goes on you understand what these charecters are going through. Like Naruto, he totally acts like a clown and idiot but later it shows what he went through. Same for alot of charecters. And if you watch the show long enough then some episode you will start crying. So it's not a dumb show at all. It's actually pretty great. -Violence- depends, sometimes it's really violent and scary(japenese version has quite a bit of blood) but nothing that bad unless the episode has a violent theme. -Language- like always, japenese has pretty bad(damn,idiot,stupid, and VERY rarly the f-word and s-word) the english doen't have that bad. -Socail- Charcters change ALOT throughout the serius, so no worries, unless talking about villians. -Sex- Naruto has this tequnique that turns him into a naked girl(nothing shown) and that about all for him(he stops using it in Shippuden(part 2). But he has a teacher, Jiriya, who id OBSSESED with woman and every time he is in a episode, he tries to flirt with at least one. Regularly nothing there in most episodes though.
Kid, 11 years old December 23, 2008

Really good.

I love this show. Ninja fights and Violent chases have always seemed to spark my interest.
Adult Written byHyperX December 1, 2008

Appropriate for Preteens

This show has just about no bad language, and the only thing I'm not sure I like is all the violence. However, in comparison to the Japanese version, this show is really toned down. It's really suitable for anyone above 10.
Teen, 13 years old Written bykyo kun shoma fan November 29, 2008

i liked it its ok

it is a good show and i have read the manga . i have nothing agensted it. but i like fruits basket ALOT MORE ( my screen name is kyo kun shoma fan after all) also lucky star and azumanga daioh. i also want to see what bleach is like. but i gess i have not seen much of naruto to give an honest review yet. all in all good show for fans but just not my typ.
Teen, 16 years old Written byRyuzakiLuver3 November 23, 2008


I love this show! I think its not good forkids uder 11 though withpervy old Jiriaya! :D