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Great cast in winning Groundhog Day-type tale.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byironkid21 November 16, 2013

charming Zachary Gordon Christmas flick is sincre with great messages

I was really looking forward to Pete's Christmas but I probably would've not known anything about it if it hadn't starred Zachary Gordon or Bailee Madison. Zachary Gordon is one of my favorite actors at the moment whether it's portraying the flawed but likeable (well, in 2 and 3) hero Greg Heffley in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" films or his charismatic, weekly Skylander Giants news show on YouTube "Skylanders Boomcast"! And Bailee Madison is absolutely charming and charismatic whether she's in comedies such as "Just Go With It" or "Parental Guidance" or her role on the new ABC sitcom "Trophy Wife" as the testy Hilary. Despite being a made for TV movie, Pete's Christmas is without a doubt, one of the most charming movies I've seen all year! The plot for this is quite similar to Groundhog Day, in the repeating day element, but Groundhog Day and Pete's Christmas are both different movies. Zachary Gordon does a great job at playing the character Pete! I can see lots of people finding similarities between Greg Heffley and Pete Kidder but the truth is while they do have a bit of similarities, the two characters are mildly different. In the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" films, Greg Heffley did have a bit of crazy things going on, but a lot of them were caused by him and he had to learn to acknowledge them and be honest it was his fault. In "Pete's Christmas", the crazy things happening are barely even his fault. Lets see, he wakes up with pee in his bed, his parents give all his siblings presents instead of him, a Christmas tree that his brother dropped falls on him, and his parents blame him for dropping it, his brothers blame him for the electricity getting shut off, after eating at a resturant, everybody gets food poisoning, and his dad and grandpa keep arguing causing his grandpa to storm off and leave. And then...Pete has to keep experiencing the day...over and over again! But Pete can do lots of things to make this not-so-hot day into something really special for himself, and his family! All of the cast have great moments and chemistry on screen together whether they're between Zachary Gordon and Bailee Madison (who's still as loveable and charming as ever, not phoning it in at all, playing Katie, Pete's new friend), Zachary Gordon and Bruce Dern (who's great as Pete's grandpa), and so on. The film also has great messages about family and while there's things that irritate us, we should try enjoying the little things. As Pete tells his grandpa at the end of the film, "I realized that life's like an empty box, it doesn't matter what you get out of it, what really matter's is what you put into it". Overall, Pete's Christmas is a fun, charming watch that will put you in a jolly, holiday mood!
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