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Inside look at plural marriage community, without sex talk.

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Adult Written bylucidreams318 June 5, 2013

Are you Freakin' KIDDING ME?

I heartily disagree with this reviewer's characterization that there is a positive side to a polygamous lifestyle that is not negated by its negatives. Firstly, even though she characterizes polygamy as a "choice", how can an 18 year old girl be expected to make any other choice regarding marriage when "the lifestyle" is all that she has really been exposed to? How much exposure to normal marriage situations does this reviewer suppose these girls have had? Second, this reviewer is not taking into account that "the lifestyle" causes young boys to be cast out because since there are many women for one man, some boys must be got rid of so that there isn't so much competition for the attentions of the girls. Third, what about the girls born in Centennial Park who may not be able to bear children? What is their purpose? Where do THEY fit in? Built in babysitters, maybe? Fourth, what are the boys who are on their "missions" being payed? Does it occur to the reviewer that they go unpaid so that "the brethren" can continue to make a profit using cheap labor and so that normal municipal services (which require taxes) are not needed? Fifth, does it occur to the reviewer that Colorado City and Centennial Park are basically only separated by a couple of miles and that they are BOTH fundamentalist Mormons?
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Parent Written bymuddlepuddle May 22, 2013

Great show, I watched with my kids!

I loved the show!! It really gave you an open minded look into something very miss-understood. Also helped me to realize that there is more than one polygamist group out there, and that they are just normal people trying to live normal their own way. I found it fascinating!
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