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Parent reviews for Ryan's Mystery Playdate

Common Sense says

YouTube star unboxes friends, not toys, in fun family show.
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Parents say

age 4+
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age 4+
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Adult Written byLDENNISON112784 April 29, 2019


I started letting my son watch Ryan's toys review and everything seemed to be good at 1st. After a few episodes I realized the parents are using their Child for their own benefits. It's technically not a Toy review. It almost feels like they purchase their child all of these toys and Host onYouTube To show them off or rub it in to other families. I stop letting my son watch his videos when they video taped a family vacation and my son begged me to take him to Disney world and I had to explain to Liam the I could not take him because we did not have the money that Ryan had. After that he asked me why does Ryan get all of these toys and he can't. And his mother and father are annoying and seem fake.
Adult Written byFatherJohn April 28, 2019

Spoiled Kid who shouldn’t be on TV

I didn't allow the children to watch Ryan on YouTube now I have to figure out how to block him on the NickJR app (still haven’t found a way) and on the TV.

He’s popular for his “Toy” reviews and his “personality”. He’s an over indulged child that his parents are using to support their family. Also his mother is very loud and annoying.

Children do not need the influence of this child/his family with their More/Newer/Better.
We need to teach kids to appreciate what they have, use their imagination, play outside, and how to enjoy life without a constant barrage of material possessions.

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Adult Written byrar94 July 12, 2019


I also created an account to give my opinion on the ridiculous show. There is nothing remotely entertaining or educational about this show. The child and the parents are horrible actors. This show does not warrant a time slot on Nickelodeon, since we have to pay for this garbage. This needs to be taken off the air immediately!!
Adult Written byGangsteroflove111 June 15, 2019

How did this kid get a show ?!

So confused to how this child and his parents got their own show. After 5 agonizing minutes I had to change the channel. Please cancel this garbage!
Adult Written byTandy0121 July 12, 2019

Poor Quality and very Boring

My 7 year old son loved watching Ryan on YouTube even wanted all the toys being sold at different stores( which by the way are a waste of money and ridiculously expensive for what they are). I just watched this show twice and could stand to watch it completely. It is very boring, not educational and the father is extremely annoying to watch. This show should be cancelled.
Adult Written byloulou79 June 30, 2019

Absolute rubbish .

It’s all about the parents now and how much money they can make , don’t even get me started on a child that is a spoiled brat and likes everything his own way which is actually his parents fault for rewarding him ! I want to kick the tv in when I hear that ghastly theme tune too.. my daughter loves it of course .. so just limit her time ton1/2 episodes .. but I hate it with a passion .

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Parent Written bygoodparentoverhere June 10, 2019

Don't let your young kids watch this!

This show has consumerism because Ryan unboxes toys that other children watch. I hate it! It just makes Graham, my 5 year old son, JEALOUS! DO NOT LET KIDS 7 AND UNDER WATCH!!! Even if they're 8+, it's still pretty horrible.

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Adult Written byDisaMena September 19, 2019

Completely Fake!!

In the beginning, when my kids first saw Ryan's show on Nickelodeon, yeah we all thought- cool, let's see what it's about... I gave it the benefit of the doubt and thought, maybe it'll get better. But it's really not. I can see what other parents are talking about and they're not wrong at all! The "Daddy" as they call him on the show, is always doing this awkward move where he shakes his head as in nodding yes with his mouth open, exposing his big teeth. He does that throughout the whole show and it just erks me. He's definitely a horrible actor- SUPER FAKE- and I'm sure Nickelodeon sees it but tolerates it. Now the mom, she's just as horrible as her husband but not as bad! What are the parents purposes on the show, I have no idea! And Ryan, every play date he has, he has to be the winner, never been taught to lose! He gets super easy hints that doesn't give any challenge! So all this tells me is he is spoiled, doesn't like to share, and this family- not only needs a haircut- but let's they're son walk all over them!
Overall this is a horrible show and when I see it coming on, I change the channel to PBS for my toddler.
Adult Written byJill78Sam August 20, 2019

No educational purpose

I find this show odd. The father in the show makes it seem very rehearsed. Ryan has seen and played with every toy known to man but he smiles anyway. The "mystery play dates" well are not really
educational. One episode had a woman on smearing shaving cream and food coloring all over a table!!!???
Adult Written byNolervi63 July 27, 2019

A doofus, a helicopter mom, and a weird kid

Every parent here is ranting about how bad the show is but I want to break down the details of why...

First of all I don't think they're good role models. The mom has this frantic, nervous energy and I feel like she's the type of parent to bring Clorox wipes to the playground to wipe the slide before and after her kid uses it.

The titular character is an over indulged little kid. On their YT channel, he can never lose a game or a """challenge""" and it's the same on this show. He doesn't help with kids emotional regulation or social skills or anything. I feel like he'd throw a tantrum if a challenge was "too hard." Do you want your kids to learn that behavior? He also does this weird and annoying thing with his mouth/voice/pronunciation that my kid has started copying. No.

Dad is a loveable dingus that probably sleeps til 3 in the afternoon or something. Idk. He's fine. I'd watch him bumble around a toy store for 30 minutes.

But the show is a weird premise and it stars a weird family. It's pointless. It's mindless. And something about it just really strikes me as wrong.

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Adult Written byIdontknow1 July 22, 2019

Go back to the drawing board

No need to be mean and criticize either one of the parents or Ryan himself. That being said, the show annoys me. My daughter likes it a lot and gets a kick out of the dad cuz she thinks he’s funny. I think the idea of a family doing fun adventures together is fun, but it definitely needs some work. There is something missing. Maybe invite some kids that are fans of the show and involve them some way. It’s good that they are given hints to guess who the mystery play date is, but maybe have them learn something from the person in addition to having fun. They need to do something cuz when I get an opportunity to turn the channel- I do.
Adult Written byZefrn July 14, 2019

Terrible show

A YouTuber gains more than his/her 15 minutes of fame. My child watched this on the tablet and it sounded terrible then - so much so we blocked the channel. Now the family has received a television show that portents nothing of educational value juxtaposed with terrible animated ‘hosts?’ The show is really a more a win for exploiting her child and acting like an idiot Herself along with a new parent figure - perhaps a husband or brother. In the end the show is a waste of time and money and rewards the talentless writers and hacks that produce the show.

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Adult Written byOlder then dirt June 3, 2019

Not More of him

I refused to let my grandchildren watch him on kids u tube and turn the channel to anything else besides him and his ridiculous family when it comes on the television. His family are completely immature and the little boy is extremely annoying. Not a good role model for children at all, either him or his silly parents. Why on God's green earth was he ever given a show??????

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Adult Written bymommy602 May 20, 2019

this show is cute!

Its so sad the amount of ADULTS hating on this little kid! Mad because their kids didn't get a show! smh this show is cute my kids watched their YouTube channel and they love the show. I say good job Nick Jr and I can't wait for the show to grow! :)
Adult Written byMrsRobertMunizMtzJr May 6, 2019

I think they should invite kids/fans to show

I am very happy for Ryan and his family to be given the opportunity to have a network Tv show. My kids are fans of Ryan and his family. In fact a lot of kids Love Ryan. Kids would love the chance to meet Ryan and to hang out with him. With that being said: It would be nice for the show to invite his fans to participate and do the obstacles courses and games....Maybe even win toys. Then that would be a true playdate.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 6 and 17 year old Written byMommycriticreviewer May 5, 2019

My son loves him from YouTube!

It gives my son a look at new toys he might want and Ryan is very funny to him

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byBalloonpop September 11, 2019

Awkward and brainless

I don’t let my kids watch YouTube because of all the brainless content. It’s sad that YouTube quality content is making its way into Nickelodeon and Netflix. Why is this being allowed? How is a useless show like this with awful, entitled, awkward actors a prime time Nickelodeon series?!? The show makes me feel like I’ve been laying on a sticky movie theater floor. Please cancel this show and replace it with something educational and beautiful! Something more to do with being a good human and less about expecting prizes to fall in your lap.

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Adult Written byJessiemarie1995 September 9, 2019

I find it awful

His dad is so annoying. his dad has some weird dance moves he needs to knock it down a couple times. his mom is also a weird person what is her role anyway. the parents don't even show Ryan how to pick up after himself. Have you ever wonder if the producers pick up after him. My 2 year old son says what's that i tell him that is a brat who thinks he is better than everyone he doesn't teach counting the show is corny and pointless the challenges are pointless he should have stuck to YouTube my kid can't watch the paw Patrol marathon on Friday's because it gets cut short because of Ryan he ain't important the kid don't even make any sense and his parents are hard to understand how do you understand what they are saying they are talking to fast when my kid See's the show come on he puts his hand over his noise and starts gagging

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Adult Written byMeetooh2993 September 8, 2019

How did it make it this far?

I have given this show so many chances but I just can’t stand the mother’s horrific voice, everyone’s mindless behavior and the overall encouragement to do dumb things. Nickelodeon must’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one and whoever promoted this show should be fired. Because of the above, Ryan’s photo being splattered about makes me nauseated thinking of his childish mother’s piercing voice drilling into my cochleae! Stop now that you’ve made a ton of money. Do us all a favor and just stop!
Adult Written byKristaw1224 September 2, 2019

Could be used for torturing political prisoners

The worst. Horrible. My kid loves it.