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CGI reimagining presents sexier heroine, darker themes.

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Parent of a 13 and 13 year old Written byResponibleParentOf2 October 15, 2013

Not for kids

Quite shocked to see the producers of Sabrina let their wonderful talent on the original cartoon (available on Netflix and shows sometimes on Saturday mornings, don't know what happen) go to waste with this provocative cartoon.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Teen, 15 years old Written byYWFjvr25 April 26, 2014

I love it

I think this is the best series from the other series. And trust me, I saw all the episode of the other series. (Sabrina the teenage witch, Sabrina the animated series, and Sabrina secret life) It's more mature than the other series. However, it's not that mature. (Like the maturity of Wizard of Waverly Place. It's funny, but also have that maturity in the show) It's way different from the others. I love the series! I'm 15 and it's the maturity, and childlike cartoon I like. Parents, not worry. If you have doubts, just watch the first episode. Sabrina is a typical teen, with double responsibility, and double the school. She shows kids to put their responsibilities first, before there wants. And the message is to do what is right, and to be kind. Some scene are not for all kids. Nothing bad, but some of the character design (werewolf) can be scary for little kids. The first episode (dances with werewolves) is good! Just watch the episode and you can see if this is for your child. Every child is different. You know your child(ren) the best. Your decision, but Sabrina: Serects of a Teenage Witch is a very good series!
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Great messages
Great role models
Kid, 9 years old December 23, 2013


Not my kind of show. The animation is horrible and everything stinks.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Teen, 13 years old Written bylizbiz_13 November 24, 2013

What happened?

WHAT HAPPENED TO SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH THE REAL VERSION? What are they trying to do??????? You cannot remake that series.
Teen, 16 years old Written by101justcuriois January 13, 2015


When I watch this show I never thought, oh well she is skinny, why am i not like that, Hell no, I watched this show saying, whoa this fight scene is awesome. If you are blaming this cartoon for that, go look at a women's swimsuit magazine, cuz clearly u have never seen one, I swear you over protective parents are annoying me! With your stupidity, I will never look at this cartoon seeing it being a way to lower 10 year olds Self Esteem! Get away from all internet or television if u think that this cartoon is like this, in fact I didn't think that it was till I saw the reviews on this website!
Parent Written byfanicas September 9, 2014

A lesson of the life for kids

I think it is educational and creative animated series. The series presents a teenager who learns from mistakes, repairing later. Children learn to express their ideas freely, to be responsible, ambitious and fair, and Sabrina is a good example for them.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models