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Cartoon "remix" pushes limits with edgy humor.

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Teen, 17 years old Written byibarncat April 5, 2012

Cartoon remix pushes the edge of comedy with a lack of humour.

This is seriously one of the worst shows on Adult Swim. At first glance, it sounds like something fun to watch. There was an old show in the 70s that was about some people living underwater and it got infamous for being short-lived and overly politically correct. And now we have this, an alleged parody of it. However, instead of mocking the 70s serious cartoon's tendency to have bad, dull voice actors and extremely slow plots, it takes up that tendency. Ultimately, it is an extremely boring show with apparently no jokes. I actually sat through a whole episode and at the end I still had no so much as spotted a single joke, much less one that I thought was funny. Also, this show, due to its lack of anything happening, is much more appropriate for kids than the other things on Adult Swim, which are mostly for teens and up. That is not to say this show is recommendable for kids, though, because they will probably be bored by it due to its complete lack of any cartoony elements.