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Cute puppets sing about safety for preschoolers.

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Adult Written byjudd April 9, 2008

Who is this show made for?

I would think that the subject of safety would inspire a more well produced, content driven program. As in much of kid's TV, the bar is way too low. Poorly written dialog that is sometimes relieved by a few good songs. Seemore's Playhouse often abandons it's safety mission in favor of sappy, boring and ineffective "motivational" diddies. Cheesy graphic sets and unengaging vocal performances cry out for a "back to the drawing board" scenario.
Adult Written byMaria S April 9, 2008

Just another waste of airtime!

I don't think it's possible to be any more boring. It was the perfect way to put my kids to sleep. Even my 3 year old couldn't sit through the show. Bad production, bad puppets and bad singing...
Teen, 15 years old Written byCartoonaholic_C... April 9, 2008

SeeMore Rules!!!

SeeMore's Playhouse is one of the greatest shows I ever seen!!! This show's puppetry is apparently reminiscent to Bear and the Big Blue House and Nanalan'. Originally, I thought it was going to be clone of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, but this here show teaches kids how to be safe, you know what? This show even made Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol a thing in the past. In those animated pop quiz segments, SeeMore looks like he's pulled out of the old 1990's cartoon, 2 Stupid Dogs *gag*!!! I hate to say this, Barney, but not even YOU can't stand up to the power of SeeMore! LONG LIVE SEEMORE THE SAFETY SEAL!!!
Adult Written bycassg April 9, 2008

Cheap and Unengaging!

My kids couldn't sit through 5 minutes. The show is boring to me and even more boring to my kids. Looks like a high school production with cheap puppets and cheap animation. The subject is worthy of something better than this!
Adult Written bytvgarrett April 9, 2008

Ok, so here's what I think...

My kid (5 yrs.) did not sit through the whole show, though she did enjoy the music videos. Like some of the other reviewers have mentioned, not all of the vocals are very engaging. Luckily, a couple of characters save the others' sour notes. The show seems promising, but we really should have higher standards. We can criticize the writing, sure...but, I think that some episodes did well with writing safety issues into the storylines. There have been many great characters/actors that can save bad writing...perhaps some of the voice performers or puppet people can raise the stakes?
Adult Written bydavidjohnson April 9, 2008

It's OK

A well-intentioned program, obviously researched well, but for the most part, with just inexperienced actors (puppetiers). some of the issues seem to be geared toward older children, which is great, but most of the puppets speak way to baby-ish to hold the attention of an older child.
Adult Written byNancyFL April 9, 2008

Great show - My kids love it!

SeeMore's Playhouse is a great show - my children love it and already know the songs. My son has even embrased washing his hands which was a daily battle until now. Despite what I suspect is the same person posing as several people posting poor reviews, I say tune in for yourself. The show is adorable and worthwhile.
Adult Written bydoublek28 April 9, 2008
My Niece's are enjoying the show and sing along with the songs which remind us to stay away from unknown liquids and sharp objects. It is nice that the show is getting through to at least a 4 year old.