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Teen, 14 years old Written bylfg143101 June 26, 2011

Love it!

I love this show! It is very enternaining and appropriate for all children. My 6 year old brother, 11 year old sister and I all watch it and enjoy and sometimes even laugh out loud. And I am 14 years old! It i way better than Sonny with a chance because Disney always does a sitcom with the same concept, but So Random is different and more entertaining! Demi was annoying anyawy.
Kid, 11 years old June 23, 2011


It's a show I would of loved when I was younger, but not as much now...Some of it is really funny, others are very cheesy. Overall it has nothing innapropraite and is fine for kids to watch.
Teen, 14 years old Written byrebma97 June 16, 2011

Sonny With A Chance was better

I was dissapointed when I watched the show. A few sketches were funny, but most of them weren't. But it's fine for kids; the main thing that would be scary would be the zombie man sketch, because he eats his classmates (it's offscreen and it's meant to be funny).
Kid, 12 years old June 13, 2011

Its like a kid version of Saturday Night Live

This show is really funny i enjoy it alot But i still miss Sonny with chance.Its like a kid version of Saturday Night Live and after i saw the socks with sandals sketch that almost made me want to wear SOCKS WITH SANDALS WHAT WHAT WHAT SOCKS WITH SANDALS.ha ha ha
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Kid, 11 years old June 11, 2011


This show is corny and terrible. Cheap humor and guest stars added just to make people actually watch it. It is just a rip-off from Nickelodeon hit from the 90s "All That". Don't bother watching.
Teen, 13 years old Written bydrblue91 June 11, 2011


It is the most appropriate show on disney channel .It is funny and it is a kid version of saturday night live so adults can enjoy it too!
Teen, 17 years old Written byLNC June 10, 2011

So Random cracked me up

I loved Sonny with a Chance so I was worried when I heard that Demi had left the show. However, Disney Channel has quieted all my fears and doubts with one episode. I absolutely loved the first episode of So Random. My throat became scratchy from my laughing so hard. Those actors are super talented. I enjoy shows like Saturday Night Live but most of the time their content and language is innapropriate. So Random is a junior version of that show and is perfect for the whole family. I am 17 and me and my 16-year old sister loved it.
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Kid, 9 years old June 9, 2011

So Random!

Noooooooooooo!This Is Worse Than Sonny With A Chance.I Would Give It 6+.But Zombie Man Even Made Me Turn Of The T.V For A While.I Reccomend It To Basiccly Adults Only But Nice Guest Stars Come On Board And There Are Some Sketches That Are Somewhat Funny.But Other Than That No Way!