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Adult Written byOnurOnCommonSense October 5, 2021

For those who want to watch Squid Game but are Squeamish (or have friends or family that haven't)

Here's a guide on each 'squeamish' scene to skip:

When I tried to find a guide for this series there was none so me and my friend, I wanted to do this guide for everyone. So everyone can watch it without getting triggered.

This is a list of events that might / be too disturbing for kids of different ages. Because of this I have time coded and explained in mild detail the disturbing things that happen within each episode. Some of these things might not be disturbing to you but for younger viewers and cautionate parents will say overwise.

If you can’t be asked to follow this, just don’t watch the show.










Look at the list in order so you dont see major *spoilers*


10:36 - 10:53 (Threatened with scalpel up Seong’s nose. Blood coming from nose)

14:40 - 15:27 (Seong’s present to his daughter is a gun but it’s really a gun disguised as a lighter.)

34:56 - 35:50 (Domestic violence towards a woman between Sae-Byeok & Jang Deok-Su.)

46:00 - 55:01 (A massacre of players get killed by getting shot by snipers if they move when the robot turns around.)


00:00 - 1:00 (All bodies from the first game are getting incinerated in ovens and some of those players are still half alive in the boxes while getting burnt.)

25:20 - 25:27 (Brief shot of mistreated foot of a suffering diabetic woman)

33:08 - 33:21 (Ali pushes his boss into a piece of machinery which crutches his hand causing bones to break and blood.)

48:25 - 49:00 (Jang Deok-Su stabs a man to death for betraying him.)


38:37 - 39:51 (A bunch more contestants get shot in the head if they break the shape within the honeycomb.)

40:13 - 41:57 (More contestants continue to get shot in the head for failing and a few manage to succeed and leave the game.)

42:44 - 42:50 (Man gets shot in the head in front of Seong.)

45:18 - 45:26 (Some more people get shot in the head with some mild blood splatter.)

47:12 - 49:40 (Another massacre of contestants who failed to complete the game in time. Plus a rogue player goes out of control and gets shot by the front man.)


5:37 - 6:29 (Jang Deok-Su beats a man to death by kicking him a lot in the stomach causing the man to die and bleed from the mouth.)

8:22 - 8:41 (The boxes with the bodies are being burnt again in a less gruesome scene but still may be disturbing to some viewers.)

9:06 - 9:36 (One of the contestants is a surgeon and he is getting forced to help a small group of squid soldiers to rip out organs from the dead contestants and sell them on the black market.)

11:19 - 12:33 (Back to the surgeon, all covered in blood and also showing some organs in plastic baggies that will be shipped to buyers.)

15:36 - 21:34 (This whole scene consists of half the contestants being smart and thinking that if they kill everyone while they are sleeping there will be less and less players to face. The scene is crazy and shows a lot of blood and gore and contestants getting stabbed, strangled and beaten to death.)

21:53 - 22:23 (Shows all the gory bodies on the floor and the boxes getting burnt again in the infirmary.)

27:20 - 30:10 (Jang Deok-Su and Han Mi-nyeo have a sex scene together with her sitting on him in the toilets. They do have a brief discussion about working together as she can please him in many ways.)

37:11 - 37:29 (Jang Deok-Su and Han Mi-neyo have a domestic assault fight as he does not choose her for this team up game.)

43:01 - 44:37 (One of the teams for tug of war falls down and splat on the ground showing broken bones and blood in various shots.)


2:08 - 2:15 (There is a long shot of the team that lost splattered on the ground at the bottom of the frame.)

5:37 - 6:18 (The squid soldiers are cleaning up all the blood and taking the bodies in the boxes to get incinerated, Mild gore.)

6:44 - 7:01 (One of the contestants is all bloody and dead in the box they open showing off some gore.)

18:27 - 19:38 (Throughout this scene the small group of squid soldiers are complaining about the surgeon taking too long and their shipments not getting anywhere. Throughout the scene though you do see more organs getting put into bags and the dead body on the table getting operated on.)

20:34 - 21:29 (There are a lot of close ups in this scene of skin being cut open and more gory body shots as the surgeon operates on a dead contestant.)

25:10 - 25:37 (This scene shows the squid soldiers talking but there are shots shown of them pulling out more organs while talking about fresh supplies and another contestant that was zombie-like,)

26:01 - 27:02 (Again this scene is mostly filled with dialogue but there are wide shots showing the gory body and some characters are covered in blood, mild gore.)

28:14 - 28:29 (Some more shots of blood and gory dead body on table but only quick flashes as these shots don’t focus very heavily on it.)

28:46 - 29:30 - (A gory body is shown within one of the boxes and the surgeon goes crazy because he doesn't get the heads up on what the next game is so he pulls a scalpel and puts it to the throat of one of the squid soldiers.)

30:28 - 32:00 (The surgeon stabs one of the squid soldiers quite violently and beats down the other squid soldier that was also in the room.)

37:35 - 37:42 (The front man shoots one of the squid soldiers in the shoulder.)

38:33 - 38:50 (Detective Joon-ho shoots one of the squid soldiers in the face.)

39:33 - 40:02 (The front man finishes off the squid soldier by shooting him in the face. The surgeon also gets shot to death by all the other squid soldiers that were with the front man.)

40:27 - 40:39 (Some close up gory shots of all the carnage that the surgeon left behind stabbing and killing those squid soldiers.)

41:25 - 41:30 (Just a brief shot of the dead body of one of the squid soldiers with a bullet in his head.)

41:56 - 42:06 (The front man sticks his knife in the bullet wound of the squid soldier's head and picks out the bullet in a gory fashion.)


2:07 - 2:55 (The scene shows the surgeon and 4 other squid soldiers hanging dead in the staircase room.)

33:16 - 33:37 (2 contestants get shot in the head for failing the marble game.)

35:24 - 35:27 (A man gets shot right in the head with a blood splatter.)

41:38 - 41:44 (The man that was facing off against Jang Deok-Su lost and then got shot multiple times.)

43:20 - 43:25 (A man gets shot in the chest in the background behind Ali.)

46:27 - 46:36 (A person’s body is dead with their face covered in blood from being shot.)

52:15 - 52:21 (Ji-yeong gets shot in the head in the background with blood splatter.)

52:30 - 52:44 (There are a bunch of bloody dead bodies on the floor where the old man and Seong walk through.)

57:08 - 57:12 (There is a wide shot showing you all the contestants that have been shot with blood all soaked into the ground around their bodies.)


0:00 - 0:36 (The shot shows Ali’s bloody face and a bunch of other bodies getting placed into the boxes for them to be burned.)

7:01 - 7:20 (The squid soldier who was thrown overboard by Detective Joon-ho is found. His body is in an awful state with pale flesh and blood with crabs crawling all over his lifeless body.)

14:49 - 15:16 (One of the contestants has hung himself and his lifeless body hangs from the bed frame.)

15:50 - 17:30 (This whole scene consists of the VIPS area which contains human furniture of people who are naked but their body is painted to blend in with the environment. Also one of the VIPS is using a woman's breasts as a cushion for the back of his head. Mild irritations during this scene.)

18:27 - 19:05 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

20:15 - 20:23 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

20:30 - 20:51 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

22:13 - 22:51 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

23:40 - 24:34 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

26:37 - 27:28 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

28:45 - 29:17 (The game begins and the first guy falls and dies and the VIPS room is shown off again during the short scene.)

29:36 - 30:01 (More contestants fall to their deaths.)

30:47 - 33:11 (This whole sequence is quite tricky and full of shots of contestants falling and showing their bodies. Plus they also focus on a sexual interaction between one of the VIPS and the detective.)

34:49 - 35:25 (More contestants begin to fall to their deaths during this sequence.)

37:19 - 37:41 (More contestants begin to fall to their deaths during this sequence.)

38:13 - 39:16 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

40:59 - 42:01 (One of the VIPS forces the detective to do a sexual favour for him but the detective gets the better of him.)

42:07 - 42:24 (More contestants begin to fall to their deaths during this sequence.)

44:45 - 45:39 (Jang Deok-Su gets caught by Han Mi-nyeo and she throws herself down, killing them both.)

46:56 - 47:26 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

47:53 - 48:01 (Again the VIPS room consists of some nudity and abuse towards human slaves.)

50:20 - 50:25 (Cho Sang-Woo pushes one of the contestants down to his death to proceed with the game.)


4:58 - 6:00 (This scene consists of Sae-Byeok pulling a large shard of glass out of the side of her stomach from being struck by it from the ending of last episode.)

13:55 - 14:05 (The front man gets shot in the shoulder by the detective.)

15:32 - 15:53 (The front man shoots the detective in the shoulder with a blood splatter coming out before falling off the cliff and into the ocean.)

24:27 - 25:37 (This whole scene shows Sae-Byeok dead covered in blood after Cho Sang-Woo stabbed her in the neck.)

26:03 - 26:34 (Shows some close up shots of Sae-Byeok’s bloody face.)

27:27 - 27:59 (Sae-Byeok is burned alive in her box.)


6:09 - 10:40 (This entire scene contains a beat down between Seong and Cho Sang-Woo which is bloody and quite violent. Seong gets a knife stabbed through his hand.

13:15 - 14:14 (Cho Sang-Woo stabs himself in the throat with the knife causing a lot of blood splatter.)

21:45 - 23:31 (Seong’s mother lays dead on the floor, which could be distressing for some viewers)

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bySune September 28, 2021


Those who say it’s fine for kids 13 and up must have very hardy 13 year olds. My two love Stranger Things and the Hunger Games but this is much, much more violent. My 13 yr old has seen the Umbrella Academy, which is also violent but this is really much worse. The amount of killing is horrific and the methods of killing are awful - the image of the eyeball being taken out of the body - it’s not easy to skip if you don’t know it's coming. You know your kids - watch it first and make your own decision. I won’t be letting mine watch it just yet.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byMomoffive77 October 2, 2021

Too much violence

I watched this due to my middle schooler asking to watch it because all the kids at her school were watching it. I wanted to watch first to see if appropriate for her. It is in no way appropriate for that age group. Kids today are subject to too much violence and sexual material and this has both. It is rated MA for a reason. I would not recommend it and if you do, at least watch it with your child to answer questions. And we wonder why there is so much violence in our schools today!

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byZiggy19 October 3, 2021

it hurts the soul

My husband and I watched this with our almost 17 year-old son. It is, in a word, depraved despite the gripping story. So harsh. So much grief and killing with no regard for human life. We fast-forwarded through a couple of really bad macabre scenes. I spoke with my son and he understands that it is terrible, but I wish we had never started it. I didn't do my homework!

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 6 and 8-year-old Written byapotheos October 5, 2021

What a fantastic show that is not appropriate for family viewing whatsoever

I'm usually the one rolling my eyes at parent reviews that come from the LA LA LA WE CAN'T HEAR YOU OR SEE YOU attitudes towards sexuality. But this show is so, so, so bleak - the sex in question is brief, partial top female a toilet cubicle, done transactionally for the woman to buy protection, while everyone is in a metaphorical hellscape of their own creation.

And I think the ..uh…intimate smuggling of contraband? (Cigarettes) deserves a special mention for parental awareness.

The violence is absurd and grotesque, and the social messages are bleak and dark.

The important word here is context. In context, this is an existential, deeply chilling nightmare, and a provocative indictment of the modern world. This should not be watched without consideration of that.

Don't get me wrong. It's completely awesome. Highly recommended. Its a wonderful show - but...don't watch it with the kids. This is something they should be sneaking under your radar or watching after they are old enough to buy the drink you need to soothe your soul after viewing.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byWine-n-Kids October 3, 2021


This is TERRIBLE. Absoloutley ABSURD. Do NOT let your kid watch this. If so, you'll be a worse role model than this show. Why would this even be on Netflix? It's too gory and innapropriate. Do NOT interact with me if you have let your child watch this. Ubeleavible.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byConsciousParentJJ October 11, 2021

Desensitizing Our Youth

This show does all of the things that typical child predators do:
It advertises with bright colors on various trailers
Uses kid games to lure many to watch (Example: Red Light, Green Light)
Uses a show name "Squid Games" so parents and kids don't think this show is heavy in: Gore, Violence, Drugs, Torture, Seduction, Sedistic, Nudity, Sex and the moral points are thin to say the least. And if you ever get the positive messages after being bombarded with all the things I mentioned - Good Luck! Your kid will get a heavy does of all things bad before every getting any morals out of this show.

I am so suprised at the ages of the kids that comment on this show: 9 year old and 10 year olds, when the show itself says that it is for MATURE audiences. Parents have allowed streaming services to be the babysitter and there kids are watching perverted, demoralizing and sedistic behaviors and at age 10 I am reading comments like "This show was great and sexy."
Adult Written byAilena_Tierro September 27, 2021

Fantastic but brutal k-thriller tackles ethical issues and class disparities in a way that keeps teens' attention

This show is outstanding on many levels. Production value, writing, acting, and overall execution is off the charts great and the way the show twists and turns keeps you on the edge of your seat. Most teens would really enjoy this! It gives kind of a hunger games vibe with a unique twist.

Without much spoilers, content warning for sex and violence. There is ONE very skippable sex scene that's pretty graphic but once you get past that, you're golden. There is STRONG violence though. People getting shot in the head, the chest, etc. every episode, people falling of high surfaces to their deaths, etc. And later on there are dissections with some entrails and whatnot. The show is gruesome. But if you can get past that, the pros of this show are impossible to pass up.

I would rate this show a mature 13+! I would say if your kid has seen/handled TV like Stranger Things, The Hunger Games, and the more graphic Marvel Movies, it's okay.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byLenoir78 October 8, 2021

Themes are too dark for younger kids

We have a 10 and 11 year old clamouring to watch Squid Game because everyone is talking about it at school, but we're not letting them. It's too violent, but that isn't a deal-breaker - so much is violent on TV that I suppose many kids will have some resilience if you watch it with them and skip through the worst bits. The problem is the thematic darkness: despair at modern society leading people to betray friends, a malignant sort of contempt for human life with hundreds shot offhand like dogs and cremated or having organs removed while still alive, and some genuinely disturbing games (the tug of war was especially psychologically unsettling). It's a jet-black tale which I'm still thinking about two weeks later. What would pre-teens take away from it?

Our kids are mature enough to talk about this and they argued "we know it's not real, we're not going to become evil because we watch a programme". But they say that without knowing what the show is like. Maybe they would just revel in the gore rather than seeing past it, but there's no way to know, and once seen things can't be unseen. What if psychological maturity is needed to deflect the crushing darkness of the story?

I'm slightly surprised it's been given a '15' rating - 18 seems more appropriate when you stack everything up - and while I generally think 'each to their own', my view is that anyone who lets pre-teens watch this show is making the wrong call, no matter how much they badger you. I see the kids who have voted here say 14+, which I could probably live with.
Adult Written bytommy b. November 28, 2021

Not as bad as people say

While this show definitely deserves a tv ma rating it not as over the top and crazy as people are making it out to be. While there is tons of blood it similar to low horror movie levels of gore. The gore levels are close to a movie like scream but less gore than movies like Deadpool or John Wick. This show also does a really good job at story telling and has some lessons that younger teen will not understand so even if you think your child can handle the gore they won't be able to get as much out of it as someone older like 14 or 15. There also is some language but it's a tv ma show so what do you expect. There are some f bombs and s words and some other low level swear words but if you're ok with the swearing then you are fine with the language. There is also one sex scene but not much it shown only some noises and one nipple on the girl that's only able to be seen for a second or so. Overall there is a lot of violence and gore but it's to portray the point of how horrible the game masters are and adds suspense. Similar to how horror movies do it. But, if your child is at least in highschool they will most likely will understand the messages and will be able to handle the gore. But you know your child the best and I hope this helps you make an informed decision.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bywendyvb October 5, 2021

The violence is off the charts

I watched the first episode based on some comments I heard from friends that although it was violent there was some depiction of social issues both positive and negative. It already has a cult following which is a truly sad commentary on our society and what is acceptable.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byChris L. October 5, 2021

A few droplets of thought do not lift this bloodbath

The concept of the idle rich using human misery is certainly no new premise for horror. What this does have over other takes is a little more patience in developing the setting and a lot of over-cooked acting.
Did I watch the whole thing? Yes. It's not bad, but it is not particularly good and the denouement is ham fisted.
Why all the fuss? I can't quite say for sure except Korean dramas are getting a lot of attention these days and this might be on the back of that. I guess if you like K-Drama and a little bit of dark speculative film, it's a great fit.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byDeziite October 3, 2021

Kids can watch it

Well it is a bit extreme but some can handle it
Adult Written byrontoherty123 October 3, 2021

Great show

This Netflix show is very good and entertaining. There are very few scenes where I had my child close their eyes and they are 12 so it makes sense. If someone has been exposed to this type of stuff then it is nothing, barely any sex and some gore but no worse than the Hunger Games. Some reviews say that it is very bad and should be 18+ but I think that people need to be exposed to learn and eventually our kids will have to make decisions for themselves and this is a great show to teach this. There is also a lot of good messages including teamwork, respect your elders, and many more. Please take this into consideration.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byAeondolphin September 23, 2021
The series is very strong but you should be aware of the graphic gore, themes of sexual assault, as well some brief nudity. The series is quite intense when it comes to violence and adult topics, however it should be appropriate for a mature teens. The series features several complex but positive role models and approaches difficult ethical questions from several angles.

This title contains:

Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byAdbrei October 4, 2021

Not worth your time

I don't get the hype around this one. It feels like the show is exploiting mindless violence just for the sake of it and fails to share a more meaningful message which television should be about since it reaches so many people. I am sure we would all get much more value out of our time if we would spend it promoting and consuming better quality productions in terms of ideas and originality. This one is all about the hype generating profits for the creators.

This title contains:

Adult Written byBlitzGuy20 September 29, 2021

Incredible, mind blowing show has brutal violence, language and some sex

Squid Game (2021) is a Korean series following 456 cash strapped players gambling their lives in a series of 6 children’s games, however with a deadly twist. During each and every episode, expect lots of blood-soaked and gory violence, some form of language and on occasion some nudity and sexual content.

[EPISODE ONE - Red Light, Green Light]


A man is beat up and cornered in a bathroom and is shown being punched in the nose a few times causing it to bleed before one of the men sticks a needle up his nose and threatens to make blood soup. This doesn’t happen.

In the final segment, over 200 people are shot and killed during a game of Red Light, Green Light. Blood is shown gratuitously spraying out in up-close, gory shots as blood splatters on surrounding people, walls and the floors while people scramble and scream in terror, desperately trying to escape while being shot caking all of their surroundings in blood. Many of these shots are up-close and in your face and the sequence is incredibly intense, stressful and prolonged.


A few uses of “sh*t”, “a**hole”, “pr*ck” and “b*tch” although there are no uses of “f*ck”.

OVERALL: 14+ for a scene of realistically prolonged graphic violence

[EPISODE 2- Hell]


The violence in this episode is less gratuitous than the first, but all violent scenes are bloody.

A man has his hand stuck in a machine, crushing it and spraying blood everywhere. This is disturbing.

A man has hot coffee splashed on his face before a knife is held to his neck. He isn’t hurt but the woman threats him with violent actions.

A man is brutally stabbed over and over again spraying and splattering blood everywhere. This is the most graphic scene in the episode.


Around 3-4 uses of “f*ck” and use of “sh*t” accompanied with other milder profanities.

OVERALL: 13+ for some strong violence and for language

[EPISODE 3 - The Man with the Umbrella]


During a game, countless people are shot at point blank range with revolvers, realistically spraying and splattering blood everywhere. At a certain point, a corpse slides down a slide, trailing blood all the way down. This is a very prolonged and graphic sequence, covering a large portion of the episode (around 3/4) and almost all of it is nerve-wracking and gruesome.

Countless people are shot and mowed down before a man commits suicide by himself in the head. This is graphic like most of the episode.


Some moderate profanities.

OVERALL: 14+ for graphic violence throughout

[EPISODE 4 - Stick to the Team]


During the night time, a giant fight breaks out in the pitch black, also accompanied by flashing strobe lights. Countless people are viscous you stabbed, beaten to death, have their bones cracked, necks broken, throats slit, some have their heads smashed to a pulp and more, however the fast paced camera and strobe lights make it harder to tell what is happening during this sequence, therefore making it less graphic, however the scene is still incredibly violent and is the most graphic player on player violence scene in the show.

Around 2 dozen people plummet to their deaths during a game of tug of war, and their corpses are shown being cleaned up off the ground, some of them still being alive. This is very bloody, but one of the less graphic games. This is still graphic, just not for this particular show.

A brief surgical scene where an eyeball is shown being removed from a person who is supposedly still alive.


A few uses of “f*ck” paired with lesser profanities.


A man and a woman are shown having sex in a bathroom stall for quite a long time, however only the beginning and end of the scene is graphic, where the sex is explicitly shown from above, briefly exposing one of the woman’s breasts. Thrusting and moaning throughout the scene.

OVERALL: 14+ for strong bloody violence, sexual content, disturbing images and language

[EPISODE 5 - A Fair World]


A handful of people are shown being shot and killed throughout the second half of the episode, showing less graphic detail than usual but these scenes are still bloody. One scene depicts a mans throat being violently slit as well.

Multiple (slightly graphic) surgical scenes expose the insides of corpses, organs etc. while they are being operated on and cut. An up-close incursion with a scalpel is shown along with blood on the surgeon.

Less graphic than most episodes, similar to episode 2 but more graphic.


Possible use of “f*ck” and “sh*t”.

OVERALL: 13+ for violence and disturbing images

[EPISODE 6 - Gganbu]


Dead bodies are shown hanging on the ceiling for contestants to see. Some blood is shown, but this is more eerie than graphic.

Several people are shot at point blank range, some blood can be shown during these scenes but most of them are off screen, blurred out or in the background of a shot decreasing how graphic these scenes are. Blood is also shown splattered on environments during and after the game concludes. The deaths are much more sad than graphic.


A use of two of “f*ck” along with other milder profanities.

OVERALL: 12+ for violent content including some bloody images



Throughout the episode, several players plummet to their deaths suddenly after falling through glass. Most of the impact is offscreen, but the dead bodies are shown which can be very graphic. One shot depicts a corpses head completely smashed open, entirely exposing the brain.

A corpse is shown on a beach, some blood and wounds are shown on it.


Constant use of “f*ck” and “d*ck” throughout along with use of “b*tch”, “sh*t” and other swears in English and Korean, which is very surprising.


Completely nude women and half nude men are shown suggestive posing in a room, however they are completely painted over. They are shown leaning over people, crouching as chairs, posed suggestively and more.

A man brings another man into a room and pulls down his pants exposing his buttocks. He then grabs another mans head and lowers it to his crotch before the man grabs his crotch and aims a gun at his head, ending the scene.

References to the number “69” and other suggestive lines such as “if you can satisfy me in 5 minutes, I’ll change your life” during an attempted rape scene,

A room is colorfully painted with nude women, penises ejeculating colorful liquid near women’s crotches, detailed nude breasts and genitals. These images are all brief through the scenes and very hard to notice. These are mostly only seen if you pay close attention.

OVERALL: 14+ for disturbing images, sexuality, nudity and for language throughout

[EPISODE 8 - The Front Man]


A woman is shown bleeding, and pulls a large shard of glass out of her side. This isn’t explicitly shown, just the wound before and after along with blood dribbling onto the floor.

A man is shot in the shoulder and blood sprays out before he shoots the other man in the shoulder as well spraying blood causing him to fall into water. This isn’t graphic at all, and not fatal.

A woman is shown vigorously bleeding and passing out.

A woman is stabbed in the neck offscreen, and we see the killer looming over her with his knife with blood splattered on his face and the knife. We also see a closeup of blood pooled in her bed and a knife wound in her neck with blood pouring out. She is incinerated in a fire after death, but she is in a coffin and isn’t shown. This is the most graphic scene in the episode, but still stays on the milder side of things.

The entire episode stays on a hard PG-13 level for disturbing images.


Brief utterance of “b*llshit” and possibly one or two milder profanities.

12+ for disturbing images and for brief violence

[EPISODE 9 - One Lucky Day]


All of the heavy violence appears within the first 15 minutes.

2 main characters have a brutal fight where a man swings his knife at the another man before he grabs his arm and tries to pull the knife towards his face, but fails causing the man being restrained to slash him in the face with the knife. After this, one of the men is punched in the face and they both grab each other necks and pull each other around before one of the men are violently head butted. They both scream in pain before one of the men is repeatedly slammed and punched in the back and face causing the other man to counter attack him in the stomach followed by a series of punches to the back and stomach and after the man is punched in the face. They both restrain each other again with one of the men brutally bashing and punching the other man in the face and chest while he is still restrained and choked before they hit break free and fall to the ground. At this point they are both splattered in blood and injury. One man grabs his suit and violently strangles the other with it before he rolls out of the attack. After, they get up and thrash each other around follows by the one man getting a violent blow to face. After, the man kicks him into the ground and repeatedly bashed him before the other man grabs a knife and stabs him in the leg (this is where things get especially brutal and violent) and pulls it out before stabbing him again in the stomach before he is kicked in the face splattering blood on the ground below. After, he is kicked again. After this, the man attempts to stab him but instead the knife goes through his hand but is still pressed towards his face. However, the man bites off a chunk of the other mans foot and spits it out before getting punched in the face again before he pins the other man on the ground and repeatedly punches him in the face before taking his knife and stabbing the ground next to him as he can’t bring himself to kill him. After this, the other man takes the knife and stabs himself in the throat, spurting and dribbling blood out as he finally dies. This scene is incredibly prolonged, brutal, bloody, realistic and graphic, and not for the faint of heart.

A homeless man is shown freezing on the side of the road and dying.

An impaired old man in a hospital bed is grabbed and screamed at.

A man is repeatedly slapped in the face shown from a distance.

A man shoves another man up against a wall.


Some use of “f*ck” and use of “sh*t” and “b*llshit”.

OVERALL: 14+ for a scene of realistically prolonged brutal violence and for some language


Bloody and disturbing violence throughout accompanied by gratuitous blood splatter and gory images, intense sequences of innocent people getting killed, countless scene of desperation, suspense all throughout with a few breaks, sudden loud noises, strobes, scary images and several surgical scenes showing graphic shots of organs, bodies sliced open, eyeballs and close-ups of incursion, prolonged scenes of strong brutal violence where people are viscously stabbed, beaten, shot, have their bones broken, have their throats slashed, some have their heads beaten to a pulp, a man has the back of his foot bitten off, 3 suicides appear through the series ranging from mild to graphic and more. Episodes range from a soft R rating to a hard R rating, with some having absence of frequent violence but still having bloody images and violence. The show also contains strong language such as “f*ck”, “motherf*ck” and “sh*t” along with use of “b*tch”, “pr*ck”, “wh*re”, “sl*t”, “d*ck”, “d*ckwad”, “f*ckwad”, “p*ssy” and mild language such as “h*ll”, “d*mn”, “a**” and “cr*p”. Some episodes contain infrequent language when some, like episode 7, have frequent and/or strong language. Episodes with strong language are episodes 2, 4, 6, 7 and 9 with episodes 7 having the most perverse language with more than a dozen uses of “f*ck”. Sexual content becomes more apparent as the show continues, with one scene of sex displaying brief female breast nudity, thrusting, moaning and shots displaying the full picture of the sex but no penetration or graphic shots are shown up close, only from afar. Other scenes of sexual content include completely nude women painted over for artistic purposes, breasts and buttocks shown. Another scene is of explicit drawings of male and female genitals ejaculating colorful liquid near the genitals of opposite sex and during this scene a man pulls his pants down and forces another to give him oral sex, but the other man grabs his crotch and stops him before anything really happens. Overall, the show would be rated R for prolonged sequences of strong brutal and bloody violence, some grisly images, language, some sexual content, nudity thematic material

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent Written byElaine H. October 5, 2021

Very bloody but very good!

Pretty shocking violence and grizzly gore showing just how far people can be pushed in greed and desperation BUT there are some great characters my kids got emotionally invested in the series that lead to some good moral discussions. My daughter is 12 and into Animé and mature enough to handle the content and appreciate the techniques used to build tension and develop the central character (whom she referred to herself as the anti-hero, don’t yoy know?! Proud Mum! Squid Game is K-cool.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byidontknowman October 5, 2021

Mediocre show, entertaining but very gory

This show is just fine. Nothing too special and I don't see the hype. The plot is nothing great but the characters are well written and acted.

VIOLENCE:(8/10) While there is minimal injury detail, in the first episode alone you get to see over 200 people get shot with clear bullet wounds, huge sprays of blood, and piles of bodies litter the floor. The violence is sadistic and is almost always acted out onto people who did not deserve it.
LANGUAGE:(5/10) Uses of sh*t and piss etc, nothing too bad and not too often
SEX:(6/10) There is one sex scene, and while it is far from pornographic (there is no nudity) it is still pretty bad, (similar to the movie 'Kick-Ass')

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byegloria1 October 4, 2021


This shows a must watch definitely! It keeps you on your toes! Each of the characters are so well developed that you can feel the desperation in their faces.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models