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Parent of a 2, 10, and 14 year old Written bypharesml October 2, 2009
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Parent of a 17 year old Written bylove2 September 28, 2009


there is nothing inaproprete about this show it's just that kids ages 2-3 might not be interested in the show or will just get no learning out of it because there to young to understand. but kids ages 4-5 will get learning out of it and will probably luv it.
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Parent of a 4 year old Written byRepochka September 15, 2009

Best show for pre-K and up!

My 4.5 year old son in in LOVE with his program. I like it because there are no commercials (PBS program), it's fun and educational. The characters are 4 kids - 2 boys and 2 girls who turn into reading superheroes. They are presented with "a problem" and they solve with with the help of a storybook. There are simple phonics activities that are suitable for a young child, like sing the alphabet song and more complicated ones with rhyming, reading words, changing words, spelling, phonics.
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Parent of a 3 year old Written bya.dille September 3, 2009

Perfect for Toddlers

Love it
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Parent of a 2, 3, and 5 year old Written bylovingmom August 3, 2009

good for kids buliding their basic reading skills

My kids love this show. Luckly I have DVR because they want to watch it all the time.
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Parent of a 1 and 2 year old Written byazmendozafamily... July 6, 2009


Like it, good for PBS, really good, actually. We're using it to introduce phonics to our older one, and getting the little one to vocalise sounds.
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Parent of a 4 year old Written bywclark May 1, 2009

Awesome for Pre-K students

My son is 4 and he loves this show. I love it too. It is educational and fun. He likes following the story and learning to read. His 2 year old baby sister enjoys it too. :-)
Parent of a 1 and 3 year old Written byTop Wifey March 23, 2009

Cute and VERY Educational

When we first tried this show (at the recommendation of the kids' daycare provider), I thought it was darling, and I was pushing for the kids to watch it constantly. I'll admit to being a little bored with it now (and I think the kids feel the same), but I still think it's a very good show that teaches kids a LOT. I love that it's so educational. The characters are cute and all, but I'm most impressed by the wealth of education and even life lessons it puts out. With everything from letters, to spelling, to phonics, to plain ole good values ("Tell the truth")--this show is one of the best I've seen, education-wise. It beautifully reinforced what my daughter was learning in daycare. It can be a bit on the boring side, but the characters are very cute, and the education can't be beat. I definitely recommend to ALL small children.
Adult Written bybeanbag February 27, 2009

Very Fun!

My boys (ages 2 & 3) can sing the theme song not only for the show. After months of teaching my 3 yr old letter recognition with little luck, we stumbled on to this show one morning and within the week he was able to recognize all of his letters. It has also helped my 2 yr old say the alphabet that includes all of the letters and not slurring past the letters that he doesn't know. He is already starting to recognize some of his letters.
Parent of a 2 year old Written byShawnaLanne January 24, 2009

Teaching My Two Year Old To Read

I really love this show. My two year old son is obssessed with letters and so I've searched for age appropriate shows that he can enjoy, which aren't too advanced, but will hold his interest. Beyoned the really good basic grounding he's getting in phonics from this (he now goes around sounding out letters and can 'read' recognize six or seven sight words, it allows him to use his imagination. He runs around the house yelling "To the bookclub" and engages in a lot of other imaginative play along with it. There are a couple of other pre-school phonic shows that we watch, but this one is by far the best in my opinion because it allows him to use his imagination and join in the spelling fun.
Adult Written bytricia@teamjenn... April 9, 2008
Adult Written byjclarkey11 April 9, 2008

Great Learning Show

My son just turned two and loves this show. Since he has been watching this show he knows almost all his letters and can say the alphabet by his self.
Adult Written bytracibrinkley April 9, 2008

My Kids Live For This Show!!

I have a 2 and 3 year old. The first time I actually watched this program I was amazed at how my children reacted. Apparently they had seen it before at my in-laws and both were totally overtaken by this show. They were singing, jumping around, twirling like Wyatt, and singing the alphabet with alphapig. I still can't believe how great a show this is for my two young minds. I teaches morals, friendship, and sooooo much more. It needs to be on DVD now!!!
Adult Written bykbeck10 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bypryoux April 9, 2008
Adult Written byangeljannali April 9, 2008
Adult Written bymama22 April 9, 2008

Good stuff!

Both of my kids 2 and 3 1/2 LOVE Wyatt and the gang. My 2 year old can identify the letters before the are highlighted on the show! Catchy tune for the intro, too.
Adult Written byrosejoy April 9, 2008

Awesome show for preschoolers!

My 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old LOVE Super Why!!! They respond to the characters when asked questions and they get really excited during the show. My 3 1/2 year old enjoys playing on the Super Why web site and they both like to watch the episodes over and over again throughout the week from the web site as well. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about the content of the show. It isn't scary or weird like so many children's shows can be these days. Super Why is a super great addition to preschool tv!
Adult Written byEditorMom April 9, 2008

Super Cool!

My 3.5-year-old took to this program the first time she saw it. She is sitting here next to me holding her very own spelling wand (a wooden spoon) and sounding out letters along with one of the characters. I love the activities, the way the program puts together reading for preschoolers -- from the nuts and bolts like letter/alphabet recognition to using context clues to basic phonetics. My daughter isn't being tricked into learning anything on this one. She knows she's learning something, and she's excited about it!
Adult Written bysuperwhyfan April 9, 2008

Helped my Daughter with her Eye Exams!

Sounds silly, but true. She has to wear a patch on her eye during the morning. Spying Super letters for her causes her to be comfortable at the eye doctor's office "spying super letters" on his chart! Well done...I appreciate the change to the traditional "grim (haha) fairy tales"...her emotional side wouldn't have like the true stories. Thanks