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Animal friends find melodious, kid-friendly adventures.

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Adult Written bymegmcknz April 9, 2008
Adult Written bynsomniak6 April 9, 2008

Songs and dancing galore!

My 1 year adores this show! I think if there were only one show he could watch this would be it. It has so much music and my son loves to dance and is starting to try and sing. So I think it is a fun and entertaining little show. I love the theme song, it's infectious.
Adult Written byMamaWendy April 9, 2008

Fun show

The shows are like mini-operas, with the characters singing their way through their adventure. My 3 and 5 year olds enjoy the show, and will watch them over and over. My husband and I find ourselves humming the songs when we least expect it! Yes, the plots are simple, but enjoyable.
Adult Written bymermonkey April 9, 2008

quite entertaining

The official reviewer found The Backyardigans repetitive and grating; I disagree. My 3 yr old and i both find the show highly entertaining. In my opinion, pretty much all kid's tv is junk food, a little bit now and then is a nice treat, but don't expect any positive side-effects. No, the show isn't pushing numbers, letters, or 3 words in Spanish, but it is fun to watch. The music and dancing are good and varied. And i love that all the voice actors are kids. Quality candy from start to finish! And if you want to find something redeeming, it does seem that the characters are somewhat more emotionally complex than other kid's shows i've seen. Enjoy!
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008


Adult Written byhappy77801 April 9, 2008


I know kids love this show, but I find it SO annoying. I wish they had less and better songs. Still, it's a good show for kids.
Educator and Parent Written byelemenope April 9, 2008

adventures galore!

The whole family enjoys this cartoon. Even though it isn't interactive, it has inspired my children to make up their own adventures when TV time is over. We love the animation and how the characters always do a song and dance number. The tunes are upbeat and catchy. I will be looking for a Backyardigans soundtrack. The editors suggest the Wonder Pets instead of Backyardigans. I disagree. I can't stand cartoon characters that talk baby talk to look cute.
Adult Written bydanschaaf April 9, 2008

Best Music on TV

Backyardigans has the BEST music on TV, hands down. Each episode uses a different style of music (zydeco, polka, dirty funk, punk and classical). The characters are loveable but not stupid-cute like most other cartoons. If you hate cartoon and kiddie music as much as me (a DJ), join in the talent of these guys.
Adult Written bydeanabee April 9, 2008
This show is superb! The colors, the music, the plot. Lots of fun! A great way to get kids to use their imagination, get up and dance, and learn to work together with others. This is my children's absolute favorite!!
Adult Written byslm April 9, 2008

music that won't make you want to shoot yourself

The characters are cute and work together. Each episode has--besides a story theme--a musical theme like Brazilian or TexMex which is tastefully and fabulously done. It's especially with repeated viewings that you can tell the quality of the show (and music! so many ok shows have horrible or tacky music). Very original.
Adult Written bylbreeland April 9, 2008

Great backyard adventures!

I have three sons and the oldest will be turning 4. My son was introduced to it last summer and he loves to watch the backyardigans. My other two sons are under 18 months and enjoy watching it occasionally with their brother at home, but they seem to enjoy the bright colors and the music when they are riding in the van. I would recommend it to any parent because there is always some message at the end of the show.
Adult Written byjenjm April 9, 2008

I love it!

The only reason I didn't give this show 5 stars is because I don't think it's quite as educational as some of the other programs out there. But it's very entertaining, and I love the music and the choreography! It's fun for me to watch with my 2 year old.
Adult Written byLadybugs April 9, 2008

What a fantastic show!

I must admit, when I first watched the Backyardigans I was a little confused - how come they kept pretending not to know each other? But then I figured it out! My 2 1/2 year old son wasn't too crazy about them when he was under 2, but then he hit that magical number and fell in love with the Backyardigans. We have a couple of the books (which he asks me to read to him every night) and he and I will sing the songs together. It's a fabulous show for teaching children how to use their imagination. There's only one thing that still bothers me...those Backyardigans can dance and groove better than I can!
Adult Written byCIULLALIPKIN April 9, 2008
Adult Written bybestwife08 April 9, 2008

I love it!!!

My daughter is 8 months old, and has loved the backyardigans for a few months. The colors and music just pull her attention no matter what. She loves it, and I can actually stand to watch it with her. The characters are so addorable.
Adult Written byAlphaBot April 9, 2008

One of the Best Kids TV shows

The first time I watched I was impressed. With songs, story lines and characters you are drawn into a carefree world of imagination. With so many shows impressing negative messages on our children, I found this one a breath of fresh air by teaching the values of friendship, cooperation and caring. A parent would be hard pressed to find a better show to watch and sing along with their child.
Adult Written bysheilaj April 9, 2008
My 2 & 4 yr olds love this show! It teaches them to use their imaginations and they like to get up and dance to the different types of music. The editors recommend Wonder Pets over this show but while WP's teaches team work and is cute I can't tolerate the baby talk - its like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Adult Written byKreztes April 9, 2008

By far our favorite "fun" show

Nothing wrong with this show. In fact my husband and I like to watch it too! Our son has loved it since he was about 20 months old.
Adult Written byajsjackson April 9, 2008

So cute

My 5 year old likes it and so do I. I love how they dance and sing and the theme song definitely sticks in your head. I completely agree with the reviewer who said that they prefer the Backyardigans to Wonder Pets because of the baby talk. The Backyardigans is probably one of the only shows which I can enjoy with my son.
Adult Written bybbright April 9, 2008

My child absolutely loves this show! She brightens up each time it comes on

My daughter is actually 16 months and she is captivated by this show. She loves the songs and and even tries to sing along the best way she can. My wife and I watch it with her. It is a great show.